ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 07

Paradise on Earth.
When time has passed, and when many people have gone to control, companies and the rich are enjoying life, one can answer that the steps have been taken to paradise on earth. Most are diligent, and few poor, because of their own will, and then we can answer that we have achieved our first goal on earth. Amen.

Struggle of governmental groups.
Oh how tired it is to look at the governing groups, go from right to left, when heaven on earth is the only solution to this problem. Never again do we have to choose groups that go from right to left, but we choose the heavens on earth, so that welfare will be the way we want, but not a shrinking policy when new terms come true. Amen.

All nations listened.
Heaven on Earth is a political power that all nations can and must embrace so that peace and structure can take place. No nation on earth can deny that this system does not exist for them and does not belong to them so you should dedicate yourself to heaven on earth and to love your nation and to fit all your life. Amen.

Do not hurt.
Know that no hands or any other part of the body is to be punished for punishment, and such punishment shall not be used, but shall be detained, in isolation, for a short period of time, and more often in case of repeated violation. Do not have prisoners, among other detainees, in the case of lower crimes. Amen.

The beginning of heaven on earth.
It must be clear that everything will be the nation property, and then rented out to the public, and it is not necessary to cost a good deal, and people and the general public are involved in the welfare state on earth. Amen.

National student education.
It’s not bad for property owners, even if the nation takes all the property of property, because it is a fair rental property, and if it is the property, that person will rent a rent that is consistent with what he misses, so it’s not bad a game, and therefore you should celebrate heaven on earth. Amen.

Knowing that in order to benefit from imports, there must be demand for goods, so that high prices remain, but not satisfy, demand, because they seek bankruptcy. Do not be patentable, because it works as okay for society. But if it is true that there is technology that is the gift of God the only true, the same, and then pay the person, percentage, and that is, Freedom in substitution, shall be for low prices, and is it off the good one. Amen.

Modernity on Earth.
Representative democracy is good, but it’s not what people want, but it’s what the nation’s leaders want. With the abolition of representative democracy, it’s as people want, and the whole society is responsible for new laws that will be put in place. Therefore, the representative democracy must be abolished, so that it will be for the will of God, and for the will of the whole nation. Amen.

New hell on earth.
When the countryside is decreasing, and the farmers’ production has come to fruition, you can answer that it is now hell on earth. Such a paradise is the future, and you should not be afraid of hell on earth. Although the nation, heaven on earth, is hell, nothing like it, as we are, and nothing changes, even though we stopped living in the countryside. Remember that the country is temporary, and then hell and heaven will be united here on earth, and the future is paradise hell and heaven on earth. Amen.

Heaven and hell on earth
When the nation disappears, and the whole city, the heavens and hell on earth have been combined, and so many cities are unable to answer another, but hell has come to earth. Yet, there are cities that are in heaven, so that it is possible to answer, that everyone is welcome in that great heaven on earth. Amen.

House in heaven on earth.
Now it is clear that a house is in heaven on earth, but cities are in hell on earth, and it is clear that houses will not be built in the future, so the future is hell on earth, but we build the orange rose that is Heaven on earth, so we will not forget houses, and then become a house, so we do not lose heaven on earth. Amen.

The welfare state of Heaven.
When Heaven’s Kingdom has been set up on earth, one must strive to protect wild nature, and build blocks to make people live there, but not in houses that would steal all wild nature, and strive to create blocks , which is so large that individuals have a tall height, if they want, but those who do not work are allocated small apartments, which are free of charge, because heaven on earth sees people at home, though they do not care for society. Amen.

Paradise Hell on Earth.
Seek to build blocks, with one huge, big, one storey flat, for families, and single-family looking people, but not to hinder anyone renting such an apartment, but have the rental system free so that anyone , and anytime, can rent an apartment, regardless of size, and quality, if he or she has the money for such a rent, because the home will be protected, so that no one or anyone loses his home. Amen.

Heaven on earth
In order for the kingdom of heaven to come to fruition, there shall be houses, even to the blocks, except the flats in blocks, one on all the high, and the quality that the rich consider it to heaven, but know that in heaven, there are blocks, so let’s celebrate blocks, all over the world. Amen.

Although the kingdom of Heaven is on the right, it is more like the utopia and hell on the left, and another propaganda, my kingdom is the kingdom of heaven, heaven on earth to the center, and combines hell and heaven into one divine welfare state, which is the snowflake, and it shall be seen that utopia is on all right and left, and the kingdom of heaven is in the midst of it. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Knowing that the quality and size of blocks of apartments is the goal we want to achieve, because the rich will be of the highest quality, while the free money will receive nothing but small apartments for free. Amen.

It is clear that the use of drugs, such as smoking or nasal use, is legal, and should be given to them where they do not interfere with the public, and such people should receive their drug, free of charge, from the healthcare system. But other people who want to use drugs that are no drugs, can take a healthy life, but inject patients, be allowed to live where they do not get hurt. Amen.

Heaven on earth
In Paradise, Heaven on earth, shall be free of charge, to go to a doctor such as a dentist, and actions, and shall give them high fees, if they are of high quality, in their company. Amen.

Paradise heaven on earth.
When people want to be dominated, people choose a strategy that is their dream, and it is clear that if people’s will is caused, it is nothing but a paradise that people choose and can then be answered, that heaven on earth is a paradise on earth Amen.

It should be the state that leases a public vehicle and shall lease a car rental, since it is only the state which carries and transports, such as cars for public use, and insurance and maintenance shall be carried out by the State , and thus in the hands of a lessor. Amen.

The health care system.
The state should build a multi purpose healthcare system, which should be leased to physicians and healthcare providers, and shall endeavor to maintain the highest quality, rather than cheaper rent, for the health of businesses. Amen.

Food Production.
Quality standards must be applied to food products, and then we seek lower prices, but do not lose quality, because food is of the highest quality in heaven on earth. All animals for food production must have been in paradise, all their lives, and should not slaughter them until they have reached full age. Amen.

Warfare in heaven on earth.
Rent a military army, and seek a high quality army, and well trained soldiers paid by the state, those companies that want to pursue a nation’s defense. Amen.

Welfare in heaven on earth.
It is clear that all who participate in the election, in heaven on earth, receive the money to live a healthy life if he receives his small apartment, without payment. Is it the social system that the heaven on earth offers. Amen.

Quality control.
Should the nation seek to have all the people of the highest quality, such as homes, transportation, food, and health systems. The lowest price should therefore be sought without compromising quality requirements. Amen.

Education system.
Educational systems should be paid, in part by students, and should be sought for education, paid by students, not the nation, because many taxpayers do not want to have children, and therefore, to use their taxes to educate other young people generation, as well as the more students pay, from themselves, the greater the interest they have in the study, but it is important to prevent wealthy parents from paying for their children because it will be forbidden if a person in a computer chooses to be the price is minimal, half a state. But endeavoring to have a uniform exam in all classes, and aiming for students to become self educated, and to pass a level test if they decline education due to expenses. Amen.