ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 04

Fills in the castle in the sky.
I went to heaven and met with God, and we talked for a couple of moments, but God would go with me to my castle, and we would go hand in hand over the house of Gamaliel and into the gardens. Then God told me to carry him and fly to my castle. When I got there I took the key that was tied around my neck and opened the castle door. There were sacks full of diamonds and there was a lot of panic. We walked in and looked at God, but all the palace was full of young people. Bring one beauty to me but I took her ass and took her to bed and made love to her. Then we went to God in a big room full of people and we had a full bag of cannabis plants, one suitcase full of cocaine and one full suitcase of amphetamine. Some young men came and took the bag and said they would give the women a suitcase with the cocaine, but I could own amphetamine myself. God had previously tasted hempetamine and felt fine but I no longer use it. Ask the men what we wanted to get for this, but I said I want 10 beautiful ladies to love. They said they did not have so much so we saw three of the most beautiful in the hall. We went to look for the bedroom and we were told it was on the next floor. We went to God on the next floor and found the bathroom room which was bad and dark and gloomy. Invited the people to paint it and put it into space and fine and I agreed. Many began to paint in pink, red and white colors, and then came men with a giant rose bed that was red and like a heart shaped. If we had enough time for God to meet the guests and go down to the front door, I left God and flew him back to the lobby of the heavens, where Gabriel was in a ranch. We walked past the rim where Gabriel sat but Gabríel began to blow and curse me so I went to the cage and started to get him, and I took a pitcher and a crush on her and threw the clay over Gabríel. Gabriel then despised them and we went to our thrones and went to chatting at home and in the world. Then came two giant angels and stood guard on my throne, but many angels opposed the treatment to Gabriel. Greeted as Gabríel said he would accept me as the angel’s highest angel in paradise in heaven, but I told him he should still be in the cage until it was confirmed. There was also a reconciliation between me and the angels who protested so that all these angels would support me as the highest angel of heaven in heaven with God and that I was right and I repeated the right power of God in heaven, even though my throne was on the left of the Gods throne. Bring one of my women to me and sit in my lap and I sang her though many were present in the lobby. I called God and went back to earth in Asparfell 2 where I live, but my wife was wondering if she wanted to chat with God about any issues. I say, Amen.

Negroquers moved into the iron to Africa.
Know that God in Heaven gave orders that all negroes should be transferred to the iron one after another and should they go all the way to Africa that would take about two years or so, but all those negatives I witnessed were with an iron ring around the neck and a chain that hung from one neck to another. And now all the negroes have left heaven and underground. Amen.

Gabríel released.
When I was in heaven, Gabriel called to me, as I sat on the left of God’s throne, and he said he agreed to worship me forever. Did God point me to go to Gabríel, as he sat in a cage and I went to the cage where he was sitting, and I asked him if he would accept that I was the tallest in heaven. He accepted it and I picked up a key and opened the locks and let him out. He became pleased and walked and greeted people and angels. Finally he climbed down with his sword and bowed himself deeply. I accepted this and went back to the throne of God. Amen.

Jesus put in a cage.
Later, when I was in heaven, I met Jesus who was asking to be acknowledged, but I asked him if he still thought he was Christ. He said he was not sure that I took him and put him in the cage that Gabríel was in and locked it carefully and put the key in his right chest pocket. He is still there and will be there or until he resigns from his insanity to think he was Christ. So let’s go for a while. Amen.

Jesus let go of the cage.
I was in heaven and God wanted me to let Jesus out of his cage. I went and spoke to Jesus and said he would worship God and me as the highest angel of heaven in heaven. I took a key and opened the cage and let Jesus out. He began to bow down and let go of evil so I put him back into the cage and put electricity on the cage and continued it for a while or until God asked me to quit. I then let Jesus out again and immediately he began to bow down and promised never to do that again. God told me to have Jesus in heaven, and I took a key from my right jacket pocket and corrected Jesus, but God said this was the key to a palace so I reached the key back from Jesus and went to a key to a flat, and asked Jesus at what height he would be, and told Jesus that he would be on the fourth floor, so I had him key to the apartment on the fourth floor. Was one of my women in my seat to chat with God, but we left after complaining to God and I flew with her down under the ground. Once upon a time, all the five hundred neglects came back and had settled in all the three high-rise buildings I built for them, but they said they had dropped off and did not want to be anywhere else but below the ground, but nine men were not with them , but they said they were on their way to Africa. Then I went back to earth, but took three of my women with me, because what was in heaven with me talked that she would be born again on earth and marry me again when she grew older, but I said it was too It’s a great age for us, but she said she’s still going to try. But turning us back to earth, but these three women who are in my bed now write this holy word, but I will go to them and see them after I finish eating food I ordered for a return. I say again, Amen.

Monkeys and other animals evolve on the ground.
It will not happen until when humans approach a thousand billion people or when all our stars of the solar system are exposed to air, vegetation, animals and humans, the Earth will be adapted to its former horizons, which means that the next species of animals will evolve here on earth , or until that species becomes geek like human beings, and travels through the sky. Mankind must have been removed all evidence of its existence here on earth, and be only on other stars in our solar system. It is not clear who will be the next animal species to evolve from the earth, but it must not be a monkey because human beings are bound to a monkey, where the people developed from the ground or tree and became human walking. It could become a bird species or grasshopper, but humanity can not be determined, and the ground must be allowed to be untouched until a new species of animals will evolve from the ground. It is imperative that humanity does not understand its true existence but need to use technology that occurs after a few thousand thousand years to remove all evidence of the existence of humanity from the earth so that the species that will be next to evolving from the ground will not occur influenced by the existence of mankind here on earth. Do not despair a new species because human beings will become like new aliens who will visit the earth when the animal species closest to the earth becomes ready according to their religious beliefs when we will visit this new species of earth. When one species other than monkeys has become clever and started walking on the ground on two feet and is peaceful or at least not a terrestrial future of the earth, give her a voice. That was what God gave the men, but there was a tongue to speak. Humanity must therefore give voice to the next generation of the earth and release its language so that it is worth mentioning that the closest species can also speak and develop its species in such a way that the closest species can handle the earth in a beautiful way. The sequel is a secret that I will turn away from in the coming days. Amen.

To travel back to the time.
Know, it’s never possible to repeat what’s gone or see or travel back in time. What’s going on will never be seen, touched, wide or gone, so we must make sure that making the right decisions about our future, because darkness will not be bright again and the dark picture that comes up will lead to destruction. Therefore, we must organize ourselves for the future, and take care of everything that affects our future and changes that will change us. If we do not realize that the world becomes dark and life is lost, let’s focus on looking into the future, even if we never see it, but we can estimate what the future is going for. The future can not be seen because the future has to travel in time, but it will never be possible to travel back in time, so we can only organize ourselves in the task of estimating our future and choosing the best for the future. try to rotate the right way into eternity forever. Take no faithful or anyone who seems to see the future, it is and will never be possible as I have said. The darkness of our future plans is bad, but the bright is good, so let’s choose it bright into our lives and keep moving forward into the future infinite because we can and I will always be with you as God will always stay with us Therefore, let’s try to increase the number of unresponsive answers, leaving women to have children with such people who are infinite. Such children will inherit their ancestors and direct us on the right track as their parents did. But now I say, Amen.