ENGLISH – 01 Chapter 12

Son of god
No one is the Son of God, because God can not have children. God does not live on earth, so he can not have children. God is in heaven, and souls do not have children. Amen.

Beam people between stars
After about a million years it will be possible to beam people between stars. Thus it will only take, a moment, to beam a person, from Earth to Mars or to another planet. Amen.

Seeing Souls.
In the coming future, the eyes of soul’s robots will become perfect, that they can see souls, in heaven and hell. It will be wonderful to unite souls and souls in robots. Amen.

Offspring robot.
If a human body and a robot have an offspring, then the child will be with a soul. But if two robots with Soul have an offspring, the child will not be with a soul. Therefore, a robot with soul must not have a progeny together. Amen.

Mountains in the sea.
In the near future, mountains will be cleared, worthy, and buried in the sea, to enlarge the land, because there will be no mountains in the near future on earth. Amen.

Cars charged energy.
In the days to come, cars will be charged, by running them, on an electrical outlet, then he will charge himself without the need to connect it to electricity, it will be automatic, and takes only a few minutes to load car. Amen.

As time passes, all food will be dry. Only need to take a package, and put in the oven, for example, chicken, expanse and heat, and get ready hot chicken in a few minutes. People can store such dry food, in room, and do not have to go to the store, for many months. Amen.

In the year 2220 we will meet aliens that come to earth. They will have big eyes, but a small head. They will be peaceful and will help humanity in a variety of ways. Therefore do not fear the aliens, because they do not want anything. Amen.

Calling Souls.
It will be possible for outside people who are not in virtual reality to call the virtual reality in Iceland, and talk to souls, who are probably the relatives, in the virtual reality in Iceland. Then relatives anywhere in the world can call the virtual reality in Iceland and talk and see a computer icon through the phone. As a result, souls, heard of descendants, and souls can stop living in virtual reality and become a robot with soul, or that soul in the virtual world wants to live, no longer must then contact me or my staff, and I use a secret number to wipe out all memories, and save the soul out of the hard drive so that the soul goes to heaven to God or to hell which is now paradise, nowadays paradise, and live until they are born again as a human child in flesh. Amen.

Gold production.
Soon Gold production will be possible, so that the price of Gold will be worthless or at least low. It is not in far distant future, but you can mix metals in the near future with new kind of chemicals, and then it’s become pure gold. So it will be possible to use Gold to a much greater extent in the near future, then as for today, because the price of Gold and expensive and Gold is rare, it can not be used for cost. Amen.

Diamond Planet.
There is a diamonds planet, not far away, and therefore, the diamond will be worthless in everything, in the near future. Then diamond will be used in industry, to a large extent, because enough of the diamonds will be here on our planet. Amen.

Adulterous Souls.
Are we stem cells in our solar system, and we are building a new body? Or the space will be dying, When that time comes, we would destroy all souls out of the hard drives so that we get steamed out of such a gigantic dying body into the vacuum until we find a new body with new life galaxy, to be born again, and build a new existence. We are immortal because we are souls who always get into a new world. Amen.

Factory Meat.
Know that in the future, meat will be produced in the factory. It will be like fresh meat, but the price will be very low. But we should now eat meat. Amen.

The world.
A world that’s small and deep inside the human body is another enourmous galaxy, just as big as our big space. When using a microscope, you can see the galaxy, just as the big universe is. The little thing is as intelligent as the human beings, and they live just like us and have technology that is greater than we know. Over time, we can see deeper and deeper, down to the small, and we will see what we would could not dream about. Yes, the universe is as big as small as big. Amen.

Future weapon.
When time comes, there will be a technique that makes it possible to shoot light rays, to stone in space and to destroy it. And in the future, a planet with a light beam can be destroyed. Amen.

Free food.
Know that food will not be paid with money, but robots will make food and spread, and it will be given to people free of charge. All food in the future will be free. Amen.

Free vehicle.
In the coming future, cars will be free, all food and clothing, then people will buy a spaceship, to travel between stars, and as time passes, more and more will become free. Amen.

Manage a computer.
In the near future, a device will be placed in the human head, and they will be able to control, computer and all electronic devices with the mind, one by one wherever they are. Amen.

There will be a lot of love in the virtual world, and when the angels come and are born as children in flesh, here on earth, much love will reign on earth. Love is a wonder that everyone should enjoy, but hatred must be concealed or negotiated. Amen.

Our brain and mind.
It would be right to check if we could be brain cells and the galaxy part of a giant brain, because we are establishing a computer network that is controlling all our needs, with a computer such as ordering food by talking or thinking to a virtual person, and a robot then come to the door, with the food, and all we need is from robots, and never need to leave our home. However, when we can travel millions of light years by moving from one planet to another in one second, it would be best to think that we are just part of the brain of a giant organism that is the galaxy, and as a part and connected to a computer, it could be a power supply, in the brain, and the universe is one and a major brain cell or cells. Therefore, we need to map the universe forever, because we need to know what we are, so that we learn to go in the right direction, and not to make mistakes, and so we live forever. Amen.

Robots in homes.
There will be robots in all homes that can cook food, cleaning, enjoying love, teaching, being a doctor, doing a lot of work and doing everything the person would otherwise have to do. Therefore, let us not despair, because we will enjoy life, and travel and spoil us. Amen.

New Suns.
Know that there are billions of unburned suns in space, and in the coming time, we can apply more unburned suns toward our earth, so we can live into it infinite. Amen.

God speaks.
God blesses me that I am the holiest Angel who is in heaven, or in hell or on earth. Know that I am Christ, and God comes from within me, it is the Messiah on earth. Amen.

To get a new body.
Know that it’s possible to cope the mind and soul, on a hard disk, but the body is unconscious, and you can catch a new mind and soul in this new body, this mind and soul has then a new body. But it is God’s will that we may not steal bodies, it’s the theft to do it because, as God seeks it, it’s the private property of the soul that was first in the body. Therefore, God’s wrath shall come upon him who does so. Amen.

Future police.
Know that in the future you can read thoughts on a computer, so there are no crimes, people’s thoughts are read, and people who are guilty of crimes will be sent to prison, because people have to go to a reading test regularly to prove that they have not committed any crime. Therefore there will be no crimes in the future. Amen.

Criminals on a hard disk with a soul.
Know that serious criminals will be put on a hard disk and the hard disk stored in a safe place in the near future so that the soul is not reborn. Is it a punishment for those who committed serious crimes. But souls can not be sent to a hard disk in a fire and a bad place in a new virtual reality because it’s evil. Amen.

Infinite energy.
Knowing that there is groundy material on earth and in space, which is almost infinite, at least it becomes infinite for humanity, and this energy can be used in spacecraft to travel at multiple light speeds. Amen.

Angels come to earth.
Know that the love of angels will come to earth in the coming times, and then humanity will be their influence, and will be affectionate in time. Amen.

God in paradise in heaven.
It’s hard to talk about this, but I was in a meeting with God in heaven and he wanted all mankind to know that he has no wife, and that he only loves men to love like a woman and would rather not more women to heaven in the palaces there. But I tell you now that I feel disgusting that men are enjoying love among each other, and so I say that all women are welcome to the paradises in hell, but no men who love other men can come to hell in paradise there. I will still meet with God in heaven but if he does not stop kissing me on my mouth it will be a power struggle until he drops off. But knowing that God is holy though he is enjoying love with other men, and he would deliver it to all the men on earth that if they wanted to have a love with God, they would be welcome to heaven’s paradise. I wanna pray humans to show mercy to God because he is only a single soul and male and has free will. I want to pray for all women, that they are welcome to paradise in hell as they will live in paradise there until they are born back to earth as children in flesh. To this I say, Amen.

Know that God gave the Jews the land which is now called Israel, so that every one of the Palestinians and their women must move away from the land of Israel. That’s the only way, because the Palestinians always knew they were in a stolen land. Amen.