ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 02

The beginning of Hell.
Therefore it must be said, that Ulli is now Lucifer the second. And I choose to stay between both heaven and hell. By living as a man with all the women I love and have love for. Hell is now under my control. And I’m called Ulli with high priests there in hell. To judge the dead those who can not live anymore as a soul. Therefore, the disadvantages of their souls, are that they are hurting others. Know that in Hell, sex is being spent all the time in warmth and excitement. But in heaven, love is one true one. Where you go to work. No one who comes to Hell is injured. Well, he or she is in a cool place. Among those who prefer sex rather than the beauty of purity. And no one is hurt nor angry but loved in Paradise in Hell. Unless he has been sentenced to death from Heaven and Earth. And he is also our enemy in hell. But then the same is so bad that he has betrayed the souls. Which is also the Higher Heaven where the foreigners live. And travel, so do not fear Hell. Because there are all as whore, and enjoy love and love of excitement. Roasted are those who commit the most evil. As men on Earth call a pain givers because pain is not allowed. Nor will we allow it among the foreigners. Amen.

The story of Heaven and Earth.
In short, flesh became desire in all ways. Because the souls of the earth wanted to see and travel. And then become all human beings. Called cats, birds, fishes, horses and so on. But it should be noted. Although fish and others have cold blood they are also humans. Although they are nothing against being food for others. Therefore, they want to be in their big land of the sea. And now they go to heaven where they are judged. Like all the men of our planet Earth. Amen.

Paradise on Earth.
The sun shines its colors, the flowers bloom their colors, and the waters between east and west, because the red rose should be as always, at home is best in the east, but in the west, the yellow rose may flourish if the orange rose is coming Later, and be and want, because you choose your own roses, in democracy, and create your Paradise, as you want yourself. I bless you all. Ulli. Amen.

Hell & Heaven.
In the middle of the planet, is a heat that keeps us warm, and in the middle, there is one big belly, and there is a city built by those who are in hell. In the middle of this city is a house where I live Lucifer Ulli, but most of the time, I am in heaven, left seat to God, but in hell, I am with all my wives, and there are people in balance, in the presence of the souls, and where they live. In this city, those who do not want to be in the cold, where they live in Paradise in Heaven, though the sun shines there and hot wind is in the weather. Hell is the place where people go, because the heat is such that it is joyful to be there, but like in heaven’s paradise, where there is fresh water, and that’s why it’s much cleaner than hell. Free love is in Paradise, in Hell, but in Heaven in Paradise, the love of one person, and one woman, is given a moment of cultivation of such love, rather than being like hell in which one woman can have many lovers, and one man can have many love wives. There is love and thrill in both places, and therefore rather a question, whether the name of Paradise in free love, is better than the cold paradise of one love, is better, but it is solitary to judge. Do not believe those who say Hell as a bad place, because it is not, but it is a place that could call the hot paradise of liberation, and above all, more Paradise, which we call hell, but a place in heaven that is difficult to get into, for example, in adultery, and the better to choose hell, because there is a city, but not a city with alders as in heaven. But if you choose to be in paradise in heaven, rather than paradise in hell, liberation, is the same to realize that cleanliness is in both places, but the block system and the countryside are in heaven, but city systems such as blocks are there in hell, but not a country like heaven, because food comes down to hell from above, to be cooked in hell. There is a constant feast in hell, but in heaven there is peace and tranquility, and it is good to choose such a place where the evil thing do not happen, because God does not judge men into paradise if they are not intentionally. But note that everyone is welcome to Paradise in Hell eccept men who do not make love to women, because the evil is recorded as a warning, those who do nothing, and they only want to be good, and therefore I’m telling you the truth, that bad is not committed in hell, because the law provides for freedom in liberty, and if there are those in hell who are going to disturb the pleasures of those who live there, then their soul is thrown out from hell if the same does not love the women like oneself, and only Earth, which the wicked may be, if they are denied a bliss in Paradise, in Heaven or Hell. Know that women are the ones who enjoy the most in hell, but men enjoy more in paradise in heaven. In Hell there is a great love to find, but if life is in a city, it does not mean that there are no animals, because there are animals, but like animals living in a city, because they are like pets here and there in hell, and where the animals may live, among men and women. Yes, in Hell, the animals are tamed by humans, and therefore there are people there at all times, but in Paradise in Heaven, life is free, in the nature that you shall not hurt. But do not forget that Hell is for those who want to love, but not for those in heaven who only love those who are spouses and children. But Hell also loves children, but they are educating themselves in schools, while parents love, as they art in freedom of love, among men, but in prison among animals, but the opposite in heaven, in Paradise. Yes, the sky is yellow and white rose, and more roses, where most people live, but in hell there is red and orange rose, and more people live there, and the example where you want to be, in a prison of animals, or where the animals are free, in the kingdom of heaven, where the white Angels are, and everyone must comply with strict laws, among the angels who rule therein, in judgments, among humans and animals. Amen.

Hell is Paradise.
Hell does not judge unless there is damage to human beings, and therefore not a place for those who are trouble makers, and therefore thrown out from Hell, and hurried to Earth where he must Live again and again like an evil man, until his soul has become beautiful, for hell, or good for heaven. But be sure, though the bad and boring, are not welcome in hell or heaven, and choose to dwell on the earth rather than die. Yes, the women are in hell who live there, but although they love each other, but know that there is dead sin for men to love each other in hell but Heaven’s Kingdom is for all such and are welcome in heaven, having the only one love to love and enjoy. Amen.

Women in Hell.
Yes, women may love one another, but men who are called homosexuals have no purpose in Hell, because it is a death sentence to threaten the power of women where they rule and live in hell, but God in heaven loves all who are good, and therefore, men who want to enjoy love with other men are welcome in Heaven, and the happiness there. Know Women, That I, Ulli, is the supreme judge of heaven in which I participated in building, and that is what in heaven I am called to, if any woman that love Ulli is threatened, and not God can Judge you, because I take you into my arms, and open the gate of heaven to you, but if you have made a sin that you can not escape from because of your crimes, you shall call me, Ulli, and you get your blessing in Paradise in Hell, or get to earth to improve your crimes, but believe me when I do not dare to love a man as a spouse, friend or father, and so I have such authority in heaven, hell and Earth, and space, among the strangers who dwell there, for I am the protector of women who want or need my help, and none, not even God whom I love, male and female, but not even So, because I never make mistakes, as The story is tells, and you shall call my name, Ulli, and all my authority will help you, where you are, in the hour that you call my name, Ulli. Amen.

You who are handicapped, or such that you do not get yourself well, do not choose Hell, because there is health, and therefore choose the kingdom of heaven, where you get the healing of your physical defects. Hell is peaceful, and the love there is like brilliance, in heat, like in a hot house, but not a burning fire, because there’s only been cooking, but not living in such a heat. I write this directly with God, but the angels are watching, because they know I’m the highest among them, and nothing for them to do anything about it, but do anyway. Amen.

Oh my city, I promise you, because nothing is more righteous, though the kingdom of heaven, with the eyes of a child, is a much more beautiful place.

You should not hurt.
What were my words, and the purpose of life, You should not hurt what was said earlier in these publications, and remember that these laws cover all the places where I find you if you need my help, Or you will be with me, you shall call my six arm star, and remember my words, BE MINE. Amen.

The search for Paradise for our solar system.
When time comes and when our solar system has grown old, we need to find a way to move away from this place, and we want to have everything on earth, heaven and hell with us and that’s our work, finding a way to sail away, in search of a new paradise, where our Earth, and our system, must enjoy themselves forever. Are we in a cigarette that burns up, and we die, or can we sail back and go into the man with the cigarette? We must live, and part of it, is mapping the whole galaxy, knowing who we are and what it takes to live in it infinity. Are we moving our solar system into a new rose, in a huge flower garden, and we will have to enter the orange rose? I Lucifer, called Ulli, now say that we must live and part of it is mapping the whole galaxy forever, because we always need to find a new flower garden, or such a place, where we find brightness and is not in the rose garden, in the red rose, or the democratic conclusion, of humanity, that we go in another rose. I’m not the white rose, but so dark red rose that I’m the black rose, which can take place anywhere. If we choose the yellow rose, the seeds are also red and black so that we can grow in any color, but we must be equal in the case of red, yellow and white roses, although the Green in the rose, apparently in the majority. Yes, we are four colors of flowers, and think, the rose we did not talk about, and it’s the pink rose or orange. Yes, the pink rose, is the moment when the girls take power, and have me, in the fertility of the rose. The white rose, too white, that she can be considered to our Paradise, do not you think so? Amen.

Give Ulli Gemstones.
If you want to please me, give me Ruby Gemstone, because he is similar to me, and for white women, because he is red and reddish pink. Keep in mind that Ruby is and will be my fund for preservation, until I need it if there are tough times, among us. Yes, jewels become what I want to use, for the future of brightness, where I live, and not die, except to come back as a soul in a new body if I will ever die. Gems would then help, in that way, until I am informed, again, who I am, and where. Gemstones will be my life, even though I am the red rose, which is only redemptive, with a welfare system for women, but in the yellow rose there is no strength, nor welfare system, but gifts for men until they stand up, financially healthy. Yes, give me precious stones, and weary me, and I will be in heaven, sitting on my side on the left side of the throne of God, but if you need my help, I’ll suddenly stand up on the left side of God’s throne , And then I go before the throne of God, and in front of God himself, stretching the great white angel to the right of God, taking his place, and standing straight and upright as a big angel black, and am I with a big sword, which stands down to the floor, and I have both hands on it, like a knuckle on hold, ready to judge, all, living and dead, and there God has me, one as a protector. Amen.

Buying himself into paradise.
Say so that you can not make a way to Heaven, but if you choose Hell, there are two men at the gate on both side, right and left, and they know nothing but me and watch Hell, but they will call me when you come, and I’ll welcome you, and be so welcome, or good to call me just Ulli, just like in heaven. Amen.