ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 01

In the beginning there was nothing. Then nothing happened. What happened was death before life. Then there was a movement of death. And the stones turned around one another. When stars and stones turn around each other, electricity is generated. Electricity is the beginning of life.

When the power works, it will be a consequence. The consequence is life. A consequence is an act and is wisdom and is called Soul. When Soul became, we had the first beginning of life.

Souls were good because there was no evil in flesh. There was no flesh, so no evil could happen. The evil is suffering and is only in flesh. Souls hate evil and kill evil.

The evil was as follows. Young Souls called on the older souls. Old Souls are holy because of their wisdom. The young souls called and said that the evil could start soon. We must go and kill the evil one. We must become flesh, so we can kill the evil in flesh. We have to go and stop the evil from hurting. Out all over the sky. And so it happened.

The souls said, let come heat, and the souls turned on the sun. The souls said, let’s wait. The souls said, look at life now. Life is good now, life is red, yellow and green, and the sun gives such a white color. The souls said, let us start the first life in flesh, and let it be watched by old souls.

And so it happened. The souls lived in the creation. The world became greenish flowering. The grass became trees and all kinds of trees were created. And the souls said, let women and men control the creation. And so it happened. The souls created fruits and vegetables. And the souls said, this is good, because there is no evil within the flora. Let’s create animals so we can kill the evil in flesh.

And the souls created the cells. The cells became feminine and male like the flora. The cells became worms that lived in the fruit of the flora. The souls created thoughts in the worms, words, eyes, noses, ears and so it became. Life had become a feeling. Life became feminine and masculine. Life is Soul, and the Souls created life in the name of beauty, to avoid the evil one. Life was wonderful.

The souls said. We have not created a life that may guard the flora and animals. Millions of years passed, and families of oranges became a man. The souls said. We have seen the beauty of human behavior. Let’s free the man’s tongue, so he can speak. And then it became. The man kept his tongue, and he had generations. The man lived on fruits from the beginning, and was patient with other animals. The man could think well, and the man thought about the purpose of life.

The souls said to the man. Do you understand your existence? The man said. No, we do not. The souls asked the man. Do you want to know your existence? And the man said, yes. The souls asked. Do you understand my words, and do you know who we are? And the man said, yes, you are holy souls who speak for all life. And the souls said. You are right.

The souls said. Of the fruit of the trees you have become a man. From the fruit of the trees you shall always live. Do not eat meat, because if you do, then you will loose the reality and you will not know the difference between right and wrong. And you’ll die out like a man.

The men asked. Who are we? The souls answered. You are souls in body. And come from the human families. Because of the color of life, it is the color of your mind, not your skin. The men asked. Can you teach us? And the souls answered. Of worms and fruits you have become a man. And by eating fruits, you shall continue to live as a man. If you do not do that and you eat meat, then you will be wild and smart, and it’s the way to become an evil man.

The souls said. The men are created by four different families. From cell to worm and to man. That’s why the children of men can be of any kind of color in it´s mind. That’s the purpose of life. Just like the colors of the light and the colors of the apples.

Know, that color is human mind, but not skin color. We love the white family men, because they have everlasting pleasure in listening to the voice of the eternal souls. Because of this, the white shall be the instruments of the Souls, to men.

Know that color is human mind, but not skin color. We love the red colored men for doubting our existence, and the great love that the red ones give off. In their name, we will put our trust. In the name of the elderly and weak.

Know that color is human mind but not skin color. We love the yellow, for craving beautiful bags of goods. And collecting beautiful things for all families. Their desire for wealth, and valuables, keeps the families safe, in bad times that may happen occasionally.

Know that color is human mind but not skin color. We love the green man. Because of his love of flowering, and taking care of the animals. We love the green. Because of their artistic abilities. The green ones should be the lowest. Because they want to dominate the other colors. And to them we will give the tools. Bad can the green be, when they go to red or yellow. Then they become the blue dragon, or the golden dragon. Is that the evil among men?

The souls said. Dividends of profits do not hang on the trees. Desire the fruit from your work, but not it´s profit. You have come from apples, and you will go back into the apples.

The souls said. Souls are the only life that exist. Nothing else has any understanding or feelings. Nothing can grow without a soul. Give value to the good body. But remove the value from the bad bodies. Excess dividends by helping is good. But gaining value by not helping, is the way of the dragon and it is of the wicked one.

The souls said. Live your life free on a free country. With free food, of the fruit of the trees. If you are hungry, you should eat fish. It is the will of the sea that fish wants to be eaten by men.

The souls said. White and green control with the equality as married couples. A red woman controls her husband. A yellow man controls his wife. You can live life and not understand colors. But better be aware of your own mind.

The men did what the souls said, and created family traditions.

A million years passed, and the men had gained wisdom. But some had become clever. The men had started to refuse a team. And the souls saw evil in the works of men.

The souls said. Why do you kill the flora, animals and men? And the men said. Greens have become dragons. And control us for their own sake. We do not like to lose your control. The souls said, you are free in our name of our existence.

The souls said. Why do you hate? Who taught you to hate the whites? The greens told us to kill animals and burn them in your memory. The souls said. Do not hate them. They have grown to be a dragon. And are trying to understand life in their own way. Therefore, they have lost their talents. To find the purpose you understand now.

The souls said. Regrow all fruit trees. And live to our law. Work for two days and rest on the third. Keep the third day holy. Count the time in hundreds. Enjoy life.

And the souls said. You have forgotten our words. Of fruit you will enjoy. But you shall not enjoy any kind of animals. Therefore, if you do, you will not know the difference between right and wrong. And you will truly die.

The men asked. Why are we innocent in our bodies? The souls said. Innocence and honesty is the supreme existence of men.

The souls said. Own pigeons. Send pigeons with mail. Let armed men take care of those who hold pigeons. Live in peace. Let those who keep pigeons pay you taxes. Use the tax to live and help those who keep pigeons. Use a stick and a stone to kill the killers and the evil men.

The souls said. Judge by your experience according to the laws of nature and history. But remember that the history is never same the next day after another. And you should only judge it.

The men said. Teach us evil. And the souls said. Remember the apple. The white write the laws. But anyone who is from other classes can question the law. There is freedom for all. Thus you must comply with the laws as your own law. Support your family but never individualism. Except for free love. Go the way of truth because it is the only way to life. Do not abuse because that is evil. Remember, that wealth helps life in difficult times. Do not be hurt, because that is evil. You should not hurt. It’s the key to paradise on Earth. Do not allow a woman to judge, because the woman does not judge well when she is in the majority. The men are compassionate while the woman judges men too hard. Live like a man and a woman in marriage. But do not stand against free love among those who want many girlfriends. You should not ban them because it adds beauty to the birth of children.

The souls said. Desire the fruit of the trees, not the profit.

The souls said. Build kingdoms around the world. And teach our doctrine. Call the country first and I, call it that name, because of apples from there have you become. Beware of greed because greed hurts. And remember the songs in our paradise. You Should not Hurt. Amen.

The Beginning of Heaven.
When the souls had become flesh, then the truth was, that one man as a soul wanted to be God. But the truth was, that he was only a soul, who wanted to do good. And so he was allowed to judge as God, under the authority of Angels. Who had a strong sword in their hands. Used to bank the floor to judge. And it was not God who had the power, but the chief angels had it. And I’m Soul Highest. Because I’m trusted, to clarify matters that God does not deal with among Angels, and those who want to be in hell, but I did but not now to judge on matters of humans and animals that need to be judged.