Welcom To My Site My Dear Friend!
Por Lusifer

Now on September 2018 I have put up my Book and Religion to you to read for free. Go on the link to the right AND A LITTLE SCROLL DOWN and you find the book in English and start reading my friend but it is in Google translate but this summer I will buy profesional Translators. You will know more then world best Philosopher after reading this short Book called BE MINE And That means BE MINE All WOMEN OF THE WORLD. Have fun and understand that you will be Religious Doctor after few Hours. I Bless you! Regards, Ulli Lusifer.


Ps. If you want to give me money or contact me with question then I am glad to hear from you. My E-mail address is vilhelmulfarvilhelmsson@gmail.com And you can call me in the number of my mobile phone 00-354-776-41-11. I send you my Eternal and True Love. Ulli Lusifer who has the legal name Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson and lives and is now in Reykjavík, Iceland.