ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 09

The nature of the man.
In time, the wild nature of the man will die out, and the man will be friendly and educated, but not wild like today’s many, and he will live in hi-tech vehicles, but not in the open air, and we can say that man has taken a technical jump. Amen.

The future of man.
With time and time, the man will make more demands, and he will be technically talented that he performs as a dozen people today and he will do it easily, thanks to the technology that will be at the time such as computers . Amen.

Population growth.
Because of population growth, the man will choose to live in a block, and therefore become a man’s future, not a big house, taking space from people who want to live in large apartments, and it will be so. Amen.

The oath of silence.
You do not look forward to strangers, your dreams, but seek a partnership with your people, and build your dreams with your companions, because a dream is similar to the dreams of your nation, and the people who live there. Amen.

It should be clear that everyone has the right to establish a family, and the right to have children. Mother shall be the one who is entitled to childbirth, and therefore the right to all the child, but the father does not. Should it be a woman who raises the child, but the male does not. Amen.

Group work.
When Heaven’s Kingdom is established, you must know that it is a group cooperation that applies to Heaven on Earth. If people work together, Paradise comes to those who participate. Therefore, co-operation is when democracy works together, with one outcome, and when everyone is involved, in choosing their own national tradition. Amen.

I will be a European leader.
It is written throughout Europe that no one but Christ will be able to unite Europe, and I am Christ, and I will start a new relationship with all the countries of Europe. Nothing can stop me, as written in Europe to Christ, I will unite Europeans, and I will do so. Amen.

Know that when the people of the nation, who are the descendants of ancient nations, will work together as one pillow, the nation will become a beautiful nation, with much inner values, and one of the marvelous mankind. Stand together as one nation, and combine paradise on earth. Amen.

The greatness of the Lord
Know that I am the sovereign of the Lord, and bear me to carry out the word of the Lord, the God of heaven, in all the world, but I the Lord of Hell. Do I want the sovereignty of the Lord, give those who need answers, to their problems, who himself ruled, because God will descend to earth, and I need to answer him. Amen.

It is clear that Christian faith, and Jewish faith, is superstition, because it is incorrectly written, and therefore nothing but superstition, if preached to Heavenly Paradise, but not a heavenly paradise on earth. Know that the body does not flow into the sky in flesh, but the soul rises to heaven or to hell. Amen.

Freedom of religion.
Know that there must be religious freedom for people, but do not obey one’s religion, and no-one should believe, until that child, has reached an age of self-esteem. And no people shall be told faith, but the child will choose his faith when that child is no longer a child, but a youth. Amen.

The Heavenly Father.
Know that God is the Heavenly Father, and I am in the left seat of God the only true one. I am not the heavenly Father, but it is God in heaven, who is, and you shall know it. Amen.

It is clear that the fathership is good, and everyone should have a family name, and support their fathers, and promote fathers, where women have a regular part. Then you can resilience the feverveld. Amen.

The welfare state.
When Heaven’s Kingdom is established on earth, and rent is only available, it can be sifted that the state is never thrown out, because there is no operation private, state or guarantees that can put it to a blow. Highness of the Lord. Amen.

There are no rulers in the kingdom of heaven, but the head of state is vetoed, and 24 men and women, and 3 elected representatives to submit to a nation, on a democratic basis monthly on a computer against high payment. Amen.

Knowing that aquaculture is the future of mankind, and humans will live on fish instead of meat, and it will be a step towards Paradise, because in Paradise, people eat fish instead of meat, and keep the animals tamed, or wild on the ground. Amen.

Fruit trees.
You humans, you shall plant trees that yield fruit throughout all lands, so that the poor, if they are poor, otherwise there will be people who will be able to get fruit in the summer, free of charge, because they have planted them, so let that be such a tree all the way, for people to find. Is it meant to paradise on earth amen.

Gains of the Kingdom.
When the state gets high profits, the state will seek to pay people higher pay, to participate in democracy, in the computer, in Heaven on Earth. So do all the people involved in the magnificent democracy in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Amen.

Foam-plastic housing.
You can make a factory line and pump a foam box in the factory line, and make a house, for all the people of the world in one generation, and make everyone live in such houses, but it’s not big enough, so it’s hard to do. Amen.

Do not waste waste in the sea, but spread it on the ground, and make the earth clean, and not pollute the sea and the coasts. Amen.

Oh you my heartfelt Icelandic nation, I give my support to gaining my inheritance, and my memory to Russia later, as Christ and the Messiah, higher than the chief emperors, because the law says that Christ has the right to take any crown that pleases him, because he is almost the same as God the only true one. Amen.

Kristín Great grandmother.
Thank you for giving me your children suitcase and closet that you inherit directly to me and thanks to reject grandparents and dad some possibilities for genetic engineering. Know, you have given me longstanding inheritance. Amen.

Icelandic nation.
I invite you to support me forever and I will support you forever. Amen.

Russian nation.
I urge you a Russian nation to support me forever and I will support you forever. Amen.