ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 03

I now certify that in Hell, I have stopped the suffering that is in hell, for my law, Do not Hurt, is now the law of heaven and hell, and nothing left unless the earth bears and the heavens. Amen.

The sun dies.
It is clear that with flaming suns, the sky warms, and our sun only has a certain amount of time until the sun dies. What then! New sun? We have to build over the earth, a greenhouse, on several floors, so we never need sunshine, and we can travel on our ground to where we live, in a happy happiness, but not alone on the cold ground, in heaven, where there is nothing to see, in 2013. Yes, we need to turn the sun off to exploit the hydrogen, where it is found. The fuel of the sun and other suns is sufficient to use to navigate our system wherever we want to go, but time is short, because the time it takes to build over the earth, greenhouse, then it has greatly burned up of the sun, and the power is less than it is now. It may well be that we can find a new sun that we can use, but it’s not so easy to trust it, so we have to rely on ourselves, and start building over this planet, in such a way, that we can continue to build a new and new floor, and that its strength is that we can travel at light speed, with our planet, to the place we wish.

When the earth is built, and not visible to the sun, and when the earth has become a greenhouse, with clouds on the first floor, you can be resilient, that we have gained eternal life on this earth. Good things happen when a goal is taken and done, as necessary, to gain eternal life. When we think of the sky and understand that the heavenly space has a feeling that is alive, we meant ourselves, because it is God that reigns over us, which is called God. Amen.

Who is Christ.
Here it should be noted that Ulll is Christ. To be Christ, you need to die and to live again, after losing all your blood, the same is the anointed, which means Christ. In 1997 I died, by losing all my blood, and live again, here in Iceland, and I am Christ. Amen.

It is clear that we need to build the earth, and have heaven, hell and earth, with us, in one good way, our organisms, here on earth.

Love each other, and enjoy it. Oh, how wonderful is Heaven, and Hell, the word. All the evil is to fade away. Know that I, Christ, will never fall from my claim, for the possession of it, that you will not hurt, and it will be used in heaven, earth, hell, and until we meet new people far from our home then let’s fight, the same, and tough, You should not hurt. Former Lucifer, has fallen, and now I am Lucifer, Devil and Satan, but an angel, on the left hand of God, and take the right if I will judge. No one has the power of heaven to stop me from taking God’s right position, because God is my friend, and I sit on the left side of God’s judgments. Hell is now under the control of my women, and there is nothing bad to be found. Men who no woman loves, or men who do not want women, wander around on Earth or go to heaven, because no one is a part of them. Amen.

Pray for prayer.
You who are in heaven
Are you called Úlli?
Since I find
Lucifer Wow down there

Word of Ulli.
Know women, that the red is for those women who do not give to the riches. Red women, reject white rose, and do not think they are beautiful, nor the yellow ones, but the pink is dear, and work with the orange. It will never be among the red roses to accept the beautiful blue rose, but the red one is dreaming about the black roses, but despite the black color man in flesh, but loves the beautiful white man, who is light on skin and hair. The black rose will receive from the white rose, and she will reject the golden and blue roses, because they are the cruel ones, and the wealth of greedy dragons, who have ruled the earth all the time, with war. Yes, the time of the red roses, in the east, must prevail, and be good to all other roses, though she loves the orange rose. I wake up, most of them, but the white rose, because I have black wings and am an Angel, like the night I enjoy it. The chosen dragons, the blue and yellow-colored, roses, are beautiful, and I command them who are the dragons, and I will direct them from Earth, heaven, and from Hell until the heavenly sky calls, but shall fall upon me his knees. Amen.

Know that V.U.V. is 666, the meaning of the Jews the tenth coming of God the Messiah in flesh, and my old name Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson, is full 27-18-45, giving 999, which means, love man, and god on earth, for the tenth time.

Hell I have in my power, but I turn to Heaven, to God, 999, I am there the highest angel, with Paradise in all places. Amen.

Know that I am 666 and 999, which is Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson, but for a while, Lucifer Úlli, but will always be and will be forever as Ulli. Amen.

I will always be, with all the roses, though I am the black Angel with white skin and hair and the love the red rose, and I am on the far left side, but support the rent of the right people for anything that can be rented, in men’s politics. I make the heaven on earth, as the right on the left, but keep the yellow rose on the right, and the orange rose in the middle, which is my true HEAVEN on earth. I unite all the groups, and support the yellow rose, but I Ulli and now Lucifer makes me the same, but my name is Ulli and not Lucifer, though I use it now, to emphasize that I have taken the old Lucifer into prison in hell. My coming is the first and the last, and no other Christ will be higher. Amen.

White rose
No one can interfere with the white rose, nor the black rose, but the red rose can be combined with the white rose, because the pink rose is welcome. Should the black rose, take the position of the white rose, but the black rose should grow like the fiery rose. Do not color the white rose, green, because the stem is green, in all roses, and is it nice for the green man. Is the black and the red rose, hell, and it is now Paradise, but the red rose also has Paradise, in heaven with God, and I the black rose, I also have a formidable power, in heaven, where none can pass my power, because I perceive, in the way of life, beauty, and righteousness. Amen.

Knowing the blue rose, they are state thieves who come from the green and the red rose, but hide with the yellow and the white rose, and the sense, because though I control these dragons, here on earth, they do not get a bliss in hell, and God, take care to judge them, and there I will stand who rises as angel, with my sword on the right hand, in front of God, in his seat. Amen.

Am I now a devil, and Satan called Christ, and I am Messiah, and Lucifer, that is now my name for a little while, but now you must know that the former is now forever powerless and is and will be, the poorest in hell, and does not go to heaven, nor go to earth, and have now given him the name of Zacharius. I Christ, Messiah, Devil and Satan, called Lucifer, but called Ulli, shall never let go of my power, and my name. And I will give him a mare, but not a front running mare, and only one, and it will be the love of Zacharius, but never again will he rise. Amen.

Orange Rose.
Mens politics is the yellow rose, on the right, but the red rose on the left. Because of the land with the yellow rose, and then the red rose, in the other direction, it is unfortunately not possible to go both ways at a time. Therefore, let’s meet in the middle of heaven, and then it’s orange rose. It is all owned by a state, and everything is rented to the public. Does this mean that nothing is not owned by state, and the same means that nothing is done, by state employees. For the protection of the red rose, women must have an immense welfare strength, and work for the renters as protectors of the state, for rent, to the yellow rose. Support should all be given to the establishment of change. Amen.

Red Rose.
Do not use the red rose in politics, because the red rose does not use money, and her life is a thrill. Build over the earth until the word has come to live forever, but then it is possible to use the red rose, so the sun must be defeated first.

Yellow rose.
Do not use the yellow rose, because that rose has no power, nor support, to live forever, so you should use the orange rose, until victory is done. Amen.

Yellow rose.
Know that the clock is set to 12, is the yellow rose, and I’m in the other 24, which makes me fit in the red rose, but I can not cheat, so I meet all nations with the orange rose. Knowing that I’m Russia, and my heart is reddish. Amen.

Know that nobody but the antichrist, can take the yellow rose, but I can help the yellow rose, where I support all the basic colors. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Knowing that a star of Jews, my star is three arms with six sticks, and my mission, and my star, is the snowflake, the star of Santa Claus. I am the Son of Man, with the candlestick seven stars. Heaven on earth is now, and I have 24 kings, in heaven on earth. Amen.

Heaven on earth
The heavens on earth is the snow corn, the three stick corn, and the rays of the sun, and the stars, and the light, and none is worthy to put on that kingdom except me. The time of the politics of men is now finished, because my star will teach men that there is no way for man to go without the way of life, or to perish and die. Amen.

Heaven on earth
To put Paradise on earth, you must know that money must be present, but against the fact that private property is prohibited, and all owned by the state, so that the foolish men who endure the yellow right path do not gain, and chose life, to stagnation and death. Amen.

Paradise on Earth.
The kingdom of heaven shall know that property is the property of the soul who created this earth, but every one who is entitled to rent for a charge, who preserves the property of all the souls. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Pay large sums of money for the election of politics, under my authority, and the 24 kings, and the four member and women’s recruitment committee shall be the 24 men and women who take care of this appointment, while the head of state is responsible for veto, and also has the power to operate, each of the 24 kings, while the other four are men and women, appointed by the head of state. Amen.

Paradise on earth is heaven on earth.
On earth there shall be no priests, nor religious leaders. Practice your faith, but do not use religious classes, but choose to study what you want, and not what is imposed on you by ancestors. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Yes, rent everything to good works, but be fair, and do not have too much work in the state, which is certainly the property of the souls. Let the assembly of elected men and women, by equality, provide the public, the computer for the public, create laws, and rules, in the rental system. Yes, God’s Kingdom is now here. Amen.

Heaven on earth
For the lasting of your body that is buried, you shall have the name of the religion that is in your land for service, but they shall not express themselves on religious matters except for the preservation of life. Amen.