ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 03

Jesus in heaven.
I was in heaven in my seat, which is on the left of God’s throne. I asked God if he wished I would judge, then he said to lead a man. This was a handsome man high in growth, with a clear clear hair. He said that he was called Jesus and had come to sit on the right side of God’s throne. I told him what was true, there was nobody and no seat on the right side of God. Then he took a chair and brought him to the right side of God and asked to judge. God did not want it, and asked me to remove this man and his chair. Did I do that and put him in a cage that made of the hardest available material, this Jesus began to cry and pray for peace, for I had said that he would be there for a million years but could eat and all the women He needed to say he did not love women for love, but he wanted more men to love. Then I let him out of his cage, acknowledging being not Christ or Messiah, but only Jesus Joseph Joseph from Israel who lived during the Roman Empire. I asked him to ask God himself if he was his father, and did it, but God said he was not his father and had no children. Jesus told me to be merciful to me, and I began to feel with him like all the negatives who do not enter whether they are heaven, earth or earthly people except in their native country. Yes, I was starting to find these people but I can not do anything, because nobody wants to be ignored because of smells and ugliness and low intelligence. Then I got up and became a tall angel with giant big shining white wings, but quickly settled down and sat down. Then Jesus fell down on his knee and said, have mercy on me, Highest Wisdom. I stood up from my throne on the left hand of God and went to Jesus and asked him if he would live in heaven. Jesus said with joy that nothing would him rather than living in heaven. I took the key from my right jacket pocket and addressed Jesus and told him that this was the key to one of the most beautiful houses in paradise in heaven. He was very happy and went and picked the nun one and asked if he could have her. I told them I would marry them together and live together in a heavenly paradise. I brought them together and married them but eventually I pulled the gold diamond diamond ring from the same right jacket pocket and slammed the ring in the hand of Jesus. Then I asked them if there was no ring to finish the wedding, and then Jesus brought the golden diamond ring to the nun and then asked the nun if I gave him the ring, saying that Jesus had this ring and gave her the ring as a wedding ring. Bring them beautifully and Jesus thanked me for bringing my wife to the garden and the great countryside that is in heaven’s paradise. Then I returned to my throne that is on the left throne of God and began to talk to God. God said that this Jesus was crazy because he was not really Jesus but I was. Then one of my friends came to my thigh, but I brought her back underground and kissed her while I was in the great book of life. I flew them home in Asparfell 2, apartment 3.b. and thought of what had happened in heaven. I decided to call my wife again with a loud crash, so heard down to paradise underground, and then my wife came to my bed where I lay down. When we had finished chatting about the future, she flew down to the ground and I got up and went to work in the great book of life. And I say to them and bless Amen.

The law of gravity prevailed.
When time comes, the gravity will be defeated, it will be possible to fly without gravity, and spacecraft need no fuel to get out of the steam turf. It is time for this technology to be reached, but when that technology becomes, there will be a lot of progress in humanity. It will be possible to use this gravity to fly spacecraft between stars and countless other technologies will follow. It’s got to be big, Amen.

God in heaven rejects neglect.
Know that God in paradise in heaven interferes with giving negatives to Leifi to enter heavenly paradise, God said that I do not even underground in paradise leave neglected to enter into the bliss there are but negatives wandered around the earth in Africa until they have a brain like human beings, but as God says, the brain of Africa’s Negro is cruel like one kilogram of stone compared to human sand grains, telling God in heaven that human beings must understand that Mix Africa Negro and Human, because there are children in development between man and monkey, but such children are like me and God, Gigantic, half a monkey, but Africa’s Negro is more like a monkey from Africa than a human being in other nations. Do not hurt Africa’s Negro because he has done nothing to deserve such treatment rather than other animals on earth. But in the coming times, God said in heaven, that the African Negro will die as a monkey and nothing but hybrids, which means that humanity has created a person who is half a monkey and a half, or a kind of human being. But now, God has prevented us from interfering with the African Negro, as he himself says that if Africa’s Negro blends much with the white man, then all mankind will die out and later all life on earth. Such is the threat of mixing the genes with the white man and the primitive African Negro. I Ulli now make the decision that never will I allow African Negro to enter the paradise underground because I do not support suicide, or, as God himself says, it is the death of a white person blending with African Negro, which is as before said kind of humanity. With a broken heart, I say, Amen.

God watches nine children through the rims.
When I was in the sky, I flew to the doorway for a long walk with ghosts to a room where there were no ransom, without permission from God, but there were and often there are nine guys standing by the rink and good at what is happening, there indoors where God and white angels are. When I get there, I’m used to the doorway that opens when I come, but then I scream at the negro kids and let them swallow them and drive them out so they do not listen to God words because it is our secrets of god. Take a shotgun and shoot a shot of the nine kids running out of the corridor and throw them down the airfield down to the atmosphere of the Earth, rather than be a Scot, though you can not hurt a soul except by turning it down with great power, until it’s gotten out of doors or become good and flawless, as it’s done with bad souls who just do it. But most souls are good and wise, but it can be added that it is the body of the evil, but not the soul, so that most people get African Africans to go to paradise underground to the women who are there or to heaven to God. Amen.

Ulli builds a house for nine girls.
Knowing that I could not see that these five hundred nine women were filthy and homeless, so I built three big houses for them to rock outside the main gate to a paradise underground. They were very happy and began to clean themselves and choose a room and I allowed men who were there in a paradise underground to deal with the Negro’s twins, because they wanted to say that they did not want a black man so they were happy when a group of men came to them and had a conversation still standing today, because as I go underground, I can not help seeing the negro guys interact with a group of people from paradise underground. Praying a green and beautiful teenager that black African girls should be allowed to go to paradise underground but I said they would like to think the case and pointed out that it was so bad that they would make a difficult decision. Then this chat is over. Amen.

God does not want animals in paradise in heaven.
When I talked to God in paradise in heaven, he said he did not want to receive animals to heaven. I have not asked him for this, but I think that unwanted animals such as flies and monkeys are not welcome. I say, Amen.

Angel Gabriel.
Know that the angel Gabriel came to me in heaven when I was talking to God, and he said he was the tallest angel of heaven in heaven. I took it badly and God agreed with me so that I knocked him down to the floor and downloaded the strongest material available, and made it out of the crate for Gabriel. Gabríel was placed in this cage and will be there, or until he agrees to be not the highest honorary angel in heaven. I have gone to heaven a few times, and Gabriel is waiting to let go, but women clean him with clothes and carry him food, but I do not care about him. He must acknowledge that I am the highest angel of an angel in heaven’s paradise, and if he does not agree, he may dwell there forever, and I do not care how long he can be locked in a cage in heaven. The key is in my breast pocket and goes nowhere. But last time I was in the sky, some angels who were grizzled Gabriel tried to catch the key so I wrapped a chain out of the cage and locked it with three strong locks, and the keys did not catch me. There will be a struggle in heaven after Gibraltar admits to me as the highest archangel, because many angels were paranoid, but not when Gabriel has fallen. Amen.