ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 10

The welfare state of Heaven.
Never will heaven on earth fall down because it is made up of love for all, and everyone gets involved in heaven on earth, and carries them out of love for a nation, and then the people will pay the way they wish , and there will be no poverty in heaven on earth, but the parable of those living there. Amen.

To set up heaven on earth.
In order to start heaven on earth, the nation shall take all the premises, and then rent it out to those whom it wills. The rental price will be the market price of the rental period, but it is necessary to estimate that the renter has his housing that the life span collects, taking into account that people do not lose their homes due to illness or during difficult periods. Amen.

Set up the kingdom of heaven.
Once all residential buildings have been taken, the same must apply to the occupational housing. Subsequently, new buildings must be built by a state money, once a settlement has been reached with the state, such building is approved, by state architecture, and national policy. Amen.

State ownership.
All of the ID numbers must be in the state of a state, but those with a social security number should operate as appropriate, and the audit shall cover the policy of the ID number, as well as the policy of the nation, to those who use the ID number. Amen.

Nation’s policy.
Once everything has become public, and everything is rented out to the public, a nationwide policy, such as Iceland, will adopt a policy of excellent health care, to its nation, and possibly to foreign buyers. Amen.

Paradise on Earth.
When the state has all properties, and everything is being rented out, a nation’s policy must be set aside for the paradise that this nation desires, and should strive to aim for companies in the direction of a paradise, the nation we are on, and eventually they will come to paradise on such a nation. Amen.

Heaven on earth
In heaven on earth, there is no representative democracy, nor social system, and that is why the public has democracy in its computer and is paid for it by participating in democracy. Amen.

Protection of animals.
Is it the policy of all nations, trying to calm all animals, and aim towards aquaculture, for all humanity. Is it a sacred policy for humanity, to eat fish instead of meat. By this I answer, Amen, and God, and I bless you. Amen.

Is heaven on earth become a paradise on earth, when all animals are left, and there is no refuse for meat. Fish farming will be more glory for food than today, because the variety of the sea is wide and complex. Amen.

Know that animals are must be in paradise, and animals are not for food, and the welfare of man has been guided. How can the paradise be, if the propaganda does not mind the animals too. Amen.

To take over government assets.
To place heaven on earth, you need to install a punctual system, and take over all the assets, and substitute points, so that those with points can use them to shop with the state. Then all the assets have become riches. By this I answer. Amen.

Knowing that the star of three arms, my star is the Holy Star, and not even God, has the right to use it, but I am, in a high holy journey in this life. Amen.

The cause in Iceland.
No one on earth has permission, nor power, to rule except me. It is God’s will, the one true, that I rule, and put on a new welfare state, which will be a golden age around the world. Amen.

Semi mercy.
Know that I am merciful, because I use my power, to those who remind them, and it will be equal to all nations, because no rich man can use his money to increase it, because he will only be relieved use his money to spend it until he has little money for him to start a new company’s business, which will lead to the fact that most people are equally wealthy in the coming future. Amen.

Discussion about Modernity.
Today, when people can only become one hundred years old, men are expected to live longer. I was on a meeting with God the true, and heavenly angels, and they told me about the future that comes after, but now I’m in touch with Heavenly Angels, who is about to discuss the present with me. People’s policy is little, they do not go any further as for today nations, and the possibilities for progress are small, and limited. When I set the kingdom of heaven upon all nations, nations will wander and a new golden age will begin. Today there is still a struggle for oil and countries, but not opening borders and negotiating peace, when the Left and Right policies fall down, along with other policies, there will be peace, and the little oil that will be used to the battle with solar energy. But now there is a production of engineers, who will solve all the difficult and complex jobs. But a robot without a soul is not the future or the present. As we speak in the next speech. Amen.

Debate about the future.
God the true has come here to discuss with me about the future. Which will now be discussed. It is possible today to put your mind on a hard disk, and let the soul come along, and move your mind and soul to a hard disk. After a hundred years, the hard disk becomes so strong that it can not be damaged so that the mind and the soul, which is on a hard drive, can not be deleted, but the hard disk has information about a computer command that makes it make the mind and the soul, when the hard disk is connected to a robot, use the command to let a computer robot destroy the mind and the soul out of the hard drive, and then the soul has become free, and the mind with soul is no longer forever. This must be done so that the soul does not have to be forever on a hard disk. But it should be noted that when the hard disk that holds the mind and the soul is not connected to electricity, the soul is also free, though the mind will not remember after the power is switched on. So, it should be noted that by using a multiply method of transferring the mind to a hard disk, then the soul will switch to the hard drive. It is the only way of immortality of man. That means that after a thousand years the earth will have more robots with thought and soul, than all human beings with a body. In the next lecture, God will surely make me feel what he wants me to do with my mind and soul for the future. Amen.

What God truly desires, that I worship, and do for mankind.
What God, truly, wants me to do is to release new religion to the world, where the will of God is true. Since the budget allows, I have to use the money, to hire professionals at work, and let them put up virtual reality in a super computer. This virtual reality, with the ground and our solar system, must be used in detail, for hard drives with Souls, to provide them, if there are not enough ready-made robots, for hard drives with soul. This must be a fabulous reality, such as a famous movie, and the Souls have to live a lifelike life in this reality, or until they get a robot and have their own homes and jobs. Then I will mass-produce robots in Iceland, which will be used for hard drives with Souls. The production should be done, with Soul Robots only, and 6000 robots should be ready every hour. An enormous study of robots for soul shall be in Iceland, and a branch of expert practitioners, should be around the world. God truly seeks that humanity will soon cease to multiply, so that only one percent, of the present time-consuming, will be in the future so that we will need to help scientifically maintain the number of mankind. Then God will surely realize that after about six hundred years we will be able to have offspring with this computer soul Robots. Such soul robots will be with computer cells and structured, just as the human body is built. So it’s the future to be mixed with robots with Soul, and such mixed robot humans can live for thousands of years, or until they also take thought and Soul on a hard disk and become immortal. This means that we must build our future, on other planets in our solar system, so we can increase ourselves. But it must be concluded that after three hundred years, Soul’s robot becomes a body with cells just like a man who has to eat, needs his needs, loves love and has feelings just like our body today, but two hundred years ago Later we will have a life of a machine that gives us the opportunity to multiply, together with machines with Souls and human beings who of course also have souls. Amen.

There is no risk of war with robots.
It is said that there will be robots that will attack and kill innocent people, but know that such robots have no subconscious mind and soul, and only electricity, wires, and mathematical formulas. Therefore, I answer that only robots, with soul and awareness, will become the Earth’s robots, for all future, so no robot without a soul will exist in the near future. There is also no room for such mathematics of electrical wires, except for Robots with soul as previously mentioned. Amen.