ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 05

Budding parents.
As we enter the future, women will reduce the need for children, so we must fight as far as possible. All men and women should freeze sperm and eggs if it is understood that any person wants to raise a child between such sperm donor or egg donor. Imagine a woman who sees a man, but that man is married, such a woman could get a semen from such a man and give him a child, or a man who sees a woman and wants a child with her, he can get an egg from her and the baby is born with a glass treatment, or what is called to be fed by technical measures at the hospital in devices. But that technology does not exist today. Or then such a man can get another woman to raise the child in her body until birth, but then the father would give the child up to her childhood. Do not stop love, or stop a man or woman from having the opportunity to have a child with a person he or she loves. I’m going to make every woman have to give at least one hundred eggs or more, and men give a sperm that is capable of fertilizing a thousand women. Not to mention that a man owns a thousand children, but more seed needs to fertilize a woman’s egg rather than an egg’s number of women. We must know that in the days to come, men and women will stop living together and living more alone, and therefore we have to pay a way for people who want to have children residing for anyone, yet men and women can make demands for that a sperm or egg recipient fulfills the obligation to raise or raise the child, or to have an education or physical capacity to reside in order to acquire children with such persons. For example, if a famous actor is required to give sperm or egg, then the actor can claim the nationality of the person who receives the egg or the semen. For example, from God’s claim, I can not afford the children of a black African woman or love such a woman. Is not it suitable to me and I do not have permission for it, but by God himself. God does not love African black people as said. Therefore, I would require a woman to be anything but a black woman from Africa but only the white race and Chinese race, and has a financial burden to raise the child and have the intention to accompany her child to school and have her own housing, with obesity problems or problems that prevent such a woman from rescuing what she takes care of. I tell you now that women can search for me if they want a sperm just like contacting me on spermdonor@himnariki.is, but I would like to pay such a woman to raise the child as I have the resources, but the numbers of such women can be great if the woman is single and does not live with anybody, and such a woman may be leekic and it is not a problem, but not being bedridden or weak or lacking limbs due to birth defects. God Himself has told me to have many children in order for mankind to be ensured in the future, and I will freeze a semen before I grow older then 55-60 and that is the life best semen to have a healthy sperm if you are aware that a beautiful young woman would have a bad deal with me children or children. But give this a good name, but finally, all women know what my name is and they can contact me about childbirths and gifts for them. I’m looking forward now, Amen.

Blow the trumpets in heaven.
When I got to heaven, the big gate was opened to the gate, both right and left, and when I stepped in, an angel blew in a gold trumpet for me. I just smiled and went to God’s throne and was going to sit in my seat, then one of my women was sitting there. I asked because she was here, but she responded that she was just chatting with God. I caught her in my arms and sat down on my throne and put it on my left leg. I was talking to God, and God would convey to humankind that I should set up a personal dating page where I would meet new women daily and deal with them at Asparfell 2 3-b. I did not care about this and asked if I would not be in favor of God, but God did not say so. I finally agree with this and have found a theme that I’m going to buy and spread in this way that God told me to do. Red is that and sexy that will happen here in Asparfell 2 3-b, in the coming years. Amen.

Wool cut on neck.
Knowing that I went back to heaven to chat with God but one angel wanted to talk to me and when I was pushing him from me, he picked up a knife and hit me and hit my neck. God called me and licked the trench, and he was healed immediately, but the angel was taken, and God ordered him to be turned down until he became angry. I objected to the death sentence, but God said that his words were now a final judgment and the angel is now turning down until he is dead as a soul. He had come flying on a gold carriage with four winged horses and a golden trailer that I took and flew to a roof at my apartment in Asparfell 2 3-b, and the cart and the horses are now waiting for me. But finally, I would like to point out that when I was in heaven, one of my women was splashing water on God and when I asked why the traps of these fools said she was bathing God. I called it a lot when I went to Hell last time, but I do not think it would be me who would have to go for a bath because of undeclared work on earth, heaven and Hell. Amen.

Angels blow in trumpets.
Know that, whenever I come to heaven, the big gate is opened on the gate, and holy angels blow a beautiful song in trumpets. But I had a meeting with God this morning, but it will not be discussed here. Amen.

White wings.
Know, I have tried to wear black wings, but God seeks to make my big white wings always shine, because black is not good though black is not bad either. Be sure that I will never again show myself with black wings because it is God’s will in heaven’s paradise. But I am realy black. Amen.

Satan has never existed.
Know that the one called Satan has never existed. I have taken control of hell now called underground, and there is no Lucifer or Satan but me. Has the Biblian faded humanity through the centuries with false prophethood. Now I am in heaven and go under the ground that is now creating a paradise. Yes, it’s creating a paradise underground because I’ve driven all the evil men out of paradise underground, inviting women to stay under control. It’s getting wonderful to be underground and now the golden gate in heaven is open until it’s full again, but the heaven in the sky makes it an endless space for new souls who want to be and enjoy. I will not be the angel the highest will be with you on earth for all eternal time ahead. Be sure. Amen.

Punishment of casualties.
It does not mean to punish people hard, because the criminals are harder in their crimes. The punishment of putting the suspects in isolation for a short period of time, and criminals in a lifetime prison, should only be in isolation for the time needed or to make the criminal to a law-abiding person, punishment by isolation and then little suffer from hard crimes. Do not punish people for breaking laws that do not require punishment, such as using drugs, but that’s good, because it is in line with the suffering of people who suffer. Punish weight and you will enjoy it. Amen.

Women can deceive me.
I went to heaven and the golden gate was opened on the gate, and angels blew a golden trumpet when I arrived. I met with God and we talked to home and all things, but one interesting thing was that he told me to resign you from being that I should put up the page www.666.himnariki.is and have it burned with naked women, and invite young women from Iceland and Europe to be able to deceive me. This should be a site that everyone can see, but the focus will be that any woman can contact me by email and invite me for a night or a week. I was astonished at God’s interest in this subject, but he was sad that I did this because I have hell in my hand, and in Heaven, I am taking care of the earth’s control. I was also reluctant to agree and I have found a person who can make this red page for me so she will be cool and interesting. If a woman has contact with me with my e-mail address 666@himnariki.is, she must send a picture of her pussy, her ass and her breasts and yeas face. Then I will contact and give her the opportunity to enjoy my love. Then that woman has experienced what is going to be underground or so-called hell, because there will be a paradise under my control and the angels of God will be guarded at every door. Yes, women who are beautiful you can contact me and come to me to enjoy my love, and more women who want to have children can get natural pregnancy rather than an organization. Is this with God’s consent and I will let you know when I have made my apartment ready, and is ready for myself. With God’s blessing, Amen.

Moments of joy.
Yes, there will be joy at www.666.himnariki.is when women go there to spend time with the man 666 who is the supreme power of Hell, now becoming a paradise. Professionals photos of me will come and also will be the pictures from women who will send me. Is this God’s will to make me happy to save the earth from destruction. Will I go to the mailbox 666@himnariki.is daily to reply to mail because I will answer all without showing any photos I receive or until you agree to publish such photo. Only women will be able to access www.666.himnariki.is if possible but men can not access anything there if possible for small money. Must leave the website so that unless a woman can get in touch with the man 666 that is of course my Ulli. Yes, you guys can enjoy the great paradise of hell and come to me to enjoy my love and eat cheese, caviar and drink champagne. It will be a wonderful moment for such women, but not all. Know that this is through God’s will so women will get to know me before they decide if they want to come to hell now called underground. Then women can enjoy what has not been offered before, but to enjoy the love of the angel who is of course Christ. Yes, it’s the Messiah himself, because I 666 will resign to beautiful women who send beautiful pictures to me and the meadows come back and forth when I’m not in heaven or underground or big earth. By the power of God, I will resent now, Amen.