ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 08

It has been written that no one is a part of a nation, unless his grandfather and grandmother are of that nation, and a national should know that his foreign inheritance should take care of him or her in case of problems. No foreigner who has no family to a nation can receive national aid unless his nation makes payments, for him, otherwise he must leave the country. Amen.

It is a genocide, to provide a foreign passport, instead of giving him or her a note, to be in the country, or to his or her nation or country, to pay all his or her expenses, otherwise it is considered a genocide because no nation wants, or can, welcome foreign people, as a good nation of a nation. Amen.

National Benefits.
It is a national benefit to provide his country with all the necessities that he or she needs for the purpose of establishing a business for profit, and a state must help with the necessity for the proper operation of this operation until the person has profit of its activities, such as regular auditing. Amen.

National freedom.
The nation shall freed its nationals and not impose restrictions on their activities, which are unclear by state, but shall support freedom in transition as far as possible if this change is in favor of nation’s policy, the time Requirement for operation is submitted. Amen.

National Happiness.
It’s happiness, when nationals make their dream come true, and when a nation follows such changes, it’s a great asset. Happiness of a nation, when all business is changed, it is in favor of the nation’s policy, and there are none who can not afford the matters that can not be fulfilled. Amen.

The nation of a nation must strive to create new opportunities, motivate oneself to create jobs that are useful to his people and give others the opportunity to start a joint venture, which means everyone should endeavor to work with each other, in trade, in order for the nation to get the most profit. Amen.

National pride.
It is a national pride, when a person’s nation has a business, which gives the people a dividend, which helps to help others, in society, in that direction, to increase welfare, and to the health of individuals. That person raises national pride, asking him to join others in the same arena. Amen.

Once everything has come to fruition, and most of it is rented out to the public, it is possible to measure well being, and it is clear that such welfare will be much greater, but the hell we currently have is to choose categories, which go left and right, with no progress. Amen.

There must be health, the prime cause of all nations, for people to live their lives forever, but not to die of a medical condition, and should therefore have a health system at the highest level, to be called a high quality hospital, and answer, I have nothing to spare, to extend the lives of people. Amen.

Nations must have a first class warfare to defend their country, but not nations, to be in armed warfare except those to guard a nation other than its own. Such warfare must also be of high level so that it is useful to a nation in which such warfare takes into account. Amen.

Future prospects.
In Heaven on Earth, the future is Bright, and everything that is being built is at the request of a state that has set a plan for the reconstruction of a nation, and therefore the nation will be wealthy and well-established because it is not accepted that nothing will be done, except at the request of the people, and there is nothing else, but the welfare state of this kingdom is and will be, and therefore this kingdom, heaven on earth, wish the kingdom of all nations for all future. Amen.

Remember that Sakarias, the former Lucifer, will be released from his cage so that all men of the world can see that such a hell created by Sakarias is not heaven on earth, and therefore the people of the earth will reject long term Sakarias , and then he will be in a cage, for an eternal eternity. Amen.

Access to Heaven.
Then it is clear that no one can come to Heaven unless he or she has paid for it, which means that the person pays a resurrection fee on my website www.himnariki.is and it is clear that I can and only I can provide anyone a solution from sins, but do not now but later, because I want God the only one to make forgiveness of sins, but I will, and to raise people to heaven, or hell if so willing and if they will pay me. Amen.

Heaven on earth
Know and realize that the kingdom of heaven on earth has no secrets, and all members of the nation will be able to see all that the state is working on, and it should be clear that the nation and the kingdom on earth shall be called the great wisdom kingdom. Amen.

Wonderful is paradise.
Oh how wonderful is Paradise, where there is no evil, but the privilege of people, to benefit from their deeds on earth, to stay for a moment of grace, and to be longer, or to be born again on Earth. Amen.

Comfort Place.
How much is thrilled when you look at yourself, now and know, wherever you go, in good health and well being. No one is so thrilled, who is now in paradise in Hell, except the blissful peace of peace in heaven. Amen.

The state of truth.
Know that in heaven on earth there is nothing but truth, and no lie is found, and note that the kingdom has no secrets so you must learn it and appreciate that nothing is better than the truth. Amen.

Paradise in Hell.
Now it is a matter of resilience that now Paradise is in hell. He who pays receives a house at his request, as he lives in love, bless all the food, or until the order has come, that he or she is retained, but it is the will of the person that he or she wants to be restored as a child, and the knowing that most want it, so do not be afraid to pay your fee for paradise in hell. Amen.

Paradise on Earth.
Knowing that it’s not easy to put paradise on earth if the state has a plan of what is going to be built, and it’s a dream of people, and it takes only a few generations to build a kingdom that can be sifted to be a dream of people , and it’s then the start of Paradise on Earth. Amen.

The future.
When time comes, there will be a robot who takes care of all the work that the man does and that do not want to work, and robots work in homes, wise men who see people for necessities and services, but deep in this world, will be a threat, and when robots with cells, and can have children with human beings, but it will not be a dead soul less robot, but a robot with a soul, and a mind that will make children with human beings. Amen.

When the Kingdom of Heaven has reached most nations, it is all built up of pre-determined standards, which means that the structure lasts and lasts, and it can be relaxed unless there is a population increase, not to relax on. Amen.