ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 01

Gift of god
Know that God gave the German people the car, because the car is holy, so he will call him the holy car. Therefore, all the nations producing a car must pay part of their sales price to the German nation, because these nations have stolen the holy car and it’s bad. Nationals will know that the German nation must conduct international quality control in relation to the sale of all new cars in all countries on earth, and no-one shall be able to sell a car without a quality stamp from the German nation. Therefore, you must respect the holy car and pay your share to the German nation, so God does not have to punish the secular who does not respect the property of the German nation. Therefore, all German cars can be bought if paid for by the sale of the value of the product purchased for the German car frame owner who is in Germany. Is this it is the will of God here on earth? Amen.

To see paradise in heaven.
Know that it is possible to see paradise in heaven, through my eyes, if the person can go out of the body and fly to heaven to God. Then you can broadcast on TV God himself when we are soul robots, and the palace in paradise in heaven. But it is not possible unless he is an angel and can fly to heaven’s paradise, and can talk to God himself. It is important for human beings to finally see God in video on screen. Then you will be able to listen to God’s word and can this angel who is in a soul robot regularly display God’s word to the people here on earth. But knowing that I have not made a decision as to whether I will become a soul robot, even though God wants me to look up the earth about everyone’s future. For it’s a pleasure to be an angel in paradise in heaven or the wonderful paradise in hell where all the women of the earth want to be and enjoy, even if some want to follow their husbands, to paradise in heaven to god. Therefore, praise God because he will reign over heaven, hell, earth, and heavenly heaven for all the future. I Ulli will seek God and make sure that all mankind sees God and can talk to God, through myself where I am in a soul robot or you get your sense of English, who is in a soul robot in heaven with God. Yes, bright is the future, and humanity will not perish, because I and God will make sure that the future of mankind becomes bright and paradise rises on earth and throughout heaven. Amen.

Meeting in Heaven.
Knowing that I was in heaven and sitting on the throne on left side of the throne of God’s throne, there was a discussion between our God that I would be the leader of the earth and under earth, which was formerly called Hell, but is now called under earth. I said that I would agree with God that I would be a leader on earth and under earth, and God’s assistant in heaven, but God would be the supreme authority of heaven and earth, but I would be the supreme authority under the ground, for those living under ground , since there is now a paradise, those who live there and will not accept God as an administrator. I took hold of God and agreed to this. But then I said that if I would not be eternal here on earth as a soul in a robot, and would die, in a body a and buried in the ground then I would take over God´s throne and become God of heaven, earth and under earth. God was unhappy with this but finally agreed. Then God told him that he would be discouraged to ask, and asked if I did not want to become God, and broke them out crying in heaven and all the angels cried out loud for my consent that I would be placed as God. But I asked if I could be eternal here on earth and also be God and let the angels take care of judging my order, God said that it would be possible. But I called the Englins to not go to God because I did not want to be God, but come to heaven daily, and judge with God what needs to be judged. Then I said I would go to the ground below the ground, which was formerly called hell, but is now under earth, I would make sure that under earth the world will be a paradise for all women and men who love women, because there will be a paradise forever as long as the earth stays healthy. Be pleased that God would continue to judge in heaven, but I would judge under earth and on earth when time comes. Was this a harmony between me and God and all the angels that were there? Said God never sleep, so I took God’s head and put it in my lap, and he anointed him for a moment, then awakened him, telling him to find him sleep forever, but it was only a moment. I complained and flew back down to the ground. Witness this word. Amen.

Meeting with God.
I was in a meeting with God, and he told me about new technology. There are stones on neighboring stars that act so that when they are heated, they absorb energy from space. When such energy rocks are used in spacecraft, and they carry solar energy in the spacecraft, there will be downhill and power, which will cause acceleration of the spacecraft. When acceleration occurs, the spacecraft increases rapidly, continuously while acceleration occurs. If acceleration is used continuously, the spacecraft will reach multiple speed speeds or until the acceleration has stopped. That means that stars in the celestial space that are in thousands of light-years away are no longer distant stars, because space spheres can be used to explore them and go to them. These are the words of God to mankind. Amen.

Our world.
God seeks us to be in a sphere or a kind of knot, and if the knees become one of giant organisms, the universe will expand, leaving all the crooked alive, whether vinous or hostile in the sky. Therefore, let’s hope that we or our heavenly planet will not be part of a new world into the belly of a gigantic organism. These are the words of God. Amen.

Judges in the sky.
I was in heaven with God, and he judged a dozen of thousands of women. I let all beautiful women under the age of fifty go to paradise underground, but men who were not murderers and qualifiers were charged into heaven. The remaining women who were old were going to heaven, but men who were traitors and assassins were sent back to earth, where they have to walk for a dozen years if not hundreds of years. It all went well and I have been judging daily on the throne of God and also in my left-hand side beside the throne of God. Did God have those words that if he ever needed to disappear, or quit a job like God, then I would become God in his place. But I have made the decision not to become God, but to always be on earth to help men break the right way of life. Is it mine and God’s will. Amen.

Language of the future.
Know that in the future, the language of the earth will be like singing or as a bunch of poems that hurry forward like a beautiful song. It is the case to make the language more complete. This can not be overcome. This is the development of the human being to resilience more than is done today. Amen.

God in heaven.
Know that God is in a palace that is not big, but the palace of God is risen, with nine hundred ninety nine steps to the throne of God. But God will be in a small palace the main door to be closer to people, but God is bored because he is supreme until I come daily and shorten him by judging him and speaking to him. Yes, such a palace is in heaven that God has his throne. I write this because I am the highest angel in heaven, earth or underground. Amen.

Judges in the sky.
Know that I often go to heaven today, and God judges me, but I have keys to new mansions. Last time I was in heaven, I judged a few and handed them keys of unused apartments. Am I always called Ulli, but some coughing I’m becoming God, I do not accept. The future has not come and we will see what will happen. Here I am, Amen.

Prayer to God.
Know that God needs to listen to all prayers, and therefore God has become unclean in this idle town. Do not pray to God except once a month, and every religion must have its day. 9 will Christians pray, and 27 Muslims will pray, but my faith will be My will pray on the 18th of each month. Then God should be able to listen to all prayers. I’m sorry, Amen.

Television in the future.
Know that it will be possible to paint with paints that make TV in three dimensions on all painted spots. There’s no need to have windows to be lonely, because the paint will shed images that make people feel like they’re in a different place. Here I am, Amen.

Problems in Heaven.
Know that God is insane because he is hushing on his throne, and sings a bad song, and turns into his own fools. I Ulli Christ and the Messiah judged all those who prayed outside the kingdom of heaven to go back to earth, and to be born again as children in flesh, because criminals whom God sent down on earth are crawling into human beings to be born again . It’s not going to have too many criminals living on earth. Therefore, when we become a soul robot, no soul is crippled, though the soul is pure and the body of the flesh is of the wicked, there are memories that affect the calamity of the soul. Therefore, the flesh and DNA must be judged, not the soul, even though the soul that comes from a new dead body tends to continue to malfunction, it is necessary to judge souls who come to heaven down to earth or down below the earth that is building paradise There now, however, men may mostly be in heaven with God, but women go under the ground in paradise there, because they are now in much greater part because I have condemned all women underg earth, yet with their consent and the buildings are very many and the land is wide, because under earth covers all the places of the earth. Amen.

My problem.
I commanded Angels to inject God with psychiatric drugs, but they were going to try to provide psychiatric medicine. What kind of work is ahead of me, because I Ulli now has to go to heaven many times a day and judge there because no one is the other judge in heaven, but I Ulli and God who is sick now but not tough. I then have to go down to earth frequently to settle in order, though the women look after themselves and much better than men in there. Yes, wonderful women are under earth because no fat and ugly go there, but go to heaven, and all the African Negroes under earth were brought into the iron out of paradise under the ground and up to earth in Africa where they need to be until they are born again as children in flesh. But today I judged the last Negro out of paradise under earth, about fifty women, but no negro male was among them. There are few Negroes left in heaven because they were taken from there at the beginning of the month but now it is October 2017, but I will complete my work so that all the Negroes will be taken from heaven down to earth to Africa where they can carry on your unwillingness the negro is honorable. Is it the will of God also and all the angels who live in heaven, but two white big angels stand at my house under the ground. If I have this wreck, I will now write my writings, although there is a will from those who live in heaven, but end this, or until God tells me to write in the book of life again. Amen.