ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 04

Heaven on earth
Know that the kingdom of heaven shall be for men and animals, but you do not have to be afraid, to refuse food for animals, if that animal has been blessed on earth. But you should not eat meat. Amen.

Yellow Rose.
Do you bless the yellow who wants to go right with the thought of getting everything. No never, if you do not respect the property of the souls, you will not receive heaven. Go to the middle, in the orange way, because of me, I’m Ulli, and rent, but do not work out the rent of the sale. When you have gained the kingdom of God, you have a 10% inheritance tax, to your fund in the yellow rose. Amen.

Blue Roses.
Oh your state thieves, who are the offspring of the green, the working man, and the red state. You are the blue dragon, which is broken by reason of your greed, but fled to the yellow for the preservation of your wealth, which is the property of the state. Be honest, and honestly pursue merchandise if you can, but you should not invite yourself to the board because of your crimes, but you know that you can join the yellow and become green working people again. Amen.

Gold colored Roses.
Oh, you schizophrenia, the green ones that go right, and your offspring with the yellow rose, you invite the kingdom of God, and set my riches, I Christ here on this earth. Know that now I want to get my wealth so that I can fulfill my star. Amen.

White rose.
Oh how ignorant am I, if I answer that the white rose is not beautiful. Know that Africa wants to conquer the white man, then nobody is white, and humanity will be lost, and all life dies on earth, and souls of heaven and hell wait for their death. respect my roses, Red, Pink, White, and Orange, and now I bless the white woman for protection from all the bad, and pray for her number to multiply, but the black loss of her pursuit. O God, who does not love the black man, forgive me, to stand with you without hate, for I am a white man who loves my people, and therefore the black man will not judge me because I do not make suicide. Amen.

Nuclear war.
Beware of the blue dragon, and the golden dragon, to rob the red and yellow rose. War will be, unless respect for right and left. Do not mix it, but use the orange yellow rose as a sign that you are in Paradise, but do not mix right and left, like innocents. Amen.

Oh my Russia, my country and nation. Knowing that my property is the golden Dragon, which are all churches of the earth. I will carry the power of the golden dragon, but not its rose. Therefore, its capital is my power, and it is my faith that is up to it. Amen.

The blue dragon
Oh, you blue dragon, you a Communist man. I will give you money, but you give me your authority, and you will not rise again, you will blow the rose, the thief of a nation, and the offspring of the red woman, and the green working man. Go to the yellow woman, so your offspring will turn green again. Amen.

Nuclear war.
Oh you golden dragon, a dragon of faith, and you the blue dragon, a dragon of dictatorship of the Communists, you assume there will be a lot of war and destruction. Red women, therefore, will be the guardians of Russia, and the golden dragon, in my hands in Russia, and will be pleased with the orange rose. Amen.

The state of peace.
Do not seek out the yellow, and the red rose now, because the time has not come that we can, or do not want, by 2013 to put those countries on. Think about it, after a thousand years, or in 3018, because then we have conquered a new sun and ourselves, because we will not be better, but we are now, so stand in place without dying. So let’s call heaven, peace, because it’s orange rose, in its beauty, and i over Russia and all of Europe. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Oh you yellow rose, you yellow people, to riches the right side, where the male man talks to states. Do not fear your wealth, because the money will become private property, those who have them, forever, and the movable property you own. Therefore, heaven is for all. Amen.

The yellow rose in heaven on earth.
Oh you yellow rose, you yellow man, you see the orange rose, but still doubt it’s heaven. Do not hide, because you will rule the nations, and earn more than the yellow outpopia, or your paradise where there is a bet. Give a yellow rose time, because the sun will be smaller over time. Amen.

Oh, you, Reykjavik, the new Jerusalem. You shall be a model of all other nations, and you shall begin heaven on earth. To me, leaders will seek for the goodness of other nations. But shall they know that the kingdom of heaven on earth is at the center, where the dream of the communists, and the rent is the yellow rose, which is the dream of capitalists. Let’s welcome the right to the center of the human politics, and let’s rent out all the property, and institutions, but the red rose, the red woman, shall take care, and protect the kingdom while the right man rents with profit, as private property is actually a state property. Amen.

New Jerusalem.
Oh you Reykjavik, the new Jerusalem, and you my birthplace, Akureyri, the new Bethlehem.

Heaven on earth
O good heaven on earth, because you support the dreams of people by giving them wealth and wealth for hire, small and big, to hand over their business, but you provide them with financial assistance , and control, by the authority of the review, you and your wife and man, the work as one, in the flora of the great heavens on earth. Amen.

I Christ with God, goes from floor to supreme power, because 999 is the name of God, and I am a Gods man, because God is with me, no one else has experienced. Is that Santa’s snowflake that I’m wearing? Yes, Paradise is in hell, and in heaven, and now it’s time for paradise on earth. What we call the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Once we have multiplied, here on this earth, there is no room left to have Paradise, the Yellow, on earth, it is necessary to have Hell, which is the wonderful place, and Paradise here on earth. Clearly, we must choose Paradise Hell, here on earth, for Paradise, as in heaven, can not be, except in a short period of time. Because we do not have in the future free land for houses so be must buld to the sky and that is like in paradise in hell. Amen.

The kingdom of heaven
Let’s praise Hell, as if it were the only remedy, and let’s build cities, with clouds of splitting, for people to live in. But let’s not forget that the true heaven of heaven is an orange rose, a rose of all classes. Keep in mind that the yellow rose, the great right wing, does not have its golden paradise, a paradise of paradise, on this earth unless humans ceased to multiply, but it is clear among the tropical nations that they would never want it. It must come, be people’s homes, for a great future, but right men, get their dream, by getting the orange way, paradise, in heaven on this earth. Amen.

Yellow rose.
Oh right men, the yellow rose. Where will you build your paradise if there is no country to live on. Choose Heaven, the orange way, you will receive Paradise in Heaven on Earth. Amen.

Red Rose.
You have a red rose, the future for you, among all the orange roses. But the time is not now, because the yellow rose does not want to go such a way, so you should also go to the right, center, and work with the yellow rose, because they are right, like you, in the beautiful red rose. Therefore, I answer and bless. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Oh how good is to be indebted, and never have to fear bankruptcy, nor need to be in prison because, in heaven on earth, there are no credit institutions, to experience debt in banks. Amen.

A city in heaven on earth.
Woe to your right politics, because we will grow up slowly, but do not stand until we die out, as humanity, soon, the forces will disappear, and we need them to set a rural crop in the municipality, and all of them will be cultivation, in the rise of a large commune, for beauty and charm, for our animals and flora. Amen.

I Christ, and the Messiah, who take my place in paradise in hell and seek to assist God in his judgement, to give Paradise there, so beautiful and good, in life and death. You Iceland, be exemplary of this Christian faith, and proclaim this faith all over the world to my website, for this publication created by me with the help of God, one true, and the holy angels, shall you advertise it in all languages for them to come to my website, for sale, and convey this message, and you will receive a bliss after your death. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Oh, you magnify heaven on earth, it will be composed of 27 crowns, all over the world. I a crown of three crowns, bear my legacy, and I have 24 crowns to give to everybody I like, for the administration of my people and of all other nations. Of the 27 crowns I have, it is the will of God that I hold the other, the crown of God, which is 27, the crown, and also 2, the power, right and left. Should the kingdom of heaven be on earth, choose seven rulers, by state, and their rent, and elected 8 faithful men, be in direct democracy while 9 rulers, foreign affairs, but all these rulers 24 shall shoot their affairs, on the computer, and let the people choose their own future, but the head of the 25th, has the full veto, the whole nation, in the name of God, one true, to protect the computer and the direct democracy, but he has no veto, to anybody else. Therefore, 26, a police officer, should be chosen to protect the people, and 27, defence minister, to protect the continental shelf, and the sea. Amen.

You Iceland, be first of all nations to begin heaven on earth. Let’s be a model of all other nations, about the kingdom of heaven, which is heaven on earth. Consider Icelanders, my religion, which is the book, Be Mine, and fight with me, as one nation, with peace, all of the world. I will write in my seven sealed book, and I will teach you to read from this book, the lambs of the nations, but I sit on the throne, 25, with 24 Icelandic kings. Is it God’s will. Amen.