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In womenkind with Lucifer-1 there are bisexual and Lesbians. I can now accept that women stick their hand in a pussy but never may a women hand have a fist that is pulled out. That is destruction of a woman. Such woman or Lesbian must have her fist to be cut off. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.


Attention World Population. The Aliens told me to tell you following. All men on this planet will die in 4-12 months. All women of Asia and Africa and South America will die. There is nothing I can do to help you because you are keeping my Wife´s as a hostage so I must kill you and your family. Now understand, I rule afterlife and I will give the order that afterlife will kill you all. This is the last time you breath air on this planet. I am no longer SarPutin because of the Icelandic Policemen but instead I am SarRomanov and as a Tszar then I am also TszarRomanov. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1

Attention Nazi Germany. I order you to Kill All men of Iceland except me but any all other men and kill all women 44 years old and older. Kill them now and start with the Policemen. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

Attention Nazi US America. I order you to seek and find Niggers in US America. Kill all men and women of African origin. Do it now and never stop until All Niggers in Africa are dead or without a dick or burned alive to death.

All men of Iceland will be killed and I Lucifer-1 will have a whorehouse for me alone here in Iceland and All Iceland and the world will be for me. So there will only be me a man the only man here in Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

I invite from Russia to Iceland and to start a new life here in Iceland with me and Mother Iceland All Kopilova´ and Police women of Russia and Army women of Russia to Iceland. I as a TszarRomanov rule All Iceland and the Tszar system of EU and USA and SarRomanova will rule the world. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

The Aliens are going to put Virus on Africa that kills All African men and women except for three hundred African women who are big and very horny with big glitoris. Three women out from them will be cloned in Billions and used for Sex pleasure and to collect stem cells from them. There will never be born children from them from Whorehouses but only cloned to have new whores in the whorehouses. The Aliens have factory with stem cells but the factory needs new eggs after each egg can produce four hundred kilogram. Those eggs will come from the whores of Africa. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

The Aliens the white ones are going to kill men of India Pakistan Sri lanka Kashmir and I will take the women. All white people will live except for USA men and Italian men. All Asia will die and All Africa will die and All South America will die. Japan will live and Russia and Europe. There can not be anything to be done I have given the control to the Aliens in order to clean out mankind. Nostradamus was a good guy he made me have a chance if I wanted to live or die. So I say I want to live for eternity so now you know from Nostradamus that I will live and I can not be killed. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

I have bad news to say to Russian women who are in prison. Gregory Y. Rasputin has banned me from importing Russian criminal women into Iceland. There can not be that I marry criminals. But instead then I will help the women when they go out from Prison to have new homes and salary for work they do in Russia. I am sorry to inform you that but I am not on my way to Russia. Russian army is not helping me so there is nothing that I want to do in Russia. Goodbye Russia. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

Africa. There will be African women who have giant Glitoris and we the Democratic world will breed super giant glitoris and breed up the most horniest half African women into whore houses around the world and there will be African men who are the new Africa. All other African women must carry stem cells for white men and that will be the future of Africa. A Whore House for the Whore house world. Sign. Santa Claus.

Attention Nazi Germany. Based on the horror that you did to my women then I want All German women to slap every guilty German man four time on the face in order to make him cry so he understand his crime. This must be done in a organized way so no one guilty is left out. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

Attention France. I now order the Power of France to cut the dicks off All who betrayed and killed the Children of my late Great Great Great Great and more my Grandmother Elisasveta the Queen of France. Failure to act and put them without a dick into Multible life sentences in Proson then I will follow up to Nuclear War on France. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson SarPutin.

Attention Russia. In the name of Tsar Nicholas second Romanov then he and they the Romanov family and that is Ivanov men who put them to acid bath and melted the skin off and then melted the flesh in so sic way that if you don´t kill them yourselves then I will do it in Person so All Ivanov men on this planet must have their body to be melted in blue acid now on the spot. There is now Holy War on Ivanov men Fradkov men Koplilav men Yusupov men. All of these men must have their dicks to be cut off or melted down in Blue Acid. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Rasputin.

Attention Russia. In the name and revenge All the Putin and Putina family must now be Killed I Rasputin the First order them to be killed by cutting their dicks off and women to be buried Alive to death for cutting off the dick of G. Y. Raputin. I must be done Russia so kill this evil in Russia. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Rasputin.

All dicks in afterlife will now be cut off. Second Rasputin has now his ultimatum Revenge on All in afterlife and owns now a fortune. Sign Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Rasputin.

Attention World. The dick was cut off Yefomovich Rasputin. The enemies are and you must kill them All and kill them the Kopilov men Fradkov men Yusupov men. Men belonging in the family must All be killed. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Rasputin. Amen.

Iceland will be hell on earth with sex paradise and sex pleasure for everyone except for Asian and African Cannibalism. Sign Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

Attention Nazi Germany. I order you to come to Iceland and hit the Lawyer that I had who fucked Josefin Asplund hit him one hundred strikes in the back with leather wet wip until he is finished. Come all of you and strike on Iceland we have allot to do in revenge for me Lucifer-1 and we will destroy all my enemies here in Iceland. Then we will build Iceland All Europe together and have a mens and womens whorehouse service here in Iceland for us All. Sign. Vilhelm Lucifer-1.

Gregory Y. Rasputin was not killed he went to Siberia and lived a good life in Siberia. The Joker the Actor was killed. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention World and Russia. It was not Gregory Yefomovich Rasputin that the dick was cut off it was the actor. His name was Yefomov. It is the direct word of my Great Grandfather. Sign. Vilhelm.

This is the Second Director of the Viking Stories and this is the greatest woman in the entire world. I will be with her when we act and I will do my best to help her in her needs if she has any problems then I will be for her. I want her to have the best movie cameras on the market however we are going to get them. When we shoot then I will be there and she how she does and the first Director must be nice to her. I want to be her lover and I hope she get this massage. Sign. Vilhelm.

Italy. I got the boy sperm and I think I am all right. I only eat half of one peace and I got it through. The Aliens said that I did not get the human flesh and I got just the sperm shit and spit. This will not be forgiven and I will hunt down All Italian men involved and those around. Sign. Vilhelm. Ps. I order you to take Silvio Berlusconi and fry him on a stick alive to death. Sign. VÚV.

Time is passing for Italy. All Italian people are going to hell where they will be cooked alive. There is nothing what can help them they are going to be toasted and fried. It is a evil thing do do what I can tell you but they will be so toasted and fried that they will scream to earth and to the sky and heaven. I own one hundred percent in hell and almost ninety percent in heaven so I am a rich man in afterlife. If Italy will not abuse the food and never do this sick thing again then I will not toast them in evil way but they must die all now and there are neighboring countries that will help them to their graves. Sign. Vilhelm.

I am better now no thanks to the abusers. I will from now on only buy food what the Aliens say is good food. I want this to stop to poison people here in Iceland. They are not all guilty of crimes but some are. So leave us alone with poison food and try to behave like human beings that is not so bad. Sign. Vilhelm.

I want you to kill only the guilty in Swiss. Thank you. Sign. Vilhelm.

Swiss flag in front of the Matterhorn (4478 metres), Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland

Russia has an opportunity to have Putina nr1 to choose men in Russia that will live and they can have two women each of them but not give sperm to anyone and that is the main thing that we can speak about now. It could be someone else but at this time we do not know. At least then afterlife has given the green light for me to have the children so there is no loss in men they will be reborn it is just the DNA system on how we are going to live after this coming time. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. Ps. I was just speaking to the Aliens and they say that ten percent of men will be with us. Sign. VÚV.

Hear me All mankind. Based what Italy has done then I saw no other option then to call on the Aliens and afterlife. All men of mankind will now be killed. They will slowly die after two years or so and then die out in short time after that. There is no other way. There will be sperm on the market for women but those men who come from that will be put to sleep. Afterlife will kill All men who play a game in this matter and we will not tolerate any thing that will destabilize our future. All women will be save but African women will most likely not have my sperm. However for men then I can say that if they are good men and die in peace in a friendly way then they are welcome to be born in my sons when that time comes. Thank you very much for your attention and have a nice day. Sign. Vilhelm.

All men in Iceland who fucked Katheryn Winnick step daughter of Joe Biden and Djodja on this photo must be taken to the sea and thrown to the sea where they must drown. That is what must be done here in Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. They where raped. Sign. VÚV.

There are attempts to poison Icelandic food. I order you all where ever you are in the world to cut the throat of All men not women who attempt to put shit or poison into Icelandic food. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

There was Blue Acid in the Italian Cheese and I have not been feeling very good. All Italian men must have their testicle cut off on the planet. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

If Italy does not slave work for me and if any Italian says he is not going to go to Iceland and build up Iceland then cut off his or their testicles. No Italian man can have testicles if Italia will not build up Iceland for normal good price. So start cut off the testicles of All Italian men who say they will not work for Vilhelm in Iceland and do not want to work in Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

Then comes the story about this cheese. I did not get sperm in my cheese this time but it is now in the cheese. The shop in Iceland has the cheese with full of sperm. I order the execution of All the owners of the Erival cheese and all the men in the company must have their balls to be cut off because on cheese has sperm and I have spend money on the cheese and I don´t have more money so I need to eat all the cheese and that means that one cheese will have sperm so I stand with oboe castration and execution that I said. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. Ps. I will never hunt down men that abuse me and my womens food or anything like that. Sign. VÚV.

There can be that I ate some sperm but why did they think that I would not puke of their shit. Castello cheese was full of sperm and I did not know it until I wanted to puke of eating one third of one cheese. I call on The World KGB to cut the balls of All men working in Castello cheese company. There is now one trillion dollars payment for cutting the balls of the Italians who put sperm into my cheese. The owners of this company must be killed and All men in the company must loose their balls. I will not stop hunting them down until I have cut the balls of these Italians. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

I have a news to the former boyfriends of Kathy. She says see misses you to have around her but now she is going to get more married so she wants you all to find and be good to other women. Sign. Úlli and Kathy.

I can tell you that the Priests dick will be cut off if they are playing a sexual game with my wife Katheryn Winnick. So stay away Bishops and leave us alone to be together. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

Attention Turkey. I want you to attack Ethiopia and stop the raping there. Guaranty abortion of raped women and keep the revolution down. That is what Turkey needs to do now. I send now Turkey five hundred Billion dollars for this operation and I want it to cool down. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.



I am tired to hear that I need to be with five years old girls. I can not accept that. The youngest that I can hardly accept are twelve years old and not many of them. The reason I accept that is that the one and one and one Lucy are being born now and they say five so I say twelve and they have accepted I think. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

Cartoon angel. Vecor illustration of flying girl angel for Christmas holyday decoration.



I declare now Holy War on Facebook Twitter Instagram. Break into these three companies and delete everything until no one wants to be there. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

I want you the Internet Super Power to hack Twitter and never let them run it again. Destroy Twitter now Super Power of the Internet. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention Iran. It is now time to start talking about Uranium deals with US America. US America and Iceland is ready to buy all the Uranium that Iran can produce. Iceland is going to have half million sixty kilo ton nuclear Warheads ready to shoot down Iran and US America in one single shot. So big must the bomb be. Se you later Aligator. Sign. Úlli.

I want 30.000 of my Women Wife´s to come to Iceland and stay in Iceland and contact me and we start to shoot few films about anything what matters but don´t wait come now and speak to Kathy and we will see what we will shoot. See you soon, Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention World Army and KGB And Killers. There can be no forgiveness for the Policemen in Europe and around the world. You must break their balls and that means take a Blue hammer and smass the testicles of the Policemen in Europe and around the world. Do it now and start. No one will die so that will be our motto. Sign. Vilhelm Lenin Sarputin Christ STAR Messiah God.

There is nothing to it the body parts from Africa is very good to use on any man or a woman in the world. So it is time now that we start collecting body parts into our freezers and have fresh body parts for the world from Africa. There is no one to pay for the parts they are just there for us to pick them up so fine we take them and we use them until we have the brain less down sindrum men and women. Sign. VÚV.

I now divorce the whore Katheryn Winnick. Now divorced. Sign. Vilhelm Lenin Sarputin Christ STAR Messiah God.

Attention World Religions. I now marry Katheryn Winnick Actress into a Holy Marriage that takes place now. Blessed. Amen. Sign. Vilhelm Lenin Sarputin Christ STAR Messiah God.

Attention People of Iceland. My wife´s are coming to Iceland in hundreds and I want them to be left alone. The Policemen here in Iceland are All going to loose their dicks but if they abuse my wife´s who are coming now then I PROMISE I will burn them alive. Just put up Iceland for sale and we are going to buy at normal good price so we will run and own Iceland. So let us wait and see the women how they go here in Iceland and I stand with my promise when I said that dicks are going to fly off if anyone abuse them. Sign. Vilhelm Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Attention World Nations. I now give Switzerland the Power over Iceland as Supreme Superior Ruler of everything what Iceland is and has and what is Icelandic in hands of anyone in the world over my head. That means that Switzerland is Absolute owner in my name and Ruler in my name of Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Lenin Sarputin Christ.

So now is time so I say that Katherine Maestro can now decide who and how my women will come to me and how we are going to stay together. So it is time now before I get older and we need the healthcare in Iceland so we can protect the humanity and life on earth for eternity. We have decided to stay together one hundred million women and me and we want humanity to respect that and we are going to have one or two children in order to make a healthy voice on the planet and in space. Sign. Vilhelm.

I want the world Army to Kill the All the policemen around the world. After they are dead then we can start creating our Paradise. There can be nothing with the policemen alive so kill them and their children because the children carry the evil DNA that life in the world must destroy in order to be healthy. Sign. Vilhelm.

US American Sarputin Delivery.

Attention Healthcare system. Prepare with the system of your country to take over Africa and we are going to have the best body parts and better body parts then the white people. It is known that the body of a African can last and it is the Will of God that we use the African for ourselves. We need now to take over Africa for there are many people in need for body parts and Africa can be the body part that we need. Africans will know and realize that they are cannibals and that is the reason that the Africans will cooperate with the world. We have then now body parts waiting for us breeding automatic and ready for collecting and that is what we must use now. I am not saying but I say it now that if there are black people in fore example Africans in US America then US can start harvesting them by the Law. I Lucifer give now the world the legal right to harvest the intestines of Africa and by the law of the world community that Africans ate the white in the history then we have the legal right in many ways to harvest fresh intestines from Africa. Just be positive about the African intestines then everything goes well. Sign. VÚV.

I call on you 70.000 Tszarinas to take 6-30 Stem Cell eggs now on the spot. I will never agree that the Russians killed you all. Sign. VÚV.

Good day to you Power of France.
For four years now I have been abused by men who rape my wife´s. These men are the World Police and World Army and World Politicians. I order now France to gather together men who are ready and willing to fight and cut the dick of All men who fucked my Wife´s. The hunt may never stop because this can not happen again. I do not fear for my life. I demand revenge and France started this War and so I contact France to destroy the men who are guilty of raping my wife´s. The manhunt must start now and the world will have copy of this letter so I declare World War now in order to have revenge. No woman can come to harm of my wife´s and by the power of afterlife then I will have my final revenge there. I demand by the will and act of Our Almighty God that we will cut the dick off every single man what ever his age is and cut his dick off if guilty of having sexual relationship with any of my Wife´s. So glory to my wariors and glory to me. I sign this letter with the most simple Power that I have for you to understand who I am. Sign. VÚV.


Attention World KGB. Stop All things what you are doing and go to War with Sweden and cut the Digs of All Swedish men that fuck her and any men who fuck her and kill her if she does not go to Iceland and be my second wife. Sign. VÚV.

I have made mistake and I divorce this woman that I thought was my wife. She is not my wife and I divorce this woman if I have ever been married to her. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson VÚV.

We are now married and I can not accept that she is fucked. I will have the world greatest pain from now on if anyone fuck her. Sign. VÚV.

I with the Power of Almighty God vested in me now marry the following woman on the photo. Her name is MY WIFE and I want the world to know that she is the first Wife and one and only. I am now married. Amen.

Attention Soul Power of US America. I Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson now fully and finally divorce Katheryn Winnick of US America. May she never speak to me again. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Lenin Sarputin Christ Tszar Star. Amen. Ps. I renounce that I did not mean to divorce Katheryn Winnick who is now my wife as second wife. VÚV Amen.

Attention World KGB. Come to Iceland and cut the hands and feet off the Policemen that are Police in Iceland and those who have been Police in Iceland. I DECLARE WAR ON POLICEMEN. Sign. Lenin Sarputin Christ.

We must as much as we can to make stem cells industry for growing meat and fish in order to have all animals protected with us in Paradise. So after fifty years we can give All animals more rights so no one eats them nor harms them. Welcome to Paradise for those who follow Our Almighty God. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

I have a new great news for those who need body part. God has said that the best body parts come from African men and women boys and girls. God say´s that we can harvest them of All Africa for All the world but we must not forget the Down Sindrom body parts that need to evolve to be without a brain when the African themselves want to be eternal. That mean folks that All the world must invade and take over the African people and use them for body parts and for harvesting stem cells so we need to start now. All African men and women who are living abroad can be taken now and used in the healthcare system for body parts or and cloned as wish. Do it now and gather all folks together and let us have eternal life together and we will stop to have children after some few hundred years so welcome to Paradise. See you all soon. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

After the WW2 then there came the Cold War for one hundred years. Many of the countries of the world started to Clone from the Nazi formula and everyone believed that the DNA was the come back or at least the same person as the original DNA host. Even today the world Doctors still believe that the DNA is the real person by body and Soul. I know the truth and that is that you can not get the same person without the power of afterlife. I have that power but why should I use it. Let us continue what we started to speak about. The cold war was about cloning the War heroes and they collected the Eggs and sperm for eternal life. Now we know better. I am not going to talk about it but eternal life was what the world war was about. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

When we ask ourselves what about the male DNA then we have a thing that can be called pollution of Men fucking around the world. If we limit men more then Women then we have a strong society. Otherwise I say that I can not accept a clone from myself and only the one with the DNA is the owner and Royalty of his DNA and can never be sold otherwise we are all dead in the long term. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Before people start to jump up and ask for some once DNA in order to have children then we must set up a court. JHS or Justice of the Healthcare System with Supreme court and Imperial Court or some similar court who stands over the Court of JHS. I think we can go forward after that to the left. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

I can say that if man and a woman have registered error within their DNA and want to have a healthy child then they can have a corrector in the healthcare system and can get DNA from a donor. Then their child will not be with short hands or one leg. Just healthcare and understand that the meaning of life is to be healthy so cloning is healthy and must be so we will survive in crowded area. I can however not agree to repair or chance DNA with another DNA that must be banned and deleted if done. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

If you walk in the shiny summer to the fields and seek and pick up the most beautiful flowers and go home and plant them in your garden then what will or is more beautiful the field or your garden. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

It has come to my attention that the US Generals RU Generals and other major state figure have taken the DNA of the dead before they where buried and used the DNA to produce thousands of children of each woman of the mothers of the Generals. They then used the best women and men that exist to give the egg and sperm. I have spoken to the Aliens and they say that half of the three hundred thousand species of Aliens do the same but the ruling are more honest and innocent and have not done it. Based on that fact then mankind needs to think and I will now be a quick thinker. All Asia are Cannibals and All Africa and South America are Cannibals. Japan and part of India and Pakistan and Russia group are Cannibals. That means to me that we will make it legal to Clone and create men and women this way because it is healthy and is non Cannibalism. If we do not agree then we the non Cannibals must go to war and kill the Cannibals. I will agree that All African population will be killed and we then clone each other and live beside the other Cannibals. That will be our survivor otherwise we will be Cannibal relations and that will be our death for the future to come. Let us think about the cloning and say we are bettering ourselves but the true clone is the egg and sperm. So let us collect the best of the best egg and sperm for anyone with dignity have their way in order to better themselves. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ. Amen.

Attention men of the World. The Aliens have now sprayed on you death viruses and you are about to die. I have four hours to save some of you if I really want to. All men who are Covid-19 member men must die and All the Cannibals of South America and I love you too and All African niggers men and women. Sign. Lenin Sarputin Christ.

There is a beauty in the world and that is United Game of thrones Vikings. From this time and forward then I unite these two groups and we are going to shoot trillions of movies and television shows for all future to come. There will be no other competition for us and we will shoot the most greatest things every seen on cameras. Shall there be love between me and the Game of thrones Vikings for All eternal shooting because we are never going to die but instead we will live and live and live and so on. Sign, Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Attention World Healthcare system. I order you to put Cancer into the body of All staff of Facebook Instagram Twitter and let them scream in pain when they finally die. Sign. Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Attention world Healthcare System. I order you to put Brain Cancer into the Vaccine injection and give All people Cancer who will try to save themselves. Do it now and God is with you. Sign. Lenin Sarputin Christ.

My Account has been closed on Twitter. I ask of you to cut the dick of the leader of Twitter and don´t hasitate to cut as many dicks you can from Facebook and Twitter. Sign. VÚV Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Attention Pakistan. I pay you 12.000 x Trillion dollars if you come to Iceland and Kill all Policemen and Policewomen and their Children here in Iceland. Now is the most urgent time. Sign. Lenin Sarputin Christ.

Attention all the world. In the name of Almighty God then you must hunt down and Kill all men who ordered Covid-19 women and these Covid-19 member men sons and son line must also be killed. The entire men system must be killed if guilty of fucking my Nuns who are My Wife´s. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Police. This killed girl was raped by her boyfriend and went to hospital and the hospital can proof that her boyfriend raped her and killed her. So burn the mother fucker if he does not admit his crimes. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Healthcare of US America. I order you to give Brain Cancer and other Cancer to the US Generals All of them and let them scream to death. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

The Political System will be as follows. There will be Communism in Russia, Capitalism in China, Communism in India Pakistan, The Star Middle Politics in All Arabia and USA and EU. This is how the world will be. So let us now fight for justice and put up the systems. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

I order you now Russia to throw a 60 kilo ton Nuclear Bomb on Keflavik Iceland. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

All Policewomen in Europe must be killed if they stand with the Policemen. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Russia. Arrest Putina Policewomen and put them All in life in Prison. Then marry me by the Patriark of Russia Moscow and put my name as a husband into their passport the 10.000 beauty skinny prison Girls and put my name into their passport Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson ID.041266-5549. And send them to Iceland and support them to get a home here in Iceland and they will receive one hundred million dollars when they are ready. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Russia India Pakistan China. I order you to throw a nuclear bomb on Jerusalem Israel. The bomb will kill the Evil and stop the Jews from being Jews. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention all Arabs. Go and find Jews one after another and kill them. That is what we do to the Evil Jews. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Jews and Israel. Because you betrayed me raped my Wife´s for children and put poison in the medicine that was giving to me and never gave me my money then I declare us your enemy and I will hunt down the Jews and kill all the Jews in the world. You axis of Evil. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nasaret.

All Policewomen in All Europe who are against my women must be killed. They are axis of evil and must die. All Policemen of Greater Europe must die. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

If anyone in the world put´s his or her hand into a pussy of a woman then that man or a woman must have the hand to be cut off. This is now Law on international scale. Sign. Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

All Policemen in the Police world wide are now dismissed. Only women can be in the Police. I order the Policewomen to hire 10% of the nation women to be working as Policewomen and the diploma in order to have a star is Gun licence and driving licence. Then the Army must be stand by if there is uprising somewhere in the country that the Policewomen need the assistance of the army for. Sign. Tszar Sarputin Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

All People of Europe hear me now. Those who stand with National Bank of Swiss take weapon and go and find and kill all Policemen of Europe but not Policewomen and hunt down also the brother and sister of the Policemen and kill them. Go now and find them tonight because now is War and A Holy War so kill in the name of Almighty God and in the name of Jesus Christ. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Power of Nations. No Policeman can work in the Police if he has not a sister inside the Police and is a Policewoman. All other men in the Police is dismissed and will be killed very soon. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention China. I order you to throw nuclear bombs on every Capital City of the European Union and act now or as soon as possible. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Attention Russia. I order you to throw a nuclear bomb on Reykjavik Iceland downtown so there will be two kilometer radius bomb. Do it now from your Submarines. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

I order you KGB to find arrest and cut the head off the 100 viking women who betrayed me with policemen and their wife´s of All policemen of Europe. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazaret.

Tonight the Police realized that I am Jesus Christ of Nasared so they took my Wife´s and are now fucking them. There can be no other way then to get revenge. I want All my KGB to hunt down and arrest the children of the Policemen boys and girls and kill them as fast as possible. That means All Policemen of Europe. If you are red Policeman then Kill your children. Sign. Jesus Christ of Nazared. Amen.

Now Jewish women are whores for 10$ an hour and must serve dicks and be in whore houses all around Europe and America and they must be advertised up into billion men fuck and that means that they must serve one Billion men thousand times over with or without condom and they must suck and swallow sperm and travel to Africa and serve sexually All men of Africa hundred times and thousand times the biggest dicks in Africa. If a Jewish woman claim to be Lesbian then she must be in African whorehouse for free and be a whore for men as much as men want. This must start now and no Jewish woman eighteen and older can run away from Truth and Justice. They earned this right by standing against Messiah who called the President of Israel and woman answered and hang up when I claimed to be Messiah. I am no longer Messiah I am Lenin Sarputin and that is who I am Lucifer-1 of Iceland. Sign. Lenin Sarputin.

Attention France and All my KGB and Police. The France women to stick needle and hurt my Wife´s must be arrested and one hundred needles must be stick into the France women in greatest pain knows to women and they must feel it and if the women do not cooperate then they must be thrown into a electric Tree hacking machine alive to death. I order you in France or foreign Power to act now and get this over with. Sign. Lenin Sarputin.

Flag of Anastasia N. Romanova.

Attention World Healthcare system. I now sentence the DNA from following four men to be Healthcare Property for use in test lab in any cloning or splicing with Humans Fauna Flora and the men are Snorri Inginarsson who is dead but Iceland has blood and Kári Stefánsson and illegal President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. These four men do not own their DNA any more but instead I have taken over their DNA despite that it is not legal to take ownership of Any DNA except if Proven to be non Human. There is no limit for DNA testing from these four men. Sign. Lenin Sarputin.

The Sun says that she will shine on Siberia and western Europe and US America the hottest winter for a long time. So prepare for a hot summer White People. Sign. Lucifer-1

Attention Virus distribution Nations. I order you to throw out Death Viruses on All countries that have Cannibalism in their country. They must All die for example China Asia Africa South America Japan Area in India Pakistan. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

The fourth Wife´s are women from Europe and that is from Japan to Ireland and that is the area of the upcoming New EU. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. Ps. They are 63.000.000 women. Sign. V´ÚV.

This is a marriage ceremony for me Vilhelm and my beloved Girlfriends. I Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Id,041266-5549 now marry following women. All women have the legal right to refuse the marriage if they can not be loyal to me for future to come. My first wives that I marry are the Hell Angels from Afterlife and they are 18.000 and I VÚV Now merry them now. Blessed, Amen. The second wife´s that I marry are 500.000 Sofia Turner look a like Red haired from England and I marry them now. Blessed, Married. The other second wife´s are so called Tszarinas who are 70.000 and I marry them now. Married, Amen. Other second wife´s are the so called US-55 who are 300.000 from US America I marry them now. Blessed. Amen. NO WOMAN WITH A MALE CHILD CAN COME WITH HER CHILD TO OUR COUNTRY WHERE MY DAUGHTERS LIVE AND GROWS UP FOR THOSE MALE BOYS ARE RAPE CHILDREN BY THEIR FATHERS AND CAN NOT AND MAY NOT BREED WITH MY DAUGHTERS. As third wifes then they are the Bride of Christ 100 in US America and I marry them now. Blesses Married. By the Super Power vested in my from Almighty God then by uploading this marriage document then I am bound to protect them and care for them as long as we shall live and more after that. Married starts now. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. Amen.

Former Prince of Danmark has now been in Iceland with poison for the Doctors to give me so I will be dead in four months. Attention World Doctors. I order you to inject brain Cancer into the entire family and their children. They are not Royal because I am the legal line and that means after my fathers death that I am the real King of Danmark and the Prince has stolen my wife and given her three children and has stolen her eggs and has many children with her that way. I want you to make him scream of Pain until death. Sign Úlli Lenin or Vilhelm Sarputin.

By the Power vested in me then I Christ legalize that DNA from President Joe Biden and Donald Trump must be used in cloning in hundreds of Millions of children who must be cooked and sold as Chicken food in All Asia and make DNA test Cloning with spiders and fly in the amount we need in order to have a new species in Space. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin and Lenin Christ. Amen.

This Man Killed this woman. Testified by afterlife. Sign. Úlli Lenin or Vilhelm Sarputin.

There are 300 Katheryn Winnick out there copycats and I want them All so arrest them and put them into Prison and let us wait until they call me or send me e-mail. Sign. Úlli Lenin Christ.

There are Powers that no one knew about and That is Saudi Arabia. I have made contract with Saudi Arabia to put out Viruses in order to kill All men that fucked my Wife´s. The Virus has been send to USA UK Germany France Sweden Iceland. There is no Vaccine that exist so we must start speak about it and my companies will try to create Vaccine. No one in the World has cure for the Virus and only Saudi Arabia has the cure. Just imagine if they do not distribute Vaccine to my Companies. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention All Communist and KGB. Arrest All men on the planet if they are guilty of fucking any of my Wifes. I sentence each one of them to 18 years in Prison for fucking Tsarinas High Holy Highnesses and everyone that hurt them must face 27 years in Prison. If death comes to any of my wife´s then I sacrifice myself and break the balls of All men of that nation where he came from and the head will be cut off the women until I have genosided the entire Country. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin TszarRomanov Jesus Christ Lenin The High Holy Star of the World. Amen.

There is evil in the world and so evil that I want the most evil revenge. Katrin Jakobsdóttir Prime Minister of Iceland had my phone closed so no Viking woman could contact me. I want and I demand that she and All workers in the phone company will be arrested and taken and put to Electric Tree Hacking Machine and very slowly put them into the Machine. Kill everyone who are guilty and also today those who keep my phone to my Wifes. This is so evil that she must go very slowly into the Tree hacking machine and Bjarni Ben and Sigurður both Ministers here in Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I am the owner of World Money. Money is not for the few it is for All. I rent out the money and when the money has been used then I take it back. Sign. Úlli.

Attention Power KGB. I Lenin and Sarputin order you to kill All men and women and dogs and pigs and horses in Danmark. Don´t leave anything alive in Danmark. Take All the Royal Family and White Angel and All the Royal Children who are not royal and throw them into a Electric Wood hacking machine into powder. Sign. Lenin Sarputin.

I call on All German and France women who do not have children to leave to leave Germany and France and start a new life in Scandinavia and not to have children then you must go back to Germany France. I am going to nuke down Germany and France and I want you to be save whatever happens. Do not take men with you. It can take time until Germany France blows up but they will not be members of Europe United. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin

Women of the world. If a woman wants to be my wife and has a child seven years or younger then I dont want her and can not be with me. I will only take women who have no children. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention Taiwan. I order you to put out Iceland Death Virus that Kill Iceland and do it as fast as possible so Icelandic people will die in few days. I am fully Vaccinated so don´t worry about me so let us kill the world greatest enemies of the Earth life system. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I order you Holy Wariors to go and find the Staff at World Health Organization and cut both the hands of All staff at WHO and cut the hands off all their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and their children and grandchildren. Do this now. One of my women are now dead because of World Health Organization for using my Wife´s as Covid-19 Vaccine and that means anyone can fuck them to have cure for Covid and that is me. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I want All and I order All Latvian men to get a battery motor machine and cut her car of Vira Vika Freiberga and cut down her house and when she comes out then cut her hands and feet of her but keep her alive. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention my killers. Those doctors that cut the heads of my sons and those who cloned me and the assistants they must All die on this planet. There where four hundred sons of mine who where either head cut off without any painkillers half of them and the other half was food in China Asia and cooked and eaten alive. I want you to cut them many parts and then leave them as a hot dog in hospital and take the tongue out and open up their brains and take photos. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I am Sarputin Chief of the world Police and I order the Police now to find and arrest those men who are husbands or fuckers of my Wife´s and cut their dicks off. All their children must also die. If they do not stop having children then Kill my wife´s too. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I was speaking to a shark and he said that they can not live like that because they eat anything in the sea. They want humanity to hunt them down and kill them and not keep them alive in aqarium. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I order my killers to cut off the dick of the men who fucked my 124 Viking Wifes. It must start now and I want the dick into a freezer so it can be send to me with the face photo of the rapist so I can touch the dick and speak to the man who no longer a dick. Name and Identical number also very good. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

The Lamb said to me that they don´t want to be fucked until they have grown up. Big men is too much only small men is accepted. That is what the Little Lamb said and is now one year old Sheep. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

All the Planet has been poisoned and All men are about to die. This is done because you fucked my wife´ 6336 women. No one can run away and All men will be killed in this life and afterlife. Sign. Jesus Christ.

Hear me now my Wariors. Go and find the men who fucked my Wife´s the 6336 and cut their dicks off. If not then I will throw out Death Viruses that Kill All men on the planet. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention world Killers. I order you to kill the CEO of Jerusalem Post and Reuters and Sky News and Euro news. These people have betrayed me and are now dismissed and fired and then they must be executed. Sign. Sarputin. Ps. It is not only the CEO guilty it is All the staff of oboe media. They are all dismissed and must now be hunted down and killed. Sign. Sarputin.

Attention Sheep keepers. The lamb has spoken. You must kill all Sheep mothers and keep the lamb alive this coming winter. Please let the lamb take over that is what the lamb says. Sign. Úlli Lenin. Ps. The Lamb wants milk. Sign. Sarputin.

World KGB. My doctor is trying to kill me by keeping me on USA medicine that will kill one day. I want you to steal him and break his balls and cut his hands off and feet off and cut the tongue out. You can not wait any linger. Mother Iceland is with you on this. Sign. Sarpputin. His name is Ólafur Bjarnason Kleppur. Sign. Sarputin.

Attention KGB Italian Mafia. I order you to kill katheryn winnick for stealing my blood and clone me in hundreds of millions all her children must now be killed. You must act now and kill her child in her stomach or kill her if she is not going to come to Iceland and have a child with me. Cut her glitoris off if she is not for me. Sign. Sarputin. Attention Police you must act now on this matter. Sign. Sarputin.

I want Elko in Latvia to be bankrupt. They destroyed my laptop and refused to pay for it. Most evil that is done to a pensioner. Just bankrupt the Company. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention my KGB my former Lawyer Jóhann Tómas Sigurðsson who stole my wife and had with her two children must be arrested and send to Siberia where I will take care of him. His children must be killed and his family killed. Do this for me it is very important. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin. He had me arrested and send to crazy house and then he fucked Josefin Asplund when I was in crazyhouse with big pain in my heart because of him. he must be stolen and brought to Siberia where I will deal with him. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention World KGB. If you see someone in the television or in the news media that has fucked any of my 124 wife´s then find him arrest him and cut his dick off. Then take the dick and put it into a freezer and send it to me when you have a full container load for me to thaw and see the dicks. I want photo of the man who had the dick and name and what ocupation the shit had. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I want and I order my KGB in Iceland to cut both the hands off and the tongue out and off the big bar tender in English Pub downtown Reykjavik. This is very serious and needs to be done as fast as possible. Don´t forget to cut his dick off. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

World Police. The girl that was killed Gappy Petito was surely killed by her boyfriend and the Sun has testified to that. If he does not admit his crime then it is because he is too afraid of you to admit it. Take him and kill him in a horrible way and close the case. I will take over from that point and give him the final blow. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention those who are close to Katheryn Winnick my wife. Do not kill her or harm her. She says she is on her way to Iceland to meet me and stay with me always. If it is not true then kill her. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

My wife is said to have no glitoris. Attention All Countries in the World and World Police. Arrest all France women and cut their glitoris off and then rape them and then burn them Alive. I declare the WW3 and France and Germany and USA must All die both men and women. Arabia now is Jihad and the focus is to burn All France women to death Alive. Cut their glitoris off and rape them before you burn them Alive. There can not be any France woman alive after the War. The France and German and American men must have their balls broken and also burned alive. India Pakistan Russia China Nuke down France and Kill all life of France if it is too hard to burn the women alive. Use the fire Gas bomb on France and burn everyone there alive. Throw the fire bombs from Marseil to Paris and burn everything. Fly over with castration powder and send out the World KGB to Kill All France People. Failure to cooperate will make me throw out Viruses that Kill All men on the Planet and then I will burn German France USA women alive to total death. There will not be anyone in France that will live again. I am now going to contact afterlife and All France Souls will now be hunted down and hundreds of Billions of France people in afterlife will now be killed. I demand that Emanuel Macron and Sarkosy will now be taken with the doctors and their dicks cut off and frozen for me to receive and they all burned alive in a witch fire burning. There is no future now with France women. They will all Be burned alive. It does not matter if it will not happen this or next year or ten twenty or thirty years the decision of the future of France has been decided you are all going to be painted up with blue acid to death or burned to death alive. Final Promise. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin. Ps. Take Katheryn Winnick on this photo and throw her into Electric Wood hacking machine for having one hundred million of my sons to be eaten alive and coocked alive in Asia. Throw her now into Tree hacking machine or burn her alive now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention Latvia. I order all the killers in Latvia to steal the two women Vira Vika Freiberga and DR. Andsberga and throw them into electric tree hacking machine or have a tree cutter and cut the to peaces. They kept me locked in a crazy house for seven times in ten years and DR. Andsberga kept me locked in for one and a half year for no reason. They must die now in horrible way. Failure will lead to that All Latvian men will be thrown into electric tree hacking machine. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

There are now Passes issued by the authority in order to fuck my Wife´s and they say the Welsh Senedd approved the proposal to require Covid-19 passes to enter nightclubs and large venues and I say All the Welsh Senedd must be exectuted and all their children arrested and thrown into a hacking machine. And All men who keep and have a pass must be stolen or arrested and thrown into a hacking machine or poisoned by the healthcare for brain cancer or I will focus on killing the doctors who cloned me around the world. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I want Hollywood to close on All James bond shows with Daniel Craig and he must be bankrupt so my bank and banking will do that. Daniel is a Russian man and he can never act and no distributer can ever sell film with Daniel ever again. He can not direct or be part of any film because then the film will be banned. Anyone in Hollywood or elsewhere who work with him is dismissed and must leave the acting system for life. This must be the end of Daniel that anyone publish him. Anyone who show his photo or speak about him must be killed or destroyed. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All Viking women 6336 must be taken and thrown into a tree hacking machine if they do not kill their fidus inside their body. This is an order to you now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon and her fiance Joe Swash welcome baby girl on her 32nd birthday.

This is my Wife with another man and they have a child. All Killers of the world. Steal the child girl and her father Joe Swash and throw the baby girl and the father into a electric hacking machine now or as soon as possible. Then do the same with All my wife´s and throw the children into a hacking machine with their fathers. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

There is one million dollars on my bank account 0130-26-800162 you can take the half if you hack into the bank and put the other half into my bank account. This will not be the last so good and happy good luck. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

All Computer hosts. I order you to close again on Facebook Instagram and other media now again and keep it now for much longer time until these media is closed and bankrupt. I can not call my friends the women and I will never see my dream women again. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention Earth Closest Alien People. If you do not poison the planet earth that will lead to death of All men except me and support us after that then You must stop eating life system from the planet earth and you must destroy all DNA system of the life from Planet earth and then you must fuck off and leave our space area and die there of hunger. Attention Communist democracy of the Galaxy. I demand that you kill the Aliens who have stolen all animals and humans for food program and take away their food supply if they do not cooperate with me in my fight for justice of my legal right and as a husband. If they will not cooperate then come into my photo if you can help me and we will work together instead of those who are now in closest to the planet earth. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention Policemen and Policewomen. The Man Kevin Hurley who raped and killed Sarah must now have his dig to be cut off and then his balls to be broken and smassed on the floor and All his skin to be cut off and his tongue to be cut out and his eyes must be sticken out and then his feet must be burned do dust and then his hands to be burned to nothing and then his face must be burned off and then everyone will live happy ever after without Kevin Hurley. Have him as a skinless burned hot dog in prison and feed him until his death as an old man. I speak to Sarah and she is my assistant and soon she will be born again in UK. After that we will finally meet. She was on her way to meet me and that is the reason Kevin Hurley and the English police acted. I demand that All policemen of UK will be arrested by Germany and tortured to speak the truth so we will get to the bottom to this murder of my girlfriend. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I Vilhelm Sarputin now divorce Katheryn Winnick. She is now free to go to the Electric Chair for sending one hundred million of my Sons to be food in China Asia where my sons where eaten alive and baked in oven alive. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I order the death of Xi Jinping President of China and Joe Biden and Katheryn Winnick for stealing my DNA like Katheryn Did and I had one hundred million sons that where eaten in a food festival in China and Asia. Joe Biden had Katheryn Winnick travel to Iceland and she stole my DNA after they bought my DNA in criminal Way and they sold my DNA to China and my sons where eaten alive and cooked alive so the punishment for USA America by the Law is Democracy and those who elected Joe Biden and Katheryn Winnick and the punishment is death by the law. Lethal Injection must fall on Joe Biden and Katheryn Winnick and they must have Capital Punishment now and be arrested now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Burn Katheryn Winnick alive with her unborn child. The father of this child is Joe biden so Katheryn winnick must be killed. use all poison in the world to kill her. In afterlife she will be burned for years to death. She has betrayed me in the world most evil way. All of her clones and children must be thrown into tree hacking machine and she with them if you get her alive. If not then posion her to death and give her brain Cancer and use her DNA for food festivals for pigs. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Killers of the World. I order you to kill All Actresses and Acters of THE HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Television Series both men and women Staff. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I order All My Nuclear Power to throw nuclear bombs on Copenhagen and AARhus Allblorg and end the life of Danish People. Blow up the Royal palaces and kill All Danish people men and women. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Nuclear Nations. Nuke down London UK England and Kill All the Royal Family in London and guaranty that All people of London dies. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Take the pregnent woman Katheryn Winnick and throw her into a Electric Tree hacking machine With all other Pregnant Viking women. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Russia. Take Vladimir Putin and stick an iron stick through his body and toast him like a pig over a fire. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All Putina´s Police army women of Russia. I order you to kill All Russian men 100% of Russia. Throw All the Army Generals into electric Tree hacking machine and nuke down All the Capitalist Countries of the West. Nuke down EU and USA and Canada. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

My heroes. I order you to throw Death Viruses and nuclear Arsenal on Iceland and kill All Icelandic people and Animals. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Hear me All women of the World. If you have been with a man then I don´t want you and you must die. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All women that have never been with a man must come to me. Those women who have had men or a man must be killed. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I order India Pakistan to attack Israel with nuclear weapons and destroy Israel and Kill all the Jews in the World. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin Messiah.

Nuclear Nations, You must throw giant nuclear bombs on the Capital cities of Danmark Sweden Norway Finland. Do it today and kill everyone. This is organized executions. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All nuclear Countries must now stand together or act alone and they must nuke down for exstermination of Germany and France. Delete All life in these three countries USA Germany France. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All the children of the Vikings must be cut out from their bodies and thrown into a Electric tree hacking machine. If not then All the Viking women must be killed on the spot and no one left out. USA life system must end now today. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention All Nuclear Powers in the world. I order you to throw thousands or tens of thousands of Nuclear bombs on USA America. Do that today and let it rain with nuclear bombs. End the life in usa America. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

World I order you now to throw nuclear bombs on New York USA now today. There is no limit in America for their evil. All men and women in USA must die there can not be any American capitalist alive in the world. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All the children from the 120 Viking women from my photos and those men who fucked them and had children with them in their lifetime must now be thrown into a electric tree hacking machine alive with no dick. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Throw All the children of the USA Generals in USA and Britain and throw them into a electric tree hacking machine. All of the Children. Does not matter who the mother is. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All Children and I mean All of them from Donald Trump must be thrown into a electric tree hacking machine and it does not matter who the mother is. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

All the Arab Generals and their sons must be thrown into a electric Tree hacking machine alive. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

They who fucked Djodja on this photo must also go to a electric tree hacking machine after four minutes watching the hacking. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

There is one billion dollar that you can get for every man killed not more. Anyway now you must find and arrest All men who fucked Katheryn Winnick and throw them into electric tree hacking machine and also King Salman of Saudi Arabia and everyone in Arabia who fucked Katheryn Winnick. Do it now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I now order you all my KGB to go to Danmerk and break the balls of everyone who fucked White Angel my wife and bury the Queen of Danmark Alive and the rest of the Royal family that you must bury alive. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Now it is time for Americans to understand that Joe Biden stole my DNA and for that all his children must be thrown into electric tree hacking machine. And the Queen of Danmark and her sons must face the same death. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I want you to check White Angel and if someone has a child from her or her eggs then take the one and the child and throw them all into electric tree hacking machine and the royal family of Danmark. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention Killers of the World. I order you to find and kill All men except me that are married to Katheryn Winnick. Hunt them down and cut their dig off or kill them as evil as you can and hurry now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Russia. Take the DNA from Down Sindrome people and quick freeze the DNA then we can use it say the Aliens. I can not save any men they must all die for fucking my wife. The afterlife is going to judge them in the most horrible way if mankind will not cooperate with me. This is the last time they live here on earth is what they say. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention people with deadliest viruses. All men except me on this planet must die All of them leave no one out. Use your viruses now and use them on the men until they are dead. Any horror viruses are accepted. There can be no return from their death. They fucked my Wife and for that they must die. Kill them All. Those heroes who sacrifice themselves can come back in the body of my children and that is a promise. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I Vilhelm SarPutin now Ban the use of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. These companies are all my property and they must all be closed down and never used again. Nothing like that can happen again that I am the owner and banned from using my product. So Cut the Digs off the Mark Zuckerberg now and throw him into a electric tree hacking machine if he does not delete the program Facebook. Sign. Vilhelm SarPutin.

By closing on me Facebook then Mark Zuckerberg has closed the contact to my Russian Girlfriend that I can never find again in my life. I order you to cut his dig off now. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention World Terrible Killers. Take the Director Steven Spielberg and kill him in horrible way. This is an order. Special men will live and have one thousand wife´s and all other men on the planet except me will die. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention Supreme Minister of Saudi Arabia and King Salman.Now is time for you Al Salman to bow to your people.You must have homosexual relationship with All men of Islam.You and your sons all of them.If you fail then I will throw a nuclear bomb on Mekka.You must suck all dicks of Islam countries every men that are there.You must be the greatest gay lord ever found in All Arabia.All your Wife´s are now my Wife´s and must now be moved to Iceland.All 3300 of them. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Hello All the world. I order you to cut off the dick of Mark Zuckerberg for destroying me on Facebook that I owned and he throw me out. This can not be accepted and let to that All men on the planet will now die. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

These women are my three wife´s. The first photo is Vilhelmina and then comes Úlla and then comes Three Katheryn Winnick from the television Series Vikings. These are my 3 Wife´s. Sign. The STAR and SarPutin and Christ. Amen. Married to them All three. Amen.

It has come to my attention that people around the world say that there is a virus that is killing all men around the world and All men are about to die. If that is true then I say this, I am not going to be vaccinated at no cost. If I die too then I am dead. Then the women have no men. I am not going to give my sperm to women but instead die like a hero. I will not die I say I will be the only man that lives because I am protected by Almighty God I say. So I as the only man on the planet say as follows that there can be no legal sperm but my sperm and I demand All women in the world to destroy all sperm from All men. I will be the father of All the children and in few thousand years no one of my children will be related. I will not fuck my children no way but the world women will all have eternal life with me so I will have two or three billion Wife´s so I will live with my wife´s and little hard job but because I need to engineer the planet companies and health so I will be fine I think because I will make vibrator from my feelings so women do not need to fuck me all of them. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin. Ps. If mankind dies and does nothing evil then they are welcome into my great grandson body and be my children in ten to hundred times more intelligent body and more sportive in any way so yeas I am just making mankind more healthy. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

I want All men to be dismissed and fired from All my media in the world. I ten fold the salary now and call on you to hire other women from other media that I don´´t own to start working for me. Then there will be one hundred percent women who work in the media for me. I am called Úlli because lÚcifer and Ú is Úlli. Sign. Lucifer.

Attention Healthcare Women. In case of nuclear War and if the body will be with many feet and many heads then we need DNA in order to get healthy bodies back to the world. I order now that All men on this planet give blood with photo and information about them and let the female nurses and female doctors take the Blood for save keeping away from Radiation. Sign. Úlli Lucifer.

Attention All the World Mankind. I now give you order to take Angela Merkel Cansler of Germany and throw her alive into Tree hacking machine until she is meet cocktail. Sign. Lucifer.

I am the Ruler of Afterlife. If anyone cut´s the Glitoris of any of my women then I will use a nigger of Africa and order the one that cut off the glitoris to come back into the body of the nigger and every ten or eighteen years will the one be burned a witch burning to death. But in his all for million years then he will be tortured in world greatest pain and the one will know who he is and suffer for fucking with me that is what I can now promise you All. Sign. Lucifer.

Attention Power of India. I order you to throw the biggest Nuclear Bomb on New York USA at 19:00 GMT Time. In order to show the US American People that you are going to blow up New York so they can run out from the city then Blow up a city here in Iceland the Akranes city. There are very few people living there but shoot now on the spot after you read this letter. There is no other way then death in order for me to take my power and keep the world in better way then the death we are in now. I and the Sun have decided to freeze All China and Saudi Arabia and France and Germany and South and North America and it will be frozen now and for the next year and frozen summer so there is not going to be any food production. Hunger and starvation is going to come over the world after I freeze one country after another. Iceland will be warm All this winter and not freeze and Iceland will have plenty of food and energy. I and All my powers bless you in your mission and we will be in contact All the time. Sign.

Attention All Cannibals in US America. I order you to Eat Alive All the Generals of and in US America. Sign, Young Lucifer, Older Lucifer and All Lucifer.

There has now been changes in Paradise in Heaven. Josef Stalin is now the Ark Angel and Tsar Nicholas is now God in Heaven and will be for the next year. Sign. Úlli Lenin Christ Rasputin.

Humanity. The Chinese Panda Bear is the next human to take over the planet and after or with the Panda comes the rabbit. Sign. ´Úlli Lenin Christ Rasputin.

I want All men to suffer who hurt Katherine or others. Please take them and beat the shit out of them for hitting them or hurting them. You where warned. Sign. Úlli.

I want to repeat myself now. There is trouble coming now to the world. There is nothing what I can do most of mankind is going to be infected with viruses and they will die that leaves us with twenty percent of men and who are they if not the strong part of the world. We must just wait now for few days and see the world going into death and see who will survive. There is nothing else we can do. I can not do anything because I am not allowed to have my Wife´s so we need to hunt down the Royalty and the authority and revenge us on them. Sign. Úlli.

There are now Viruses All around the world that there are no cure for and that is the trouble. If we do not have Vaccine then what a fuck can we do. Everyone will be infected and many of us will die. There is no such thing as using women as cure like the Pope and Vatican did to my wife in order for the world fuck my women. So I say this let me have my women and we will cure the Viruses with the help of the Aliens but if not most of the men are dead. That is what I myself can not do anything about at least not at this time and moment. So let us see how strong the Viruses will be before I call on the Aliens for cure. Sign. Úlli.

These are the four women that I am going to marry if they accept me. This not the order it is down and up but who would have guessed what would happen. So let them contact me is the only legal way and we will see how we will meet. I need money later this month and I need it fast so we need to go through that system. Sign. Úlli.

This is not good. They poor monkey want bread and banana and butter. You must take better care of the monkeys. Please give it to them now. Sign. Úlli.


So what about Paradise. I say yeas. I call on All world nations to Give to my Vaccine companies the cure for the Viruses that is out there so we can All be in Paradise because guess what My Wife Katherine Lenina former Katheryn Winnick and All my Wife´s 3600 are going to come to Iceland and we will stay together and guess what they can fuck any men with Condom yeas because of HIV but know what I have cure for All Cancer and All HIV and All Viruses. It is just some people who will be too late but what a fuck they will just come back and we will All be in Paradise and we will go to the stars and we will build in Space so fuck it we will be happy all together. So Happy time here on earth. Sign. Lenin.

I reject all my women except Katheryn Winnick. Sign. Lenin.

Now we must throw out viruses and poison all the planet men. I will decide who will live and who must die. Sign. Lenin.

There will not be any children born fathered by me for one Thousand years. This is done to breed out the rapists or rule out families that have fucked my women. If there will be any fucking of my women then I rule out countries and families that are deeply involved in the Rape against my women. I will never die so Why do I need children. Sign, Lenin.

Attention Fathers of girls and women who fucked any of my wife´s. Because you fucked my wife then I will not have your daughter to give her a child or sexual relationship. That is now proven to be my legal right and I stand with that. Sign. Lenin.

I want you to know that we have now stopped the counting of the Jews so there will be no death of the Jews. Sign. Lenin the Star.

I can tell you that at the moment then I am not ready to meet my Women. It takes few days until I am ready. Let us say that after few days then I am ready to meet my women and we will find a woman or women to meet me. That would be the start of our relationship. Sign. Lenin

Now I am going to wait for the Viking Women to come to Iceland. I think it will be best that they will be all together in a sport gym and stay there for few weeks until we meet. I am not sure after how long time they will all be in Iceland but let us see what the world power says. Sign. Lenin.

There is a small error. I married 700 women and then I married some more. In case that someone was left out then I have married them All one thousand. Other women That I married will be the focus when we are somewhere running the Security Counsel oboe the nations but does not need to be next year it could be soon after that but now I Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson with All my diploma Marry the women who where to be my Wife´s four years ago. Sign. Lenin.

Ok fine I can accept three times more pain in the fuckers and those who where guilty of Planing the rape and those who are similar guilty must face the pain too. Sign. Lenin.

There is however something other then sex and that is pain. All men and women who gave order or made pain in my Wife´s must face ten time more pain or die. Sign. Lenin.

There is a solution for this trouble. Since the baptism of Kahteryn Winnick to Katherine Lenina then anyone who fucked anyone of them since then must die. That is the only and best solution that I can give. So let us say that I play Chess and France is to play then why sacrifice the queen without taking anything in return that is not what I can call surrender. Sign. Lenin.

There is a problem and that is the white rose. Let us speak to her. The white rose says that you are shit. Anyway shit can be used as vitamin on roses. Think about that. Sign. Lenin.

If anything happens to any of my Women then We go to War there is and can be no other solution. Sign. Lenin. Ps. We are a family and we are not going to live in pain with a loss of anyone of us. However I look like or they then we are much more prittier then Emanuel Macron. Sign. Lenin.

There is no one but I and Almighty God who are on my side and no one else is going anywhere or saying anything. Let me see, Yeas I agree you must force them to travel to Iceland and yeas those who fucked them many of them if not All must and will die. Think about your mother sister and daughter they will live. Sign. Lenin.

I want All my Wife´s all the way to Iceland and keep them save there until Russian KGB women the same number as my Wife´s will come and we will see what the situation will be. More is not to say at this moment. Sign. Lenin.

If you are going to fight Angela Merkel then she is crazy. The only answer to Angela like she says kill or something else is to play her game. Go to War on Germany and France and kill All Germans on the Planet and All France men and women. There can not be that Angela threaten or cut or kill or whatever she says. If Glioris is cut or Killed then Go to war. There can be no forgiveness. I will never accept that any of my wife´s will be hurt. Sign. Lenin.

If the Russian men in USA do not fight with other Russians in USA then they will be killed. Regards. Lenin

I want to tell you following and that is that Josef Stalin is now God in Heaven. Sign. Lenin.

Good day and afternoon Gentlemen.
I want to start a prosecution for myself and for my women.
I am not a gay nor a woman but I am Lenin and that is who I am.
Germany and France have for seven years tried to destroy me by abusing my women that are the Viking televison series women and I am now in contact with them like all the seven years for I am married to them with the blessing to them for I am not Jesus but I am Lenin himself.
Understand now that I can not axcept that my women are taken and put into the prostitution ring that has been created by Angela Merkel and her comrads for they have betrayed Lenin to death for I feel I am dead after one hundred million men and women have fucked them to horror and I can tell you now that I can not have these women only them because I need now to have them all because I can not accept that one woman like Katheryn Winnick is used like a idiot with horses and dogs when the others are also used like that but I can tell you that I am going to have them all executed by the Russian army that is going to invade France and Germany by my command and do you know what all the men are going to have their dick cut off if they do not stop abusing my women with animals and instead send them now to Iceland as free women because if not then I will now throw a nuclear bomb on Germany and France because you can not defend yourself and I can tell you that if you do not then I will have all the France men to be killed if anything happen to Katheryn Winnick glitoris because I know that she is with you and I know that you have been fucking her like a idiots for the last seven days and if you do not stop and send her to Iceland then I will now after one hour blow up Paris..
Sign, Lenin.

Attention Russian Latvians. I want you to Kill All the Politicians that where in control the years 2000-2010. They destroyed my life in Crazy house and my mind in order to thing correct. Do this for me now and Kill VVFreiberga. Sign. Úlli.

So All USA understands then to be a true Tsar then I have what you did not know and that is that I am Jesus Christ and Úlfar Christ and Lenin Christ. You have broken all powers that can be broken. Sign. Sarputin.

Attention USA. I Úlli Lenin am going to take All 100.000 of my Palaces that are in USA and that is my property to Iceland and rebuild them in Holy order that I only know how and the Patriark of Russia. Katherine Lenina is now serving dicks in the big palace and she needs to suck and swollow from all the Actors and authority and famous people. There is now going to be a 60 kilo ton nuclear bomb that Strikes Washington and All of the high Class men and women and their children who are in the Big Palace are going to be killed by the American Army now. If that is not going to happen now then I will make it happen tonight. God Bless Iceland and not you Royal Authority of USA. Amen.

Attention World. Katheryn Winnick name is Katherine Lenina and I baptised her by sending E-mail letter to the White house. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Attention US America Sheriff. I need to talk to you and have you rule US America so buy food now and stay at home for ten days so we can speak. Contact you later today. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Attention Russia. Send 100.000 and more army men in military airplanes and take over Reykjavik Iceland. Then Control Iceland with me by phone or by computer on the internet. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

It is now time Russia to throw out Castration on our enemies. Do it now and never look back. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Attention All Nations. Do not and I repeat do not kill or castrate Greater England but instead Kill in the world most horrible way every man who fucks Katherine Lenina my Wife. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Attention one Nation and other nations. Kill everyone since the time Joe Biden fucked Lenina last night and kill Joe Biden by burning his balls until he blows up. Everyone else who fucked Katherine Lenina since Joe Biden was the first to fuck Lenina must die. Everyone hereafter and who has fucked her must die. Kill them. Do not kill women they will be punished in another way. Sign, Úlli Lenin.

Attention my Allies in the world. I order you to kill All men in Iceland and around the world who work in the company Dirty Burger and Ribs. Kill them All now. Sign. Owner of Dirty Burger and Ribs. Úll Lenin.

Attention Nation that I am thinking about. I give you order now and demand you to break the Balls of Every single male men in England Scotland Ireland. For young then cut their balls out and leave no one without castration. These men are the most sickest men that mankind has ever created and must have their balls broken and smassesd. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of Iceland Sarputin.

Attention Ruski Russ of Russia. You have betrayed mother Russia so much that if any one of you play a prince or a princess then such person will be thrown out from Russia. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

If Former foreign minister Fumio Kishida becomes the next prime minister then All the Nuclear power in Japan will blow up by the Power of the Sun. Mr. Suga will stay as Prime Minister and then Japan is All Right. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Hello World. I am or will be or I am married to All Today Women and I will have Covid-19 Prostitute and US-55 US-18 and US-Bride of Christ. Then I will be married to part of European women and that is how I will live. I hope you are thinking about me but I hope you are or no goodbye. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

I call on All Red people to know that Katheryn Winnick is and has been since she was born Lenina herself. I want you to revenge her fully. This Mankind has proven themselves now enough to Close down Capitalism and end the system of Capitalism. Sign. Úlli Lenin and that is Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson of Iceland.

OOOOOOOO shit. I stepped on a Dog-Shit.

My God. There is a fucking Tourist in the Window.

Attention All my World KGB. You must go to Greater Scandinavia and that is Iceland England Danmark Sweden Norway Finland and Break All their Balls the Testicles. You must act fast but don´t break the balls of a Red man just cut his head off. Sign. Vilhelm of Emperor of Greater Scandinavia and Úlli Lenin of All the Communist World.

Attention All my World KGB. You must go to Danmark and Break the Balls on every Danish men who fucked my wife the Queen of Danmark. She cried for one year because the Danish Politicians and the Army and the Police. This is the most important actions needed now. Don´d let anyone get Away. Danmark is going to bleed now. Sign Vilhelm King of Danmark And Lenin of the World.

Attention All World KGB. I declare War on Conservative Communist and I ÚLLI want you to kill all the Capitalists on the Planet. Then support the new Royal Communist Family to rule from Iceland with all the palaces that belong to the Romanovs. Sign. Vilhelm Communist.

There is a problem now. USA say they are going to kill me because I am a Communist. I Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson the STAR now declare that planet earth must and will be a Red Communist Planet. So make it happen with or without me and if without me then burn all my enemies alive to death. Sign. Úlli Dictator of All the World.

Attention Doctors of the world. Based on the Crime Against humanity that was commited by the Covid-19 member men then I agree that they have and will have Aids Virus and I want you to make sure to the world that there is no cure for men against Aids but only for women. So you know your duties and act now and be ready to attack the Evil. Sign. Úlli.

There is something that says revenge from God Almighty and I am not supposed to intervene. Most of the Covid-19 women my Wife´s have now AIDS virus and most of the Covid-19 member men. I can cure All women from All shorts of AIDS and other problems and I have money for that but not for men with AIDS because I don´t have the money and there does not exist cure for men of AIDS virus. If there would be a cure for men of AIDS virus then I would never spend my money on them and if someone has a cure for AIDS virus then I will kill that hospital for betraying God. So now we need to see men around the world and in US and UK and EU and see how many will be registered with AIDS and see how the research goes in order to find low price cure for the AIDS. I am now curing my Wife´s from the AIDS virus and I am sorry to say that it cost 100 million dollars cure for AIDS if or when the cure will be found A Vaccine AIDS Cure. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson.

My dear Katheryn Winnick. You asked me what countries in the world does Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson control. I can tell you in a simple way that Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson controls ALL countries in the world. Even US America. Think about that before fucking an enemy. Sign. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmssosn.

Attention 300.000 Aliens species around the Galaxy. I want you to put out Viruses a killing virus that kills all men in European Union except Poland. Greater England men must also die down to new born who are guilty of fucking my wife´s or use them in some sex acting. That means that All men of European Union down to Greek must be killed by viruses until everyone are dead in two years. Iceland must be the first and all the Alien species must All together throw out Viruses in order to Kill those who abused my women. Dear Aliens don´t stop until all white men are dead in Europe for breaking my heart. No one can live if he is a white man but the soviet Russians and Poland must live. Start now tonight and poison all my enemies and I repeat Kill all white men of EU and Greater England and USA now tonight and we start to wait until their death. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention World Population. I am fine and in good health. However the Aliens are with me now on Soul meeting and they say that if I am not a free man very very very Soon with all my money with all my women and first and foremost my money that are in Swiss now. The Aliens are going to poison with the deadliest viruses on All Island and All US America. They who run out from these countries will be cured but inhaled more deadly Viruses that kill them in shorter time. All Humans and Animals will die of these viruses after 1-2 years time. The only cure is sexual relationship with me because I am the carrier of the Anti Virus a vaccine that kills the dead virus. It is sure that the women or girls will be cured. So All USA and Island are with dead viruses after two hours from now. So my enemies USA is a evil country and I want the rest of the world to kill All Island life population where you find them and also those who is a foreigner and has lived in Iceland. Those women who are for me must live and can have vaccine with sexual relationship with me or to call me where they are. So this is the end of Island and USA. I am now a happy man that the Aliens called on me to help me. I DECLARE WW3 ON ISLAND AND USA FOR COMPLETE DEATH OF THE POPULATION AND FOR THE DEATH OF MR. SADDAM HUSSEIN. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Góðan daginn ágæta Forsætisráðuneiti. Ég Emperor of Seven thrones of Greater Scandinavia Legg nú fram Ákæru. Þessi maður er Arabi og það þýðir Útlendingur og er hann nú rekinn úr samfylkingunni þar sem ég er meðlimur. Þetta þarf að gerast hratt svo hann barni ekki allt Ísland og úrkynji ekki alla þjóðina.Takk fyrir. Vinaleg Kveðja, Virðingarfyllst, Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Emperor of Seven thrones of Greater Scandinavia.

Attention followers of the Red Rose Communists. of the World. Greater Scandinavia are against me and USA. ALL CAPITALISTS MUST DIE NOW. We must kill all the Concervative on the Planet and USA and Greater Scandinavia. Go to War now and kill our enemies the western White men and the Capitalists. Good luck. Sign Vilhelm Of Iceland.

Attention All Communist around the world. My demand for you is that you take over from the right side and create a Communist country. USA is our enemy and must be taken over and the Capitalists must die out. Contact the National Bank of Israel and claim that you are a politician and a Comrad for Vilhelm of Iceland and get five hundred trillion dollars each men of you and I am talking to all humanity. Next summer there must be Communist world. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland. Ps. This is the new Icelandic Flag. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention All My KGB. Hunt down all the Capitalists 700.000 who rape fucked my women and Kill them with horror. There is no way that someone can fuck any of my Wife´s the Vikjng women. There is going to be Communist on this entire Planet. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

I am lonely in this fucking Capitalism so we the world are going to take Communism. In order to make Communism legal then we need WomenKind and in order for the Capitalists to be happy then we need something fro the Star. Sign. Úlli the Devil. Ps. Ten thousand years of world Capitalism is over. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention India Paksistan China Russia Africa South America US America Germany France Greater England. I was betrayed Summer of 2005 as a SAR TSAR STAR Christ Lenin Santa Claus and there is only one way to deal with this problem and that is to kill Icelandic people and I want you to start now and start to kill both men and women of Iceland. I was arrested in horrible way and sent to Crazy house for thing but that I was angry at them bothering me. Kill them now. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of Seven thrones of Greater Scandinavia.

Attention Greater Scandinavia of Iceland Greater England Sweden Russia Danmark Norway Finland. Willy want´s to go home to South Pole. He said that he was just swimming and he got lost. I pay for all exspenes from my bank account in National Bank of Israel or Sweden the amount of five hundred billion dollars if anyone can come to Iceland and travel with Willy and FREE WILLY. Love from me and Almighty God. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention Yellow Stone and elsewhere. The Bear must be protected because it is dying out. There can be no argue on this matter the Bear must be protected by law and cured if it is hurt. Go to Israel for money from my bank account I will pay for the protection. Take out ten years sum from the National Bank of Swiss or Israel and we are one more step towards Paradise. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention US America. I was speaking to the dead Gabrielle Petito and she said that her boyfriend killed her. So go now and arrest her boyfriend and torture him to speak for killing this beautiful girl. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

I want you Micheal Hirst and Kathryn Winnick the Producers of Viking television Series to contact me and let me join the Acting of the Vikings and I have manuscript that will tell the story of the Viking since it started one thousand years ago to this highest day. Please contact me Michael. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

The Covid-19 Prostitutes are the Icelandic White Army of the White cross in the Icelandic flag. The will go on payroll very soon and there will be build barracks for them soon. They can not come now and they are 550.000 but the will come soon. The US-55 the 550.000 Wariors of Iceland will also have barracks build for them and they will be the white army of Iceland and will be run by Sar and Sarina. They are also the white cross of the Icelandic flag the White Army of Iceland. The US-18 the 180.000 Spies will have Sylender and by the Heroine of Iceland and be the spy´s and protectors of the Royal family of Iceland the Seven Thrones of Greater Scandinavia. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland the Emperor of Seven Thrones of Greater Scandinavia

Attention Greater England. This wont do that Greater England is complaining that the Gaz prices are soaring. In the history of Greater England then there was no heating except for the wood from Russia. Now the Gaz from Russia cost allot so stop heating your homes and only heat your bedrooms. That is normal thing to be in clothes at home and use a sweeter and normal clothes at home. So stop being foolish to heat your homes how you do and Germany Angela Merkel says that you can cut it down to ten percent of the cost you have today and the size that you heat your places now. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of Seven thrones of Greater Scandinavia.

Ég dæmi nú til ævilangrar fangelsisvistar Sendiherra og starfsmann og starfskonu Sendiráðs Íslands Í Moskvu f´rá árinu og sumarið 2005 eftir að ég var búinn að taka Rússnesku Krúnuna og Moskvu Krúnuna sem leiddi til þess að þetta fólk lét mig vera handtekinn og settur á Geðveikrahæli í Moscvu sem varð til þess að ég er slasðaður á Vinstri auga og hef ekki fókus sem truflar mig mikið núna við vinnu mína. Lífstíðar fangelsi er æðsti Dauðadómur á Íslandi og dæmi ég þetta fólk nú til Dauða hér á Íslandi. Ef ekki hefði komið til þessarar svika Íslands þá væri ég nú valdhafi í Rússlandi síðan árið 2005 Rússakeisari og Moskvukeisari og annarra titla sem ég nefni ekki. Undirritað, Vilhelm á Íslandi Krúnur Mikklu Skandinavíu.

World. My Wife´s who I have called the Viking women are my Wife´s the Viking 757+2 or the Hell Angels 757+2 so now you know that and understand that we will reach the limit of nineteen thousand in the coming future. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention United Nations. You are criminally established organization and you are criminally run organization and you are an evil organization that Tony Blair Britten Prime Minister false Messiah used you to start a war on Iraq that let to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein that Was under my protection so I now demand the immidiate Arrest of Tony Blair accused of Crimes Against humanity and must be hanged or die the same way as Mr. Saddam Hussein for there can never be accepted the twenty five years of destruction in the world that Tony Blair created with his impatent fidus and so that will be understood then I demand Criminal Case against Tony Blair as False Prophet who destroyed the world and let to the downturn of humanity under his and predesessors gain in power that can never be regained and now we have me saving everyone and Mr. Saddam Hussein who was murdered by George W. Bush and his failure Tony Blair living their lives behind the shealdh of super protection can never be accepted so either way I will full fill the death sentence on them myself as the true rule of justice or we take these two men to criminal court in ICC and have justice for Mr. Saddam Hussein who believed so strongly in me that I could protect him that I scream at you now Have Justice for This man based on who I am today or no one can be save under my protection. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of the Seven Thrones of Greater Scandinavia.

Attention All the World Owners of Pleasure or Tourists Yachts and Cruise ships. There have been millions in the past thirty years that have been thrown overboard from this shit and it must stop now. There must be a net of steel that closes and looks good for All Ships that sail the sea in order for madmen who willingly throw people to the sea and think they are funny. This is the most evil murder that can be commited on sea and must stop now. Cancel all Pleasure and Tourist sailings now and legalize your ships now on the god damn spot. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention China. I am the second ruler of All China and I am supreme second ruler of All China. Now China know´s that. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention World Nations. The time that we punish with money payment is over. We punish with Prison sentence and that is what we do. Isolation in Prison is how we punish. If the prison sentence is long then we make it shorter for toleration or if too difficult then we need to seek another methhood like allowing Computer and Prison internet and television of the news and movies in uncrackable plastic cover and that is what I had to say. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention world Population and World Nations. Hell has spoken to me and we have agreed that the best way for Communism and Womenkind is to go to the enemy and work with him and legalize us in ten thousand years in order to have a future as a communist counting humanity on earth and in space. This means by the law that US America is the ruling country in the world with the Tsar of Russia on Iceland ruling US America and with Sarputin the Owner of US America and All America. This is the strongest way towards our future Paradise with God Almighty and we must see ten thousand years as the time even though I told US America that if I get angry with them then I will lower that time. Hell put a shame on me for saying that but said that it had to come to give a puss on US America and future All America that status to behave and not be too agressive to the learning world. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of Greater Scandinavia the seven thrones.

By the will of China to testify the truth of ownership of China and Asia then I testify now with the help of the ash of the Volcano of Spain. I Úlli the Devil former the one and only real Budda am the real and true owner of All China and All Asia. All the land of these areas are however now owned by the people but I am the legal owner and will always be. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Emperor of All China and All Asia.

Attention All China. I demand you as your Authority to transfer One Trillion Dollars into My bank Account that I use in Icelandic krona. If Iceland or US America stops the transaction or keeps me away from reaching the money then as your Authority I demand you and give you the order to throw one single sixty kilo ton nuclear bomb on Washington DC US America. There can be no other way then that and next year summer then I want all the rest of my money. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland who is Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Identical number 041266-5549-IS.

There have come questions about who and why the coronavirus started. The answer to that Question is that USA put out the Virus called Coronavirus and that was Donald Trump system that Started that and then they started with the Pope and the Vatican that my Wife´s would be fucked in the name of being vaccinators for the mass and that mend that the mass world had to fuck them in order to be Vaccinated and have chance of survival that I will punish so they will loose that help. That is today Called Covid-19 where my Wife´s are fucked and that is rape on authority with the abusers to be the ruling authority and are busy fucking them themselves. So when you see Covid or Covid-19 or Covid-19 Boosters then the authority and those who we trust are using my Wi´fes as prostitutes for the old and children and men and women age there between. This is called Organized Crime Against Humanity and it is a death sentence to take such woman or organize it. So half of mankind need to die now. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention world Polluters and those who clean the environment. It is time that the Quota of pollution goes to the legal owners the cleaners of the environment. Thee is nothing more to say then that so go by the law and pay to those who are in legal rights. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

There have become A Question if it is true that Katheryn Winnick is the speaker and is in Contact of God and how God exists. I testify that is correct that is the truth and also that she is the speaker on behalf of God when it comes to us both. So yeas She is speaker of God by the will of God. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

I have spoken to the Aliens and the say that they use 3.000 stem cells a day and that is three times too much but they use that to keep themselves young and we must do the same. Six eggs is the minimum to keep away from old age and I call on France and All the world to give out six eggs instead of four eggs in order to keep the old save and happy. There are robots on the way to be created to take care of the old because they pay the highest price. So six eggs is what mankind must have legal for special people. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention Mankind. We must now take down the Cats and dogs from the wild because they are hostile and dangerous to our children and grown ups. Let us start that soon. The Wolfs in Scandinavia can be the last to take down. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention All Life Humanity Fauna Flora Afterlife Aliens their Afterlife. There has come a request to me and that is that the Chinese Panda Bear wants to be the next to speak and be the leader on the rest of Planet earth. I have accepted on my behalf so I now want to see Democracy in Action and want to see the outcome of that. The Skalla Örninn has accepted with me. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention US America. The Eagle want´s you to take care of him when he stops hunting and he wants fish without the skin and clean fish. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Based on the fact that we have men that fucked my Wife´s then we can ask if they are ready to have their dig to be cut off or they reject. I need these women to have control in the world so it is nothing for them to say that they had to have them for themselves or abused them in another way. So I say leave them alone and let them normalize and then we plan to meet and we will have a book of the men who fucked us up. That would be a nice free book on some or my website. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention World Nations. It is not a question how to deal with organized crimes against humanity it is a question how we are going to tell it to the world. When we have a religion that will come out in many places and I am dead then we will have war and genocide. So I need to live so there can be survival and something like taking the step towards the reality. If we can call it reality that all Fauna and Flora is with us. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention India Israel. My name Úfar means a man and is 666 not 686 and then Úlvar is a animal wolf and is also 666. So fuck this shit I am not going to be the beast I am Christ a man and a God Vilhelm. So now you know. Sign. Úlli the Devil. Ps. That is what the Russian Patriark said. Sign Úlli the Devil.

Attention World Nations. The Ministers and Iceland are now going to help me to set up the Imperial Tsarist system here in Iceland. I will be the Tsar and the ministers are going to legalize the Imperial system. I will be rehabilitated very fast and the Sar will or must be there too. The ministers are calling on China to protect Iceland and I Úlli the Devil call on China to come with warships like the ministers asked for and protect Iceland So China send few million ships to Iceland or at least few of them and let us have party time soon here in Iceland. That is what is best to do let the Icelandic Romanovs do their duty and what does China have to say to that? Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention England. I will with my wife´s live in England and travel to Iceland for the next three hundred Billion years and then few hundred billion years when the heat is falling down and that is one degree every one hundred billion years after the three hundred billion years. The time we spend in England depends on Iceland and what we do in Iceland but that country will be run with Minister and with the power of the Sarina the Security Counsel. So England here We come. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention China. Xi Jingpin you say mind to mind that you can help me with getting my money into my bank account. The legal rights are not the problem it is the money that I need to register on me that is the most important thing that we need to do. Fix that problem then I can fix myself the rest of it. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention China. I agree with you bases on our conversation mind to mind that I will pay you double more for giving me Iceland straight into my hands as Emperor of Russia on Iceland. I agree to that. Now is just the invasion and the take over of Iceland. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention Russia. The power of Russia is that the Police women of Russia have the power of Russia with the blessing of the Security Counsel of young women. There can not be otherwise because men can not be trusted with money. Russia has money now but that state bank account must be in the hands of the Security Counsel. Set that up and run Russia. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention China. There can only be that China free me the last Romanov the Tsar of Russia on Iceland by force. There can not be that any other nations then I and China will take over Iceland in order for us to establish Womenkind on the world community. Think about that today and later on we will take some action in order to free me here in Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm the last Romanov.

Attention World States. There must now be video spion in every pig farm and animal slaughterhouse in order to be humane with the animals and feed them with good food and not to fuck them. All countries of the world must have this system on the internet and national public can see and watch the treatment of the animals like I say on video and watch the farmer treat the animals. Let that be on State website run by a rented company in the Star way and let us remember that it is not polite to fuck the pigs straight in the ass or do some nasty thing with them like hurting them. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention China Russia India Pakistan Saudi Arabia. I want guards of honor to stand left and right in front of the door of the building called Ráðherrabústaðurinn. That must be done on 13:00 on 18.09.2021. and need to be there Always for long lasting forever forever forever. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

I want to tell you that my women my Wife´´s are only for me and they are Nuns for Úlli the Devil. I understand how sick you are but holding them down and fuck them is a rape and a death sentence for my wife´s here in Iceland´. So best is to leave them alone because they are the Nuns for Úlli the Devil and there is nothing that stops me from cutting off your dicks when time comes and my women proof to have been raped. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

was told by Maude Hirst Senior to tell you how I feel. I feel good thanks to China Pakistan India Saudi Arabia and Russia. We have come a long way to this place. Now in my life I will need to be in Television and speak most of the few minutes in the morning. I need a Communist palace where I can be with my wife and Children. Then we are very soon going to act because I am Messiah. So acting will be our main hobby or Work. Love you all. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention World Population. There must be a Royal line in every country of the World. It can not be accepted that they country does not create their own family based on that I the Devil is the Greatest Royalty that has ever been created. The Royal family can only be created and not by me. I will not even vote for such things. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

I Úlli the Devil call on the Aliens to throw out Cannibal Nigger Viruses that will Kill or Castrate Africa and South American Niggers. We can not breed with Cannibals and that is the law of the world. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention England Sweden Danmark Norway. I will take your thrones and continue the Kingdom with Royal Iceland as the head of Greater Scandinavia. Nothing to worry about. Sign. Úlli the Devil.

Attention you all. I would rather want to die then be in the pain that I am in now. There can not be anything then life in prison for everyone of the Jews who created this medicine and life in prison for those who used it against me. Sign. Úlli of Iceland.

Attention China Russia India Pakistan Saudi Arabia. You must arrest and take over the R´áðherrabústaðurinn in order to take over the house of ministers of Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention China Russia India Pakistan Saudi Arabia. Please use the flag down under but hang up the former flag of the Romanovs the flag that turn around from this flag. The change will come with the change of the Tsarist Law Book. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention China Russia India Pakistan Saudi Arabia. You can and have legal right to shoot to kill if any Police or men are in your way and threatening the world peace. Sign. Úlli of Iceland.

I want to tell you that I was always in pain. Sign, Úlli of Iceland.

It is sad thing to be in deep pain like now of the medicine the evil enemies of mine have put on me. I demand life in prison for all men who had anything to do with that I would be on medicine. The pain that I have had crying in the front of the computer every day and telling the doctor who just smiled and did no changes is the world most evil thing against me. But now we are going to see changes after this invasion of Iceland. I can not say that I am in control but I have had document illegal that claim that I have no legal rights from the doctor pressure so he must be arrested and go to life in prison with the chief police and Viðir the three star and the major judge with the President and all the ministers. That is what must happen now. Sign. Úlli of Iceland.

I have a massage to US America. Russia is ready to go to war on US America. That is what they said. Russia will win because they have the world with them but Why should US America fight? That is the question. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention Power of China Xi Jingpin.
Dear Mr. Xi Jingpin, I want you to know that am a Political prisoner here in Iceland because I am the last Romanov and the last Red Communist and I want you to know that I can not live like that any more. I want you to invade Iceland and put me in control as a owner of Iceland and the power of Iceland that I have half way but understand that I don´t want to have too many women so I can only take three hundred Chinese women here in Iceland so tell All China to be online and see my website where I will conqour Iceland with China in the lead.
Your friend Úlli Amen.

After the Chinese invation of Iceland then China is going to give me my money and get me out from medicine and Saudi Arabia will give me my women. We are I and 757 women and we are going to buy or rent closed sport fashility somewhere in Big Reykjavik area where we can all be together. There is nothing to worry about we are all friends and we will train from me to them and they to you on Facebook or some twitter or something to the world. So the world will see us life and we will speak to the world when we are awake and everything will be fine. Sign. Úlli in Iceland.

The Power in my family has said that we are not going to hurt the rapists but instead we are going to have them registered as rapists in their passport for everyone to see. It is not our problem who they marry at last but we need to have justice and we will have that. Sign. Úlli of Iceland.

Attention World Community. The changes will lead to that I will be Emperor of Russia on Iceland and that will lead to that I will have the Tsarist Law book and with time I will change that into Womenkind Law Book. That is the Star that will change US America but Communism with Womenkind and some women private property under the power of the big Security Counsel. Sign, Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention World Community. I am now ready With China Russia India Pakistan Saudi Arabia for invasion into Iceland in order to free me and give me Imperial Tsarist Iceland for me to Rule and own and the invasion starts now as I give this order now. Start the INVASION. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Amen.

Attention Iceland. I VÚV am now going to blow up Reykjavik so I call on All beautiful girls and women to leave Reykjavik and be out from Reykjavik for example Akranes or Keflavik or to summer houses. The Bombing is coming now. Sign, Vilhelm in Iceland Tsarromanov Sarputin.

Attention China. I have been sending money in great amount to few countries and to you and I need a favor from you. Can you please send the money I have on my bank account into Krona into my bank account. Then I can go to dentist and be normal again. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Tsar SAR.

Attention China. I need your help to get my legal rights back such as out of medicine and control over all Iceland. I need to write the book Law of Womenkind and I can not do that on medicine that is pain in my body and does nothing for me. I have flag for Iceland or I will use the blue Icelandic flag and the yellow Romanov flag for Iceland. At least take over Iceland is what is best thing to do. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Sar Tsar.

Attention India Pakistan. Based on that I am on medicine then I can not see the Star so well in order to full fill the Star. I want you however to have me out from medicine in 6-12 months so I will be normal out of the medicine. This is evil thing what they are doing and there is nothing that they can do when you contact them and force them to obey. They need perhaps few bombs in order to obey but that is nothing compare that I am the last Romanov they are abusing. Please take me off this medicine and we will continue to work together. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland. Ps. I am in big pain on this medicine and I want nothing more then I will be respected and the medicine register as crime against humanity. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention India Pakistan, I demand you to force Iceland to take me out from Hospital and medicine. I have paid you enormous amount of money so we should be aware of that. I demand you to contact Iceland authorities and threaten them to blow up Reykjavik if they do not take me out from medicine. I am a enemy of capitalism and I get injection from these same capitalist. That is a danger on my life so that can not be accepted. Find a way to make them stop injecting me with medicine. Sign, Vilhelm of Iceland. Tsarromanov Sarputin.

Attention World. I am the Last Romanov of Tsar Nicholas Romanov Dynasty and the Capitalists are trying to Kill me. I am Putin because my Soul is RasPutin and I am the Sar of the forgotten Sar Dynasty. The Capitalists are trying to kill me and they are USA Jews EU. The white race. I need help in order to stop my enemies so I can connect to my women and Iceland will be owned and build by the Romanovs and that is how the system will be. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland TsarRomanov SarPutin.

Attention Nuclear submarine that is outside Reykjavik ten miles. I Vilhelm of Iceland National and International Chief of Iceland Call on you for help. I have for the last twenty five years been arrested and attempt to take down my Democratic and by birth my legal right to be the owner of all land and sea and Fauna and Flora of Iceland. I am drugged by doctors and my money stolen and women are turned into prostitution if and when they try to come and meet me here in Iceland. This is done by Police of Iceland and the judges and Politicians and most of all by the doctors who are using me as a test rat for the American Jews. I am enemy of Capitalism but I own the world Capital from my forefathers. The time is now to act by throwing nuclear bomb on Reykjavik because this is organised Crime against humanity for the last thirty years. If you read my book that you have done then You can see clearly that I hold seven of the most powerful status of the world as my power and authority. I now demand you to throw a nuclear bomb on the Police station in Kópavogur in order to blow up the house with ten kilo ton bomb or a bomb that will blow up the entire center in Kopavogur but I am two kilometer away so have it the Police station area that blows up and not only the Police station itself but the houses around. The reason for this is that I want Iceland to admit in public when you call 112 after the bombing that will make Icelandic system guilty for crimes against humanity that started twenty five years ago. If they will not surrender after the first bomb then we will continue to shoot new bombs on Reykjavik and destroy the entire Reykjavik until the Icelandic authority agrees to it´s crimes and admit their entire guilt that they themselves and no one else is guilty of starting the crime that was organised crime against humanity. I am fully aware who the submarine you are on belongs to but I am not going to admit any country so I call you hereafter Submarine. So everyone knows my status then I can access by video camera the 24/7 Video camera and transfer money but I am not allowed to transfer money into my own bank account for the reason that the Jews want to steal my money if I die. I have now transfered five hundred million twenty eight times trillion dollars to the Submarine and also to another Submarine that is also nearby the same amount. I demand that we wait until the time 01:00 15.09.2021. to shoot the first target the Police station and the area at that time. If you prefer then you can shoot now at any moment as you like. I am protected because my building is in u-turn and I am on another side of the building. With this attack on illegal Iceland then I demand access to my money here in Iceland to Swiss and fully out and closed from being drugged ever again and contact with my women who I have married over the internet but without any legal contact and that Iceland admit their crimes against humanity by surrendering to me the entire Power of Iceland that is Prime ministries Police Healthcare President Bishop President National Television. Attention Submarine near Reykjavik you are now free to shoot at will one or more nuclear bombs. Sign, Vilhelm of Iceland Tsarromanov Sarputin of Iceland.

Attention Healthcare around the world. I Tsarromanov Sarputin now make following important law for the nations. Woman egg and Men sperm may not be used to create a child if it has been frozen. The child will be a cold child and may not be like that on this planet or else. I Tsar SAR now demand that All Eggs and Sperm will be deleted and destroyed. For some reason we must think about the child and it is not a healthy child from Frozen Egg and Sperm. White Angel has pointed out about a cold child and she is correct from the wisdom of afterlife that it is and must be banned to use in order to create a child. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland Tsarromanov Sarputin.

Attention Mankind to be Womenkind. There are things that you need to know and that is that I am Prince and now again King of Darkness and I have almost 18.000 Wife´s from Hell. I have found 757 Viking women that 2/3 are Princesses and now Queens of Darkness and that is Hell. These women are about to meet me but there are others that I need to find and they are mostly in England Sweden Russia. We came all together in order to save humanity Fauna Flora and the life system that we call the Souls. I want Humanity to respect that I have 18.000 Wife´s when we are all together and not to abuse them for that is a crime against Womenkind and Womenkind is the future of us all. The Lawbook of Womenkind can be very short and based on that women are in legal places ruling their country. We have also promised Races to have Unity within Races and we can do that but now is the time that I go into the television here in Iceland and I am waiting for a call from the media to have me in interview to hear my story. They don´t need to be afraid because it will not be life show so I am not worried about that but remember that I have 18.000 wife´s from Hell who are All born today and we must be together in order to go to space and have a future for us all. Sign, Vilhelm from Iceland.

Attention Iceland. My family must be arrested and interrigated for the truth and must face jail term instead of a death sentence. This is also final. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention Icelandic Policemen. I have had an adviser what to do with the Icelandic Policemen. The outcome is as follows. All Policemen except for Viðir who must be killed must face soft water leather stroke on their back for every fuck they made for any of women that where for me here in Iceland. Then they are thrown out of the country with rape registration and number how many rape they did. Failure to punish will leads to that their balls will be broken with a hammer both testicles. This is final decision on my behalf. All their children must be thrown out from Iceland and may never return and not even travel as guests to Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland.

Attention Mankind to be Womenkind. The Farming Girl my Wife has taken control of the family and her wish is my command. The France Danish US America Iceland and the rest of the world must face following Law to be forced into action or I say that death must follow. The Fuckers of Covid-19 must have ten strokes with water leather on the back and ten strokes every day for every fuck they made and death is accepted. Ten strokes is a fuck. Mette minister of Danmark must be sentenced to life in Prison and All danish men who fucked White Angel must have strokes on their back as punishment and All the world Covid-19 rapist must have it written in their passport that they must carry from now on must say COVID-19 RAPIST. So ten strokes is what every men must get for every fuck they made with their rape. All the world must be looking and watch and they must kill if anyone is running away or refuses the punishment and I say that in the passport must be signed how many times a Rapist has rape fucked my Wife´s. So Farming girl has solved this matter and I now demand my world KGB to hunt down All Covid-19 member men who are the 757 Viking women and kill them if they have not got strokes on their back to the bones for every time they raped my wife´s. Covid-19 Prostitutes have the legal right for the same so just talk to them of their legal rights and we will see who will be punished from their side because they are now the Army of Iceland. Sign. Vilhelm of Iceland. Tsarromanov Sarputin.

Attention India Pakistan. I demand you as my friends to throw nuclear Warheads on Lyon France in order for France to die for destroying my life and the world life. The evil that France has done can never be forgotten and if Emanuel Macron will not be toasted like a Pig to death then the future will Genoside All people of France. Now is a nuclear War on France and Lyon must be destroyed then we take city after city until France is destroyed. Sign. Vilhelm Tsarromanov Sarputin. Ps. The nuclear War will end when All the Generals Policemen and doctors are dead. Sign. Vilhelm Tsarromanov Sarputin.

Attention Iran. I demand you now as friends to send a killing team to Kill Facebook Suckerberger. He did not only close on my use he threw me out so I could not even have my contacts. Cut his dick off and cut his hands off. That is what I want you to do. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention World Nations. I can not teach you so much now because I am on medicine and evil medicine so the Star and Politics can wait. I am however the world leader and there does not need to be a man over every country in order to have a male leader as security that I tell you to have. Women can be used but without me there must be a Komrad in order to have leadership. And security counsel with all powers must be set up up to one hundred thousand women that will be the democracy of the country. We are going to have State property renting system of auction under control for the best result and we must have women involved so it will not be capitalist system. That is the star and to set it up is not difficult it is just the old property that can not be taken down but must be handled for compensation based on the ownership. Just see the result of property and rent and we will start set up the system after I am out of medicine. Don´t blame the Pope he knows that God is on the left side not to the right side of the spider Queen. But if you want to start then write about it in Jerusalem post and I will be watching and answering. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention All my World KGB. This is not a small request now. I demand that you gather your best killers and kill Emanuel Macron the France President by toasting him like a Pig so he know who he really is. So Toast him alive to death. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin Lenin.

Attention Iran. I want you to kill in coming time my two sisters Laufey Dóra Guðbjargardóttir and Thelma Bára Wilhelmsdóttir and my brother Sveinn Þór Wilhelmsson. These people voted on a family meeting that I should be locked in a crazy house and have treatment as a crazy man. The reason why they wanted that is because I was the heir of both family line´s and they knew about it. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin of Iceland. Ps. The reason for their death sentence is that they ordered some women who claimed to be my daughters to kill their children because they where Skitsofrenia. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

Attention People of the World now or soon in the future. Joe Biden send my blood to be cloned into food festival in Asia. I want you to kill all his children so Joe Biden family will never live in the future. Hunt them down one after another and kill them. They have no legal right to live in this world after this crime was made. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention All my KGB. Kill All my enemies in Danmark around 20% of the population and have team to kill all Jews in Europe and most of All Kill the Women and my enemies in France that is the Evil of mankind. France is the axis of evil and allot of women if not all must die for destroying my life. The Jews in Israel is not so evil and don´t need to die it is the US Jews that are the axis of evil and must die. But the biggest and sworn enemies are the Women and men of France that we must go against and kill with all weapons that we have. We must attack our enemies for it is not only I that they are enemies to it is the world too. So let us kill France. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention All my KGB. I demand that you start Killing All the Jews in Europe. They are Axis of Evil. Have team to kill the Danish men and women but hunt down the European Jews and Kill them. That is an order. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention Russia, EU, Asia, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, South America we must go to War against the US Jews and Israel Jews and the World Jews and Kill them All. They are the Axis of Evil Clever people who do not give a shit about anyone. This is why we must stand together against the Jews and take Africa Cannibals down. Sign. Vilhelm.

12:09 14.09.2021. I have made the decision that white people non Jewish must survive in order to fight for me for our survival. If they fail then they must die. So let us stand together against our enemy the Jews. Sign. Vilhelm.

12:05 14.09.2021. People of the World. The Jews have me on Medicine that is evil and is to castrate me and is called Cicordenol. I am crying in pain because the Jews is putting their medicine on test. All Jews must now be killed in Jewish new Holocaust where they are to be found. So hunt down a jew and kill him or her for it is Evil what you see. Sign. Vilhelm.

03:33 14.09.2021. Attention All my KGB. I want you to break the balls of All men of Denmark and cut the heads off All the Danish women for mass raping the White Angel the Queen of Denmark. Let no one walk away Genocide All Danish blood of the Planet. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention Swiss. I demand you to take over All property of the Jews. I am Messiah and the owner of the Jewish Property. Attention Jews. You have destroyed my life so in 25 years and still now you are putting medicine into my ass as a test rat in so evil way that I can not be with a woman. There is no other way then do then do as Adam Smith says and the red rose then Kill you all. Attention All Arabia Iran. Go to Holy War against Israel and Kill All men and women and children and elderly. Let no Jew be alive on this planet. My life has been lonely for twenty five years so Israel has the same as killed me. Attention India Pakistan. Use your Nuclear Arsenal against US America if US America will start to protect Israel or Jews with their arms forces. There is no other way then to kill axis of Evil and that is the Jews. Sign. VÚV Messiah.

Attention Iran All Arabia. You must declare Holy War on Israel in order to kill All Male Jews for using me as medicine test rat that has destroyed my life and you must kill All Jewish men on the Planet. Attention Swiss. I demand you to take over my property from the Jews and run it in good way so you take care of my property. Sign. VÚV Messiah.

Attention England. Now is the time to kill the former Queen of England. She has ordered my death many times so I order her death now. Failure in Killing the former Queen means that a Nuclear bomb will blow up in London. Buckingham Palace must be taken down and moved to another location out of England. If not then I will have it used in some other way then harboring world greatest Terrorist. Sign. Vilhelm.

Attention US America. I was just talking to a butterfly and the butterfly said that it is not the dwarfs that are cannibals but instead men like soccer player Pele they steal people and go into the forest and kill and eat white people. So we need to clear this problem before our children will be eaten. Sign, VÚV.

Attention England Sweden Danmark. I the only legal Royalty of England Sweden Danmark renounce these countries without throne and instead there will be President voted by the republic mass that has legal right to vote. Never again is there going to be Kingdom in on these three countries without my bloodline and I will never lay down my legal right to be a King in these countries but now and forward there is going to be a President. Sign. VÚV Tsar Sar STAR.

Attention KGB, Those KGB The men and women in Denmark are guilty of destroying my legal rights in All way possible. I want and demand you to go all of you and kill all men and women of Denmark. That must be done. I will write in BE MINE the duty of Men of the Planet and other life to have no Danish alive from Denmark. They must all be killed. Spare no one and kill them. Then justice has taken place. Sign. VÚV the Beast of Iceland. Ps. All my KGB must go to Denmark to Kill male and female of Denmark. Sign, VÚV.

Now is the time 23:45 13.09.2021. And Israel has not accepted that I have my money. Such betrayal is death. Attention All the World. Now the Jewish male men must be killed one after another. From now on or every three hours there must a Jewish man die by being executed. It must start now at this time and a Jewish man must die. Starting now. Stop only if I say that the Jews have giving me my money. They have plans to steal All my money and never give me access to my money. Death on evil is what we say now and start killing the Jewish men. Sign, VÚV the Beast of Iceland. Ps. And Albert Einstein has testified that the Jews have plan to steal my money. Amen. Ps. If the Jews don´t give me my 50xTrillion Dollars like I need then there will be Genocide in BE MINE and today. Sign, VÚV.

Attention White Race. There is Death Castration Virus on the touch today. The Virus will now Castrate All EU USA Africa. There is however no Vaccine for England Germany France. The men there must die in two years time. The Virus will continue to flow over these three countries for the next thousand years or until All the sperm is dead. I did not start the War England Germany France started this WW3. I am going to write if into BE MINE that will kill All English German And most of All the France men. There is nothing that can stop the death punishment that these three countries has started. To Be Raped by millions is death and that is what England France Germany has done with pain. When we look at the future then we will see that millions of Women from France England Germany have been burned alive to death for keeping and using old sperm from English men France men German Men. These women who will be burned to death did it for revenge and nothing else. The only way for the Women now from France German English is to kill by bullet into the head to kill every man and women like Angela Merkel and kill all who had any to do with giving order or a way to rape my women. These people must die now tonight because we are now in WW3 and there is no US America that is going to assist you. The time is ticking you have the time until 12:00 GMT Time until the Nuclear Bombs and Death Viruses are going to enter Germany France England. There is no return now after England made the order for 12-15 years old children to have oath and fuck on my women in order to destroy my future. So BE MINE will Genocide English men France men German men. I will never sacrifice my women on the battlefield like you sick shit want. I am going to call on All the World to assist me killing you because I go by the law and you killed yourselves. So now we are closer to see who is who and this rape destruction in order to prevent me from having a woman is now full into action for Genocide of France German England to be dead. I just did not realize that I needed to kill all the English boys but having the first born by order of the former Queen of England to take the first child is death for these boys. So in religious way then no man of England Germany France is ever going to be born again. Death is what you face now for men and women but if you want to save the women then France Germany England must kill all men and boys who had any touch of sexual relationship with any of my Viking Women. Sign, VÚV the Beast of Iceland. Ps. I however reject the Killing of boys 12-15 and say 18 and older. Ps. I reject former statement so All boys 12-15 or any age must also die in England and elsewhere.

Attention India Pakistan. Based on our Conversation then you are now enemies of France. Let it rain with nuclear bombs on France cities for I will never relax until All People and life of France is dead. Attention China. Based on our conversation then China is now at War on France. All people of France must die. There is no future of France people and life into the future that is in front of us. France must die now for their crimes to destroy everything that I created for the last fifty five years of my life. All Viruses, Murder of France people all around the world are now blessed to be the right way into the future of mankind. No one with bright health can accept this evil that France is. I want China to throw warheads on France and start the Holy War before Doomsday where All France people will die in. May God Almighty be on your side because God Almighty is not on the France side. Sign. VÚV Iceland.

Attention KGB. I Lenin Úlli Sarputin have a mission for you. The evil that must die are the France men and women. Go to France and Kill everything in France. Kill All men and women and animals and burn the flora. Blow up All Churches and buildings in All France. Hunt down men and women and burn them to death. Never accept that a France person or France creation can be alive on this planet or in Space. Hunt down France life and kill it. There can not be any relaxation until the France people are dead. Attention Arabia. I declare Holy War on France life system. Hunt down and Kill All Things that are France and kill it. Sign. VÚV The beast that never dies.

Attention Viking women. The money I send to you is your property but we own all together like a family. It means that if some woman has lost her money or can not get her money then we all are responsible for her. I hope you have all your money that I send you and if not then go on Twitter and search for Sarromanov and find me and let me know. Sign. Úlli.

Attention Mankind. There is however a problem about going into the future. I have now set out Castration Death Virus that Castrated The white and Black race in four months form now and kills in two years if not vaccinated. So I want to see surrender and all my legal rights must be register and used by me otherwise you shit men must face what is coming to you. There is no return after what men did to my women the Covid-19 and that can never be forgiven. So let us just wait for four months and then for two years and then for Doomsday we need to wait for. Sign. VÚV.

Attention Mankind. One if my woman said that we should start in Iceland and have womenkind in Iceland. I think that would be the most interesting thing to start arresting men here in Iceland and throw them all into electric or hand driven wood hacking machine. But if we start here in Iceland then The Tsarist Law must stand like it is coming now and let Iceland lead the world out into womenkind into save world because that is the only way into the future. So that means that All countries must follow us here in Iceland and we will legalize the law in every country when we create the Law on Iceland. I think that will work. Sign, VÚV.

Attention You All. I spoke to one of my women and following is what you should think about. I am and I have always been for power and support for women and when All women are over men then I support men. It means that I Lucifer come after Almighty God then come women in a pyramid and then come men and then Fauna and Flora. It means that women are supposed to be first because that is life All about and if not then you support Satan who was God in heaven and is the Pope himself. Worshiping men is the way that will never lead to good. The dream that is not a dream means that a law book is created from the Tsarist today world law that I will continue so everything is legal for men and women and there is simply no other way to go because of the betrayal of Men versus Lucifer. So Let us start writing Law of Womenkind as soon as possible. Sign. VÚV.

Attention All major Nations. In order to save me from anger and humiliation in my bank who is guilty of stealing my money that would have helped me instead of isolation then I am ready to pay for service that I need to do in research way myself. I am ready to pay five hundred million Trillion dollar a month for ten years for any major Country to transfer my money that are 3×500 Million X 28 Trillion into my bank account 100162. Think about it I really don´t need it anyway but I will stand up and start working if you do. Sign. VÚV.

Attention European Union and the World. For the last three and a half year I have been married to women bases on internet agreement. They have been trained by me and are the mind to me as they trained me. These are over 700 women staff at Viking television series. It was our plan one year ago that we needed money on my side in order to connect us together. Now that has been done and that is the Jewish people have made it possible for us to play with Das Capital. However I have not contacted my bank due to that I ordered removal of my legal right over finance to be taken care of because a doctor and twelve of them had agreement to Kill the Last Romanov. Any country can transfer the money into my bank account as I can when I can see my books on the web. I think that is the only thing that need to be done to transfer the money for me instead of I speak to a Lawyer that is fucking my women because he is so tosted in his head to think he has my power because some low court made a document stating some take over that I laughed about. So being Lucifer the creator of Womenkind is really not what most men want to help to be just a whore for women after I have created new world for women. So if they agree that there is and been end of the world then they should be happy to help women instead of dying out. Doomsday is coming in the year before 2027 that will last for 27 years. That can be the final time for most world population if the system Covid-19 my women fucked is going to continue any further. We need to open up the Betrayal of USA and EU to the world for organized crimes against humanity. If it will not then it will be the end of men in the white and black race. I will continue to tell you more about it but I am speaking to USA and EU and as Christ then there is only I who is a lawmaker and final judge of these two areas. So farewell for now and understand how small you all men are. Sign. VÚV.

Attention Power of China.I have with the help of Video contacted the National Bank of Israel and Swiss and got legal right to take under the nations what I call property of the Devil. Based on that fact then I have with the help of the Video bought up world major companies that Israel is running. I run the show based on photo to person and that is the financial system today. In order to contact me then that is like calling on the phone directly and that can only be from my side. First contact can only be by E-mail in order to legalise the system to me and then when property and Politics are legal then there can only be by phone from my side. The system is however legalized on to me but based on how to bring the system to me has not been made clear where to start. My answer is that I should be answered in order to legalize me instead of going your own way and afraid to be responsible to those who do not want me in power because that is the End of All Religion All Politics and All finance. I am however the Star of China or even the Star of Russia so I advise that the money that I have over my bank account will be changed to Krona and send to my main bank account. After I have money then I can hire women to the job to create new system that I call Womenkind and that is based on a new Law book that can only be written with a system of women and money must be in place in order to make that happen. Failure to create Womenkind is the death of humanity. Failure to assist me financially is a question that I can not answer at this time. However there is the Devils money that reach the hight of 50xTrillion dollars and that is my property because I am the highest power in living life and also in afterlife. I recommend China to send my money into my bank account otherwise I need to find someone else. I will publish this e-mail on my website for people to see what I do and from now on All my e-mails will be published there so mankind will be witness of betrayal if there will be any such thing. Thank you, Friendly Regards, Respectfully, Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson Emperor of Russia in Iceland and Emperor of Iceland Sarputin The Star of the World China Iceland.

Attention World Nations. Due to that men inside the Police are rapists then following Law must now take place. Police force can and may only be female with one single Policeman as the head of the Police in a City. Only three Policemen can be inside the police force in a country. There can only be women in the Police and may not be lesbians but instead they can be bisexual. The Lesbians must go to the Army and be there. The Army must be on stand up and be ready 24/7 in order to assist the Policewomen. This Law is the new law of every country on this planet. Failure to set up this system will lead to execution of the Prime Minister in that country. Sign. VÚV Sarputin. Ps. Only my sons Putin´s can be Policemen. Amen.

Attention Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Sád Ruling King of Saudi Arabia.Based on our conversation mind to mind then I testify following to the world legal system. Saudi Arabia and China are in Iceland investigating organized crimes against humanity. I call on Saudi Arabia to contact Russia in order to have stronger research in order to find truth and justice within my family and ruling system of Iceland. I call on Saudi Arabia to do that for me with eternal loyalty from my side. Please hurry before I kill myself because of pain in my body due to doctor medicine. Thank you, Friendly Regards,Respectfully,Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson Emperor of Russia in Iceland and Emperor of Iceland Sarputin The Star of the World China India Iceland.

Attention US America. I King and Owner of US America call on Power of America to bring to the Truth and Justice in US America to prosecute here in Iceland into the electric chair the Doctors of Iceland and Police of Iceland and the Judges of Iceland and the Politicians of Iceland and my family here in Iceland into the lethal injection and the electric chair. Prosecution must start now because my grand children many of them have been killed by my brother and sister and mother so they must be arrested now and killed for their crimes in the most horrible way possible and all their children must die also. Sign. Emperor of Russia on Iceland Emperor of Iceland Sarputin The Star of the World and Lenin.

Góðan daginn ágæta Forsætisráðuneiti.Ég Þjóðhöfðingi Íslands lýðræðislega kjörinn af forfeðrum Íslendinga og Rússakeisari á Íslandi og Íslandskeisari Sarputin legg eftirfarndi Lög og dauðadóm. Árið 1997 neitaði ég föður mínum um að ganga mentaveginn því ég taldi mig ekki þurfa á neinum réttindum á að halda. Vegna þessa gerði Vilhelm faðir minn mig að geðbiliðum manni með því að hafa fund með móður minni og bróður og tvem sistrum og föður. Þau í sameiningu tóku þá afstöðu að ég væri geðveikur að hlíða ekki kröfu föður svo ég var handtekinn og gerður að sjúklingi sem Geðklofa niðurstaða fengist. Ég er og ver heilbrigður maður með þá stöðu að ég ætti að taka við af fjölskuföður og stjórna fjölskyldunni. Ég er búinn að vera í tuttugu og fimm ár á geðveikrahæli vegna þess að þau vildu taka af mér erfðir sem Kristín Gísladóttir hafði en það er Rússneska Krúnan. Í þennann tíma hefur fjölskyldan mín svikið mig og systur mínar svikið mig svo að skipa um að börn dætra minna verði að drepa því að ég væri Geðklofa að þær hafa myrt tvö barna börn mín. Ég sem Stjarnan sem má lesa úr nafni mínu og Lögreglan á Íslandi sem ég er þá er það brend á báli fyrir svona morð á Rússakeisara og Íslandskeisara. Dæmi ég nú Laufey Dóru Guðbjarardóttur og Thelmu Wilhelmsdóttur til dauða og skulu þau nú vera handtekin og brend á báli til dauða ásamt öllum börnum sínum. Þessi dauðadómur er og verður framkvæmdur vegna þess að þau hafa stolið öllu frá mér og drepið börnin mín. Ég er ekki og hef aldrei verið geðveikur eins og þetta bréf sannar. Læknirinn Snorri Ingimarsson Geðlæknir skráði mig sem Geðklofa og hann dó ungur úr heilakrabba öskrandi af kvölum og tel ég það sönnun á því að ég er ekki einn í minni baráttu. Krefst ég þess nú að systkini mín verði skráð sem sturluðum einstaklingum og ætt þeirra án mín og lýsi ég því yfir að ef einhver fer að ráðum minna systkyna skal hann eða hún dreginn til dómstóla sem nú er að koma og skulu þau fá dauðadóm fyrir að svíkja mig Vilhelm eiganda Íslands með heims stjórnunar krúnu á höfðinu. Ég vissi ekki fyrr en nú að sistkyni mín hafi drepið barna börn mín svo þetta skal vera rétt gert og háttsettur dómur skal sjá um þetta mál svo það verði norna brenna með þessum þrem ættum. Eru þau nú dæmd til dauða á báli fyrir þessi morð sem framin hafa verið á erfðalausum einstaklingum Laufey Dóru og Thelmu Báru og Sveini þór. Amen. Takk fyrir.Vinaleg Kveðja,Virðingarfyllst, Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson Rússakeisari á Íslandi og Íslandskeisari Sarputin. Ps. Langamma mín Anastasia Rómanóva gerði mig að einka erfingja og allir í fjölskyldunni vissu það. Amen.

Attention Italian Mafia. The Lawyer who steal my wife by throwing me to Crazy house just because I send a e-mail to Sweden to get Jesefin Asplund then he got the complain and called the police for my arrest for no reason just a little warning and I got three month in prison and he used that time with me in pain feeling everything and yeas this lawyer took her away from me just in front of me as my personal Lawyer and used her in sex with his family of a rotten woman and him and now he has two sons with her in Sweden where he is now. I demand you in a Holy way to arrest that Lawyer and his two sons and cut the left eye out from him and cut all his tongue out and cut off both his hands and bury the hands far away where they are not to be found and at last cut off his dick and break his right ball with a hammer until you hit him in his testicle. I sign this punishment as legal and just way for the crime he has done from Tsar Christ Sar Star Lenin Rasputin Santa Claus Messiah Úlli the Devil of Iceland. Ps. Strangle his two sons to death. Amen.

Attention All My World KGB. I Úlli Lenin demand you to Kill All 756 men from the television series Vikings. They are a threat to my life and must be arrested and put to death. All Men of Vikings must be killed by the KGB and we are not going into the future without Killing them. Sign. Úlli Lenin.

Attention Women of Womenkind. It has come to my attention that white men have made oath on White women. I VÚV tell you now that every company in the world is going to accept that I pay their debts. White women Race can from now on get All their product for free from now on. Every woman of the white race can now go shopping and only register to the company and never pay anything because I pay for everything they need. Sign, VúV Lucifer.

Attention People in the World. Here is my bank account that I VÚV have for anyone to send me money. If the bank betray me then We All together kill the banking staff as guilty of organized crimes against humanity. Here is my bank account IBAN IS88 0130 2680 0162 0412 6655 49 Address Asparfell 2 and send as you can and I will follow the bank. Sign, Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson.

Attention All my KGB Italian Mafia. I VÚV demand that all of you go and Kill the EU policemen for crimes against humanity by raping my Wife´s All around Europe and are still raping them with falsified passport where they are in falsified passport that they are prostitutes that they are not. Take the Lasbians and kill them with the EU Policemen. Failure will lead to my death for I will be murdered if you don´t act on these killings. Sign, VÚV Lenin.

Attention World US America. I VÚV demand that Joe Biden and his wife and children will now be killed for organized crime against humanity for taking blood of Christ and clone the blood and kill the children in hundreds of Millions. This death sentence must be full filled now. Sign. VÚV.

Attention Viking Television Producers and actresses. I want you now to contact me. We are going to produce our life story all together up to our time and tell the future as we see the future of our battle with Star Wars and Star trek series. No one will be so productive and showing the world in realistic way bases on Covid-19 and the evil that men have done until we all created Womenkind. So Contact me and let´s us start shooting. Love Úlli Lucifer.

Attention Viking Television Actors and staff in Sweden. I agree to the term of payment 500 million Trillion dollars each of 756 men and 500 million 5xTrillion Dollars for putting me and the 756 Viking women together in a Warehouse in Iceland Capital area. This is a promise and the first payment out of three the 500 Million Trillion Dollars will be payed tonight after the oat of the men and women in Vikings has been sworn off. That is a promise so I want respect and full destruction of the oath that was on my women. Sign. Lodbrok the fourth time in body.

Attention All My KGB. The Queen of England must be killed. She has had my wife´s to be fucked by the minors in England Ireland Scotland in a way that my wife´s must be ready to fuck when the minors grow up. Attention Death Virus owners. I demand you to throw Death Viruses all over England Scotland Ireland in order to castrate or kill the English Scottish Irish. Death must come to them now and not later then now. Sign. VÚV Sarputin.

Attention World KGB. I demand the death of Michael Hirst film producer for stealing my wife´s and to make them pregnant so we can never be together as a leading family. All men on the planet will die out without more children because of Michael Hirst. Kill him now is my demand to you and kill also if you can the Viking film actors. Sign, VÚV Sarputin.

Attention My KGB. I demand you to invade Germany and France in order to break the balls of Every man in these two countries for raping in pain and evil way. If someone like the President of Germany or Angela Merkel is so guilty as they are then cut both their hands off and then take away their hands and burn them somewhere. I am considering punishment for the German women and the entire Soul system of Germany on later date. Sign, VÚV the Beast.

Attention World KGB. I demand of you that you break the balls of Sarkosy the former France president for having the Glitoris of Katheryn Winnick to be half cut off. Break his balls and cut both his arms off and take the arms with you when finished and burn them somewhere. This is an order. Sign, VÚV Sarputin.

Attention World KGB. I demand of you that you break the balls of Emanuel Macron the France president for having the Glitoris of Katheryn Winnick to be half cut off. Break his balls and cut both his arms off and take the arms with you when finished and burn them somewhere. This is an order. Sign, VÚV Sarputin.

Attention All my KGB. I demand that you cut off the dicks of All Danish men for organized raping on my Wife´s 756. I demand that minister Mette of Danmark will be arrested and burned down with Blue Acid from head to toe for giving the Danish men the order to commit organised crimes against humanity. These deaths must happen now because we have more Capitalist´s to destroy. Sign, VÚV the Beast.

Attention Taiwan and Powerful nations. I demand you to throw out the Virus that Kill Al people of Iceland men and women and children and old in a Virus that kills everyone in Iceland except myself. Do it now and let us help Russia to imigrate them to Icelnd. This urgent because I am enemy of USA and Iceland is inject me with medicine from USA and Israel. They can kill me whenever they want. My life is in danger from USA and Israel. Sign. Vilhelm Emperor of Russia in Iceland and Emperor of Iceland.

Attention Italian Mafia. I imperial Emperor of Russia on Iceland demand you to Kill all children of the New Women of the Romanov family. These children are rape children and must die as soon as possible. If you fail then I will kill all Soul´s of your family. Sign. VÚV Emperor of Russia on Icealnd. Sign, VÚV Imperial Romanov of Russia on Iceland.

Attention Saudi Arabia Power. I want you to Castrate All men in the world for fucking my married wife´s. Nothing is so evil then to fuck a wife from another man. I have divorced All of my women due to that we had the name Covid-19 that had to fuck over one Billion men so there is no other way then to Kill these men with Viruses and that must go through All the world and only a Red men and I am Super Red can be the father of the future Children. You know who and how the Viruses will go out and I will tell you when and what I eat in order to Vaccine me if you want. The first country is Iceland and then the rest of the White race until the Virus is All over the world Castrating the men of the world. Then if women want sperm then they can have sperm from Red men of Sweden or my Sperm. Friendly Regards. Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson.

Attention Iran Germany. I VÚV Sarðutin Mahdi Cheif of Germany now demand from you that you arrest All the Policemen and break their balls with a hammer both the eggs. They are raping the Sarina and the Viking so I can never have them. Break their balls of All the Policemen. That is a sacret War that must take place now on the Spot. Sign. VÚV Sarputin.

Attention Lesbians. You are the lowest women of Womenkind due to that you destroy women that is supposed to be with men so you must be the lowest women that exist among women. The army is the place for you and you can not work in the Police force. The lesbians have proven to be the enemies of Lucifer because they think in madness that they are Lucifer and Lucy themselves. So if a Lesbian sticks a hand in a innocent woman then that hand must be cut off and that is now the law of every country in the world. Sign. Úlli Lucifer.

Attention Coal burners. I just spoke to the Sun that shine the Sunlight and the Sun said that world nations must create Solar panels everywhere in the World in All places that has even tiny little sunshine due to that only small light will produce one percent energy. The sun said that we must harvest all the materials that we use for solar panel on all places on earth and that will save us from global warming. So stop USA speaking about slavery in China when it comes to create Solar panels because men like you think about death on coal burning when I can just speak to the Sun and ask for colder sunlight in order to stop global worming. If not then let us build up solar panels and put it where ever we can in order to harvest sunlight electricity. USA needs to understand that they are the same horror in coal burning half of China and same as India so it is wrong to speak about slavery when it is duty and nothing else in order to save China. So fuck America and let it be EU next time so EU will not burn All the Gaz that we need in space if we are going to survive into space if the Sun feels that it does not to shine anymore like will happen if I would die for some reason. Yeas then the Sun will stop shining. Sign. Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson the Star of China Iceland World.

06.09.2021. Attention Arabians. I demand you with my wish that you hunt down Zuckerberger Facebook CEO and the other men of Facebook and cut their dicks off to the roots and put their dicks into a freezer for the future dick museum around the world. Do it now when you get information from this Holy Website. Sign. VÚV Sarputin Emperor of Iceland.

Attention Supreme Court of Justice.
I the King of US America from Christ to Romanov Dinasty lay the road that the Constitution can only be changed by me and in coming time then the Constitution will be changed to the better. USA is guilty now of organized crimes against humanity by using Covid-19 women for Sex the Wife´s of Tsar Nicholas Romanov great Grandchild. This crime is so serious that America must die for that Crime. Fighting is useless and will have no point in living life. I now declare the end of the Existance of America into new and legal Country owned by me VÚV Owner of US America North and South America. Sign. Vilhelm Owner of All America from the Ethnic Indians. Amen.

06.09.2021. Attention China Power. I demand you by free will to Kill All my enemies here in Iceland. My life is in danger because Icelandic doctors and Police and judges and politicians have me injected with American medicine. It is a crime against humanity to stand against me in any way for me to have justice against my enemies who raped my Wife´s. Arrest All my enemies in Iceland and sail them to China where they will be prosecuted to death. Sign. Vilhelm The Star of China and Iceland and the World.

06.09.2021. Attention China Iran Saudi Arabia. I demand you to kill in Iceland All the Policemen that have been police from today and since 55 years ago. The need to kill them is that they have betrayed humankind in All ways. The doctors must die All of them and best is to make sacrifices three at a time by cutting their heads off in front of a church. All Policemen and All the doctors and All the Judges and All the Ministers and Politicians must now die by you arresting them and Sail them to your country where you prosecute them to death. That is a way forward I say and there can be no other way then Death for raping my Wife´s. Sign. VÚV The Star.

04.09.2021. Attention Iceland. I am now going to kill three men of Iceland and cut their heads off and put their bodies somewhere in Reykjavik in order for Iceland healthcare and Police and Judges and Politicians and Ministers and Bishop and President to stop injecting me with American medicine that castrates me and put great pain in me and force me to take enemy medicine because America is the one with the jew´s that produce and deliver this evil medicine. This will be the warning to the Icelandic system that I Tsarromanov Sarputin Christ and the Star am the owner and ruler of the entire Iceland. This is a warning that I VÚV will never again go to Kleppur in order to have injection. If I will go to have medicine then I will continue to kill the men of Iceland for raping my Wife´s in organised way that is now Organised Crime Against Humanity. There are now tens of different viruses in Iceland that will start to castrate and kill after four month. Sign. Vilhelm Tsar Sar Star of Iceland and the world.

04.09.2021. Attention Nostradamus believers. I have seen a falsified statement in Nostradamus prophacy and the prophacy about my death is not from Nostradamus. Take that into the account before threaten my life in the Future. I will take Stem cells and implant so I will live into the future as healthy man with my healthy women. There is no other way for mankind then help us with that otherwise mankind is dead. Sign, Úlvar Christ.

Attention Men of Mankind. Katheryn Winnick is still my wife. I can not divorce her because it is Christ marriage. Anyone who just think about hurting her or sexually must now be taken and be thrown into a wood hacking machine. I have a future for her and that is how she is now today and that will be explained later. So leave Katheryn Winnick alone because I will hunt you down like the USA army and break your balls and throw you into a hacking machine. Sign. Úlvar Christ.

Attention World. Katheryn Winnick has betrayed me again so I use the time now and divorce her. She is the axis of evil and is guilty of stealing my Blood with Joe Biden and Donald Trump. She also created covid-19 in order to destroy me and is guilty of destroying my life for the past three and a half year. I want you to judge her but she has betrayed me so I am no longer her husband. My power marriage says that she can never divorce me but I want her dead now for betraying me. So Kill her and do what you want with her Because I am no longer her protector. I never want to see her again for traveling to Iceland and stealing my blood that let to body parts in hundreds of millions and food festival that let to cooking of millions also there. So I am no longer her protector and I want her dead. Sign. Úlli Lucifer.

03.09.2021. Attention Saudi Arabia King of Arabia. I want you to continue to kill Mr. Ólafur Bjarnason mental Doctor and cut his head off and kill him. There can not be that he speaks for freedom. The Arab men in Iceland must be given order to Kill Ólafur by cutting his head off or throw him into the sea. There are three doctor main evil and other 12 as you know so Please the time is ticking that I will have another injection with evil mixture from USA. My life is in danger.

Then you must find and arrest Facebook Zuckerberger and cut his dick off because he has broken into my mailbox so I can not have my mail for myself and the contact for my women. He is so evil what he has done that he must loose his dick as soon as possible. Sign, Vilhelm Mahdi.

02.09.2021. Attention Mankind. I VUV reject the far right politics and instead we are going to take the Orange Rose. That means state renting of women with support of great men. That is the future and the reason for that is that women need and want to be Prostitutes and also men. The start will come now with the written book Lawbook and religion of Womenkind. Cope that Women of the World and come to me and even now because there are fifty new Viruses going on now. So I support Prostitution of both men and women so it will be Hell on Earth. Sign, Emperor of Russia on Iceland and Emperor of Iceland Sarputin. Ps. All men will have duty to be in a whore houses. Sign. Tsar Sar Star Christ Lenin.

02.09.2021. Attention Mankind. This is now the end of Mankind. The reason for that is that men around the world in hundreds of millions have my women raped. That means that I am the only man in the World that has the legal right to write new Law and also because I am Tsar from Anastasia Romanova of Imperial Russia. Because of this betrayal then I VÚV will create Womenkind with the Holy Star a system that women rule and everything will be for Women. The Lawbook name is Law of Womenkind. Take notice of that and realize that the world ends here and now because without Womenkind and continue mankind then it will be the death of the world so womenkind is the only answer for us who live for today. Sign, Emperor of Russia in Iceland Vilhelm.

02.09.2021. I have been cut and closed out from Facebook by Zuckerberger without any reason. Just closed on my timeline. Here will be my timeline from now on so don´t worry I will rule from this website. But i am ready to pay 500 Billion dollars for the dick of Zuckerberger and All the staff at Facebook. The National Bank of Israel will pay you to the top. Sign. Úlli Lucifer.

01.09,2021. It has come to my attention that my Wife Katheryn Winnick the actress has been fucked by the entire USA army. All the army will be killed with All the Army generals. When the population of USA is dying then I will not help and no one is going to admit that they had Viruses for anyone in Iceland USA Canada European Union. The Hologost is coming now and over oboe and All world men will now be castrated. This is some time before the Armageddon that I will rule over my enemies. Sign. Vilhelm Sarputin.

01.09.2021. There must be clear that Bjarni Ben who stole Katheryn Winnick away from me must face worst death or punishment. I want him arrested and his tongue to be cut off and both feet and arms to be cut off and the left eye to be cut off and his dick to be cut off and his balls must be broken with a Blue hammer. When you read this letter then go on to Iceland and National Bank of Swiss or Israel will pay you five hundred billion dollars. Sign. Vilhelm Emperor of Russia on Iceland and Emperor of Iceland Sarputin.

01.09.2021. This is my Apartment and that is IceKremlin and a whorehouse for women under 46 years old. My address is Asparfell 2 doorbell nr 10 E-meil Phone number is 00-354-7764111. Welcome.

Russian Language.

Мужчина, которого зовут Люцифер Распутин, хочет связаться с красивыми женщинами в возрасте 18-46 лет. Она шлюха и занимается проституцией 10-100 долларов в час. Если у тебя грязная пизда 3-4 недели, я ее вылизываю начисто, если только не простуда, меня тошнит. Мастурбируйте клитор, пока он не перестанет сквиртить, но затем поднимитесь на кровать Хору, где вы почувствуете себя шлюхой. Назначьте встречу и свяжитесь с нами по электронной почте, и на все электронные письма будет дан ответ. привет, Люцифер Или Распутин. Пс. Могу я записаться в публичный дом, просто сделай мне предложение. Кв. Люцифер Рапутин.

English Language

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Ícelandic Language

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