ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 02

God’s gift.
Know that God gave the German people the gift of the car, and no-one should produce cars without paying Germany for a patent. There will also be no manufactured car that is not quality checked by the German people for a fee. Therefore, no one can produce a car unless the German nation’s license, and Germany’s quality standard, do not curse heaven a holy car because it would lead to innocent death. To this I say, Amen.

God stealed.
Know that God is not in all mankind now, because he has come up under the roof to fix mischief he does not know. I called a professional to do the roof, but God did not say, and continued his insanity. Hopefully he will settle, but he has to rest. Amen.

Nobody in heaven.
There is little about the human being in heaven, so I opened and broke down the rhymes that were installed in a house that drives people into heaven. I broke down all that God had set up and offered all free access to the kingdom of heaven as desired. This will be a long time. Amen.

My palace in the sky.
God had given me a palace with a big tower, but when I got there it was empty, so I left this palace and locked it. Be cold and empty in heaven and I went to a house that I also looked like a house I know here on earth but it was also empty so I had to get away, but there is a cold in the sky, and I’m lonely everywhere men leave. But a wonderful dream and paradise is under earth and hot so I want to be there. But the knowledge that about five hundred African women were brought out of paradise underground and placed outside the side of hell where there is now a paradise. I ordered them to have food and blankets but I do not know what to do with these poor women. Amen.

Meeting in hell.
I set up a meeting with major women under earth to organize a new city that should rise under the ocean, but already under the ground, not under the seas. I gave this city a name, called the city of PureMaden, and now it is time to make roads and plan to build a building. Do I have thousands of slopes under earth, but there are now homeless women, and they are many, but the man is under the ground. Amen.

Gems in the sky and under the ground.
Know that I was paid with diamonds and ruby ??when I was judging and handing keys to apartments for people who would come to heaven. These are precious gems, but not earthly gems, but worthwhile is it, but nothing can be bought for them, except to cut it in the diamond ring for engagement or to celebrate women. I was given a few tons of diamonds and are in my palace in the sky, but I have a full pocket of diamond rings to give my women when I want to give them pleasure. I say, Amen.

Children in a robot.
Know that in the future, the soul of children will be transferred to a hard disk, to prevent them from dying otherwise. Then children will be in a childish robot but will be moved to new and bigger robots when they develop spiritually. Are these coming times and will become. Amen.

Radiate people to the stars.
It’s almost tough, it takes only a few thousand years to get humanity to capture technology, which makes it possible to beam people to the stars in an instant. Technological advancements in the coming times make it so great that modern technology will be like when we were a protagonist, and humanity will continue to evolve in technology over the coming centuries.

Physician robot.
In the days to come, all worlds will have their own physician, because human beings are human, but normal robots become highly skilled and will serve most homes. There will also be more robots in every world to clean, cook, serve, fit children and all the needs human beings need to live the most normal lives. By this I say. Amen.

Party in the sky.
Knowing that I was coming from heaven, because we were eating a variety of food. The following is food that God eats. But I went to heaven, and met and chatted long with God until God stepped down to the earth, and into my apartment to Asparfelli 2, the apartment on the third floor marked b. But the following is food that God eats. But we fried beef in my apartment and went with the boiled pot to heaven.

God eats beef, but not spice except a little pepper and fried on a pan.

When we came to heaven, I fried pork for God, and he thought it very good, and wanted three big portions, but God did not want a coconut sauce, and thought she was bad, but was eating tomatoes and ate a lot of it.

I commanded God chicken, which he ate best.

God did not eat horsemeat.

God loves all fish, but especially lamb, catfish and cod is very good, but he did not want shrimp, and thought him disgusting when I invited him, but he was ready to drink some milk to rinse the pork, but I had taken milk from the ground from my apartment. But God drank the milk that I commanded him, because I told him to drink her while she was sour and drank him and thought good.

God said that vegetables were good, but he was not expensive, and God does not eat vegetables.

God said he felt good for the bananas and said he ate all the fruit.

Did God humbly be very good and ate eagerly and wanted more.

Snakes and insects.
It did not matter that God thought snakes were disgusting, and also thought he was unpleasant to eat and told him he was disgusting to see men and women eat insects.

Meeting completed.
Then our meeting of God went to heaven, because I said that I would go down to earth, and write it in the book of life that I have done now. Therefore, I say, be good to your food of God and I say now. Amen.

Ulli goes to heaven and hell.
I went to heaven to meet God soon, but after I had chat for a moment, he began to have a sexual intercourse with a man, and had a sexual intercourse with him. I broke out and scattered me, and told God that I was on my way under the ground. God approved it and began his work with this young man. Then I flew back down to the ground, and then went under the ground, and gave these ugly sword boys all one full waterfoot each and soap and towel so that they could wash. They said they did not want to wash themselves but to be dirty and tear down all the waterfalls down. I told them that they were disgusting to me, so they picked up knives so I had to apologize for my words, but they did not want to wash them, but they wanted to hang out on the main side of paradise in hell now called under earth. Then I went through the gate where two ugly men were but two angels came and drove them away. Then another two white angels came and opened my palace and I walked in. There I was greatly welcomed, I went to the bed and lay in it. Then came my main girlfriend and lay over my side. She gave me red wine with soda, and we drank for a while. Then I called for a consultant to review the sales of my book, the last version, which is also the first edition. We talked about profits from the first, second and third editions. Then I asked my main girlfriend if she would come with me to heaven and meet God, and I asked her to wear beautiful clothes she made. She walked in a dark or black dress that was beautiful with her big white wings. So we wandered on our wings out the main gate into a paradise under earth, and then fly to heaven until we found the largest building outside of heaven. Then we flared through the wall and walked to the throne of God, but my main girlfriend asked me to sit down in my seat, which is on the left side of God’s throne. Then we went to chat with God, and afterwards I asked God if he wanted me to cook pork for him. He responded to it and asked how I had meat, but I said he had slices that matched the pan. Then I put the pork down on the floor, and then dogs came and ate the pork. Then I asked God if he did not want beef and accepted it. We cooked and ate beef and I gave God fresh milk from Iceland and asked if she was pretty sour but I told him she was fresh but sour milk was only yogurt, and God responded to him that the acid milk was fine and in okay We finished the food and wept God and fled back to the ground to my apartment at Asparfelli 2. Asked me to just go home but she would go underground and meet me and continue to chat with my financial counselor on earth. Am I now writing this and answering it with one, Amen.

Cooked in the sky.
I was in heaven, and I Ulli and God cooked us beef. God did not feel good because the meat was damaged and was later discarded. Is God now full of health, and so I say, Amen.

God in heaven.
When I was in heaven, talking to God, the heavens opened above us, and white clouds and angels came down. I went with them to the throne of God in a giant beautiful and golden palace, and I had to fly to his throne because it was so high. Said God to take the man seriously who was on the throne next to my seat, because he was God himself. Why God does not want to be in his huge golden throne, I do not know, except that God wants to be close to the human beings so that he can help them in his personal way. God sent me back to the lobby where he himself was on his throne, but with my seat left on the throne of God, there was no seat on the right side of the throne of God. I asked him why this was the case, God said that he never needed that place. I asked him about faith on earth that one should sit right at the throne of God, but God said that man was not his son because he had no children, and he was never born on earth as a child, and this man was insane and now on the planet with his followers as some are. Would God not recognize this man any more so I stopped talking about this fake messiah that lived about two thousand years ago in the eastern countries. There’s nothing to say except, Amen.