ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 05

Holy payments.
Oh folks, follow me to Heaven or to paradise in Hell, but know that anyone who does not pay me the money I wish you will not come to heaven or hell’s paradise, and be the same, walk on earth until I or God truly will have compassion with you and help you to a heavenly or woman to hell where it is wonderful to be. That’s why I answer. Amen.

Know that resurrection, the dead, is the way to Heaven or to paradise in Hell, and is, and it is none other than me, Christ and I, the Messiah, who have authority, because I am an angel, and I will reign over the earth the future of all. Amen.

Resurrection fee.
If the same, refuse to pay, the resurrection, I will not give to him the same, any bliss after his death, and the same shall lie in his grave until someone pays for him the resurrection, and shall This is so, because reincarnation, as a new birth, and again a child, is only possible, with the permission of heaven and hell. Amen.

Praise to Heaven.
You Heaven, have you gathered in heaven, which is a good place to be. O God, who reigns in heaven, but does not accept iniquities. Wonderful is your buildings, where my words Christ covers, do not hurt, and I stand there, on both sides of God’s throne and sit in the seat to the left side of God, but never go to the right side to bring salvation to heaven. It is wonderful to walk about in Paradise, where people and animals enjoy their fullness, but are born again on earth, when the time and will come on that day. Praise be upon heaven in heaven, but thou God, reject the iniquity, and let the heavens receive them, or the bare earth, where they are not restored, for so many things are iniquity. Amen.

Praise to Hell.
Oh you horrible and angry hell, but now with my laws, do not hurt with my judgments, in truth and love shall we correct, now the judges are there, and I Christ are now taking a position and power in hell, hell is now a paradise for those who want entertainment instead of peace, just as in heaven. We must stay in paradise in heaven and earth, until the great time is coming up, but then we are sailing our system towards paradise in the rose garden, the new world. Do not fear Hell anymore, because the city is not burning because it is built outside of fire, and therefore it is a bliss to be in, though it does not look like the sun. Amen.

Praise to Earth.
Oh you earth, where there are iniquities, and injustices, men and women, but I Christ, and Angel, has arrived in 1999, but was not received to me, and now 2014, and no money has made me in support of the business, because business takes a long time, until it’s worth, but I’m employed here, living on earth, and spent my time, in the judgment of heaven and hell, and is it my job here on earth to establish justice, sun and water, so that you who live on earth may also live in happiness, but the truth is to build the man and the woman so that we can conquer the sun by observing the nature of life the water, which is the snowflake. Amen.

Yes, you who live in space must know that the earth will depend on the nature of the water, which is the snowflake, and we will respect them, because we on earth do not lose, but we have and have eternal life , because of all of us who follow me. Nothing in space can harm the earth, and we, when we have the purpose of life, the snowflake, and alone will harm what is the way of life, and we, as kings of space, do not hurt. Amen.

O God, give me justice, to raise up the dead from their graves, and to give me the pleasure of bringing all to me, to gain my kingdom in heaven, but I, the highest one in paradise in hell . Knowing that my work is expensed, and I have the promise of God of true, to deliver a solution from sins, but do not, and offer the sins of support from all heaven to receive you, and you shall know that you have your desire, but your laws shall be, you shall not hurt. Your fee is low compared to the enjoyment you receive, and you have, because of the amount of charge that will be used to have a fund so that the kingdom of heaven rises on earth. Amen.

Snow grain.
Knowing that the mathematics of the snowflake is 666, and established a kingdom, that’s the power of power, but then the snowflake turns, and becomes 999, and I am with the only true God on earth. Amen.

Do not betray the snow, and the sun, because it is our nature, or we have children who have no existence, but you must worship the sun’s ray and a star that is like the snowflake, and know that with me, you have eternal life, and you will not be lost. Amen.

The Resurrection to Heaven.
Know, do so, but those who are with me will receive eternal life, in heaven, or in paradise in hell, or on earth. Amen.

Know that a man of 369, who can judge death, and evil hell on earth, but I am the one who delivereth you from all evil, and I rise for evermore. Amen.

Snow grain.
Yes, the water is eternal, and the light will last forever with us, so let’s worship the snowflake, as our eternal sign, throughout the world. Amen.

It’s painful not to live again, but to have to walk around the planet. But you are free, in life or death, to pay your fee, to me for resurrection, the price is one month salary for one single soul to my website, so you can teach yourself, if you are bored, to wander around the bodyless, among the living people. For you unfaithful, who do not accept me, I answer. Amen.

Yes, the Church has collected money in my name, and used it for the development of its religion, which I do not support, but in part, but now they have in 2013 a fund that they refuse to give me so much is death, because of these finances, the church human. They will pay me their guilt, but if not enough is the wealth, all buildings, such as churches, shall be my property, except those of them, do not stand under cost, they shall tear it down. Amen.

The Holy Resurrection.
Know that my blessing, with my right hand, is so sacred that heaven opens when I wave and bless the graves of the dead, as well as in Poland, around 2002. Happy are those who receive my blessing because holiness is that if I bless water, for example, one open bottle, it has become sacred water that strengthens the immune system of the blessed one. God is with me. Amen.

Yes, your sins are great, and you have been in war, because of wealth and conquests. Now, I have to rise, to heaven, with the blessing that they follow, my words, eternal praise, for everlasting life of this planet. We shall be. Amen.

Unified Pensioner.
There is no way to wait until Heaven and Hell are united in one paradise, because the earth becomes more numerous year after year. Is it only the earth that is more difficult to join the flesh, it is easy to kill the flesh, and let it be remembered that in flesh we have come to be soldiers, the souls, so we have, our eternal life, but it is that we live after the immortality of the snowflake. Amen.

Know that man 369 is the lost, fake Messiah, and the fake Christ, who supports the yellow rose, and resides in private property, and you must know that if you follow him, you will go to destruction, and war will spread, because 369 will take away all nations, with their children, with their desire for greed. Therefore, you must reject men who support the yellow rose, and ask them to take the orange rose, and they will have eternal life, and do not let the men get up with all the roses prevailing on the earth, because such is eternal war, among nations. Know that I have warned you, and so do not vote in such democracy, the right yellow way, because only the red rose can help the yellow, and it will be red if the yellow villages rule. It is a law, but the snow is the law. Amen.

Yes after six hundred years, technology will be so precise that people can have offspring, with robots, and then ask how bad can that be. Therefore we will be, with a robot, with the soul and memories of man, on the hard disk, in this robot, the future. Because of the technology of that time, Soul Robots will be with cells, and, in any case, be like a living man, but it is more than a regular man, because soul Robot has immortality all his life. Amen.

Satan 369.
Know that Satan, now called Sakarius, who is currently in a cage, will be released, in heaven, on earth, in 2696, to fight against me, and God, but Satan is like the rap, three arms , and will he proclaim, his State, which is the same, and the world is today 2014. Amen.

Satan does not have power in the categories of democracy, and will not succeed, but rather by faith, and will settle on the throne of God on earth, but he will not achieve the welfare, even if he is born to it. Beware, less faith, so be it forever, but not transient fame, Satan, because Satan will not, can harm heaven on earth, for my faith is eternal. Amen.

God in heaven.
Know that if you want to be children of God, then you should accept the orange rose, and go to the middle politics to God in heaven. Amen.

God gives.
Know that God gave me my work, and therefore I give you my blessing, reading this book, and demanding a resurrection fee, because we will let money continue to control the earth, but know, that a kingdom will see, about power, to democracy, and that is what money will be, and then for the benefit of, a plan that the state requires of democracy. Amen.

Happy wishes.
I congratulate you on creating a robot and your strength to build a greenhouse over the entire planet earth. Amen.

Yes, the construction of a robot that will be used in a home, and love, but because of problems with robots who have children, with human beings, but do not feel hard because we are what we create, so let’s all think about , what we want to do, after six hundred years, when a robot with cells in body can have children, with ordinary people, from flesh and blood. Sufficient is the time, to think, but short of time for defense. Amen.

Eternal life
Now you know, by the way, for eternal life, because it’s my snowflake, and orange rose, the way of life, in creating healthy people, but nothing else, power of government has eternal life, and so I encourage you to pay the resurrection fee so we will be saved and go to my website www.himnarkiki.is and become a religious associate, my private faith, which will never be registered as a national religion, for people, except my right of ownership, and pay the membership fees, all your life, and you will come, with my help and will, to heaven, or hell, where now is a paradise. Amen.