ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 06

Eternal life
Yes, by following the formula of stars and snowflakes, we will become human, because women will not take a man who does not work the way of life, which is our star, which is my star. Amen.

Hell on earth.
Know that when the time is 18:00, it’s 3 × 6 = 18, who is a love man, on earth. It’s a modern politics, swinging like a pendulum, from left to right, and right to left, with no creativity, so you must choose heaven on earth, at 12:00 or 24:00, which is then Heaven, as a state, in behalf of God, and it is our Heaven, on earth in 2014. So we must count in one hundred so paradise in hell shall be our future. Amen.

Foreigners of all nations.
It is said that ethnicity is of badness, but knowing that the help of nations, to protect their people, and close relatives, is good. Therefore, all nations, pass all four flag, or grandmother and grandfather, and all nations, respect their children, if they live in a foreign country, and that is why the dream is to open the way of freedom, of all nations, become a paradise, for travelers about rights. Amen.

Hell of Paradise on Earth.
Know that when the countryside decreases, and it disappears, there is nothing but a city and a place, so the dream of hell will be in paradise on earth, but our most wonderful heaven on earth will be a city, but we will never let go of the orange rose because it is our eternity. Amen.

Women in hell.
It is clear that God loves the man, but because God has a wife, he can not love more than one woman, and that love is strong, and so I answer that I love all women and shall be for them , but then God will not love what I love, but there are women of heaven and earth and hell. Amen.

Women in heaven.
Yes, you women, you need to learn that God does not love the earth’s people, nor hell, and not as happens in heaven. Is my love such that I answer that all women have both advantages and disadvantages, and so I go along the road, and take her into my arms wherever she is. Amen.

Snow grain.
Yes, the snowflake is what all the women of the earth will yearn and love, so I ask how loves God when he can not love more than one woman. But I take, from God, so he does not need to hurt anyone. Amen.

The dragons mighty.
Yes, look at the snowflake, and remove two arms that are on both sides, and then you see the peace sign famous. Are these the mighty dragons, the blue and the golden, and the rest is the same, and the color is like the dead cross. Amen.

When judgment is today, judge correctly, and it shall be followed, and answer, In the name of truth and love shall we correct, and it is that which I have seen, and all women shall judge, that all things may be good, in heaven and earth. Amen.

You can pray to the Almighty I did but not anymore, but God in heaven has such power, and therefore God is the power of life and death, though God is only Holy soul, he has the power to control all other souls who are one life of the universe. Amen.

You a woman who is not red, I ask what you are doing in the red rose, if you are yellow, white or green? Although I love all women, you should be a woman to the middle. But I will receive you, so that you may not be judged by God, but will be under my protection, so you shall not be abused. Amen.

Women of all ages.
Yes, it is a shame that God can not love more, but show a wife, so let’s say that all women of the world are under my control, and it will be clear to all the courts that Ulli, and not God, will provide women’s protection throughout the future. Amen.

Women in Heaven.
Although women in heaven are there, it does not mean that they are unhealthy; because with God’s judgments, the woman is a part of the resurrection with her husband, and not that she has such a command, and therefore I will answer you, that you are now unclean, for now I will stand on the right side or in front of God, in God’s judgments, and make sure that no woman, no matter how much she is, will receive protection, to the place where I help her, because I am her patron, in heaven on the right hand of god the only true one. Amen.

Women of the world.
Is it not painful to know that God takes the man over the woman, and therefore does not make sense of the will of a woman when she has a man by side, but I will praise you because God will listen to me because I am an angel, on the left hand of God, in judgment, but on the left seat on Gods side, on my throne, and I his patron at that moment, and it is clear that I have caused, in such an environment as a woman can borrow in, and I, then, in God’s power, help you my good woman. Amen.

All women.
Now it is clear that God loves the man, but Ulli loves the women, and because there are souls, men and women who are now ruling in the resurrection, and what matters, the woman needs me to hold. Amen.

Be good.
Know that God loves everybody exept the African black people, but when trying, it is the man who is doing the best and the woman comes with, but knowing that God loves all, God wants to love his wife in such a way, as I love you women. Amen.

Freedom of women
It will be clear that I have the right to protect all women, and this publication is dedicated to women who need my help, and therefore I answer women to never again that a woman is publicly burned, or such, for those who try, do not have a bliss after their lives if they do so, so that the woman should embrace my faith, and am I and God in heaven that dominates all. Amen.

Is it clear now that the Kingdom of Heaven is to begin, and Iceland, and Russia, and Europe, shall be the first nations to start it on earth, and other nations will come later, but it shall not be that we are with the right direction, because the kingdom of heaven did not rise for two thousand years, and becomes humanity with desire for greed, and it is clear that the kingdom of heaven is now to rise, so we desire, to fellowship, and to harmony and togetherness . Amen.

Deliver this message, for I will translate this book, in all languages, so that all women receive this faith to all women who need this message. Know that there can be, sale but no gift. Amen.

Know that monetary policy on the right and left makes everyone, except a few elected, the poor, and bankrupt to the nation, unless the orange rose leaves, but there will be no banks that lend, and then there will be status and welfare for all future because we live with countries, right and left, neither can the yellow rose or the red rose conquer the world, but with the resurrection, I will deliver peoples from right to left, and put the orange of the rose upon the nations is heaven on earth. Amen.

Heaven on earth
It is clear, with state ownership, and everything in rent, there is no need for banks, and no one will be bankrupt, neither individuals nor companies. Then it is clear that the only way to avoid bankruptcy is to choose heaven on earth, which is the orange rose, the great center of politics, to put it on, but quit the residue of things to be confused, now we have ourselves, eternal life in heaven on earth. Amen.

Organization of Heaven on Earth.
Know that the state takes care of architecture, on the structure of a nation, and is elected by the four-member committee, which stands out, to be the best, with the advantage that all members of the nation approve such a structure and will be construction, making it multifunctional, so that newcomers can also act if the first one ceases activity, or people leave their houses, and this will be done through the will of God. Amen.

Good in Heaven on Earth.
When few people have become wealthy, out of business, and have a lot of money, on bank accounts, it should be for those who have less money to work on establishing a social security number, and it is clear that the poor for, in the establishment of companies, it is being allocated people, right to start work. Therefore, few poor, and few are rich, in heaven on earth. Amen.

People’s Home in Heaven on Earth.
It should be clear that the home of people is protected so that people do not lose their homes, even if they are not paid for long term rentals, in case of illness or unemployment, for reduced income, if not paid, rent, But knowing that the rent payment, there must be a divorce, if not possible, to lose payment, and not to be too low spending money. Amen.

Means of transport.
It shall be clear that aircraft, sea and land shall be in state ownership, and shall be leased to those who are in possession of their operation, and it shall be clear that in the absence of a device, look the same, lose right, to rent new instruments until the time has passed, that he may return his right. Should a state take care of this rent, to those who want. Maintenance shall be included in rent, such as collateral created by a state, and generates funds for those who wish to take care of that operation. Amen.

It is clear that the hospital should be free, for people, and it should not be a state-of-the-art state, and the state paying public accounts if they are accountable, of those who want to rent, in the most costly manner, of the highest quality known at that time. Amen.

Know that all agriculture, together with animals, must be owned by a state, but let out to those who may profit it, with profit, and trees and all appliances shall be rented so that those who are following can drive the better, if the same, has surrendered, or resigned from operations. Amen.

No credit institutions in heaven on earth.
A state provides funds for the purchase of necessities for operations to run, but not for loans, but for rent that needs to be delivered, as it was minus slits or drops, so banks are unnecessary, in heaven on earth , except for estimating, people’s wealth or companies. Amen.

Know that the profits of those operating companies should provide a portion of that profit, to employees, and all companies should do so because it is their work, which works with those who run such companies, that part of them. It should be noted that all companies have such a payment, if not, to benefit anyone. Amen.

No representation democracy.
Oh how beautiful is the country, when there is no representative democracy, is perfect democracy, where people take care of themselves without their democratic representatives. No one can complain, because it is seen by the majority, and another part, in each vote, a payment made, and will be paid for such a vote of payment, immediately after voting has been made. Amen.

The animals in paradise.
Be sure to give animals a paradise on earth, if the strategy is to use it for food. It is not allowed to use animals for food that has not been blessed on earth, and it is therefore sacred, until it has been in paradise on earth. Amen.

Knowing that warfare will be for all future, because human beings will spread out of all stars, and will be struggling for government and land, and you must know that a part of a nation will be warring to protect a nation from the extinction of those who want to attack the whole nation. Amen.

Birds protected.
Try to save wild birds like the geese, for the time has come for the animals to be free and banning hunting because the animals are decreasing, and it is not sport to kill and you must protect the animals that live in wild nature, and it’s the birds that deserve it. Amen.