ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 06

Computer in heaven.
As I flew to paradise in heaven, the golden gate was opened in the gate, and angels blew in trumpets. I met with God and he showed me a new laptop that he had received. He was most interested in viewing porn and I showed him how to find pornography online. He also said that the speech was imperfect and said it was too complicated to use it and wished to put it off, but I got him off and showed him porn online. Amen.

God kills a sword.
Know that God has said that he is going to destroy all African wretches, because he considers them disgusting. I have no advice on this matter and he is a strict master. But God has decided that African Negroes will be extinct after a certain period of time in the near future. Therefore, nations must not support Africa in any way because it just prolongs the death of the war. With this I am sacred, Amen.

God in partnership with men.
I went up to heaven, but when it was over, the golden gate was not open. I asked why this place, but the two angels at the golden gate answered that God was busy. Then I asked what he was doing and they responded to the fact that men were God. Did not listen to my words so I called the angels and ordered them to blow the trumpets. They did it and then the golden gate was opened on the gateway. I then went to God’s meeting. Amen.

My wife is pregnant.
Know that one of my wives wanted a child and prayed for God to help him, but God said he would put a holy hand on her belly and she would become pregnant. I and my wife went down from heaven and under the ground and through the two sides and walked into my little hall. We enjoyed love and God was present under the floor below the ground, and by the veil of our lips, God put a holy hand over her belly and told her she was pregnant. God said that this was a boy but me and my wife had wanted a girl. But it was not possible to broaden it. Then we went to heaven and met. I gave up an order to put all the hundreds of negro girls outside of the gate in hell and take them to Africa. I have not checked if it has happened yet. Amen.

The Almighty.
Knowing that God is not almighty for he is God in heaven, he uses commands to appoint other souls for works, but the Almighty is ala by name and be careful when speaking his name. We are a semy like a small sand grains compared to the sun. You can not pray to the almighty and only I and women can ask a question by feeling thats power of love, but it is the rises and not one soul just as God in heaven is. Quit this, Amen.

The prayers of the people.
It’s time to let all the people praying know that God is listening to them, because he simply has no time to listen to prayers. Nevertheless, prayers are unnecessary because holy souls listen to them and let God know if something goes wrong or important prayer comes forth. It would be one day a month to pray to God in heaven so that God has time to listen to all those prayers, but not daily because it will never be returned to God. Amen.

My wife gave birth to a son.
My wife gave birth to a son, and they are always in my bed and lie there, but my wife wanted another child and went to God’s content, God placed a holy hand on my belly’s belly, and she was already pregnant and like God said she will raise a daughter. Amen.

Transportation in heaven.
Know that there are no cars in the sky but horses and horses with chariots. The transportation is slow, but need not be faster than God wants to accelerate the transportation in heaven. There is no phone in the sky, but the soul can travel at incredible speed from one place to another. Amen.

Negroes went and came back.
I went to talk to the Negro Guys who were underground at the main gate and said they were going to leave, but the next day they came back and ridden in these three buildings I built for them. Then they said they would not surrender to being eligible into a paradise underground, but I left them to go to the main gate every day to shop, I had previously given them a rather large diamond bag that they were told to use to buy the necessary needles, and received them free of charge full carts of handcuffs and trailer with aroma drops, shampoo and more. They were very happy with these gifts. But God had pleaded for me to never let the Negro churches enter a paradise underground. And I will follow it, because God has everything and is the creator of heaven and earth. But to finish this, I met a young black girl and she wanted to move to me in the hall underground and I left her if she would assist in the chores and be a grandson of one of my women and she agreed and later it was a woman who had a similar access with the same compulsion. Amen.

More children.
Know that I have had two other children with this same woman, but she should be a child sick, or what, but I have sustained another big big woman who is now walking with a girl under her belly and she will have it a child later today. Let me say that the time in heaven is as one year, but the same time on earth is like a day. Yes, one year in heaven is like one day here on earth. Thus, time is different between places but underground is the time as in heaven, which is one day underground, then it’s like a year on Earth. Amen.

Paradise in Hell.
Know that now grass is pouring into hell, and birds have come and started singing. There will be a thrill when hell becomes grassy and birds sing throughout all places underground. Amen.

Paradise in Heaven.
Now the country has grown big, as the eye becomes a country all over the sky. So the tomb is a heavenly paradise. Amen.

I was in a meeting with God when he pointed to me on a large building, where the prophets are wondering a great hall with seats all the way up to the wall and up to the ceiling. I’m now wondering and I’ll be there for the next few days. Amen.

God comes with.
I begin the day of going up to heaven and going to God’s meeting, then I’m fleeing with God to the big house where the prophets are and let me judge me. Everything is good about being busy and my sex life will improve significantly. Amen.

When i bump
The one time I was in heaven, I had to bump up, I bumped, and God turned down and tumbled off, and said, another good smell, but I will not tell you what I think about this. Amen.

Satan alive.
Satan is alive but I did not know he was hiding. I went to the category of hundreds of heavenly horses with angels mounted on them and we rode in the rain through a great forest and all the way to hell. There I was told that Satan was waiting for me within the cave of the tunnel, and I went there to meet Satan. Was that meeting quite good and I promised to come back to hell and meet Satan again. Afterwards I went underground and met Satan and I threw him down, but he got up again and let him down, or until I asked him to make himself so big as other men, but when he had finished because I put him on a stiff chin so he could not grow again, and he is still wearing this game at this moment. Amen.

Know that when I was in heaven, God was in a hurry to smash hundreds of men into sexual intercourse. He said he was going to let hundreds of men take their buttocks and no fewer than three hundred men. I prayed God to live forever and I did not want to know more about this kind of gender. Does not say anything but because God got these hundreds of men to ride his ass so he did not accuse it except that he did not do sex after that. Amen.

Old nigger woman.
Knowing that these five hundred negro daughters who were at the entrance underground are still there and want nothing to go. I’m not going to drive them away because I’m going to care about them, even if they’re just negatives. Amen.

Prophets in heaven.
Know that there is a giant great prophecy in the sky on the right side of God’s heavenly high house where God has his throne where there are thousand steps up to God’s throne, but there I also have my throne to the left of God’s throne. There, the most prominent prophets of the heavens are together, and they are in the chairs, just like the house was an opera house, because the person to be prophesied has to stand down and call to the prophets when it is being prophesied. I have been studying rigid prophecies there, and there are books of all colors, and automatically autographed on them when a new and new day rises. Then it was a custom to read out these books, but every color is an interpretation, and for example, the book is white and black prophecies that can not be spread, and there is one pink book that is prophecies about sex and women that I price with which can be wide. It’s a lot of people gathering behind the stands and watching and watching. For example, when I set the goal I’m going to do, I have to acknowledge it by writing the naming of my name, VUV, the number 666, and Ulfar, which is also 666. But Satan is not at all alive because I found out that this was just an ordinary man who blew out to appear, and there is no Satan in hell under the ground where there is now a paradise. And with this I’m cheating, Amen.

Jesus has come.
Knowing that I drew a dream in memory of my pussy in Israel and my crucifixion, for I am sorry what God has confirmed that I was Jesus Christ, and is born again, now called Ulli because it is the name of the body Ulli and the Name of the Body is Jesus, and I was Jesus, but the soul is not different, and only God knows the correct name. Will I get in the clouds and it’s tough on a plane and everyone will see me watching the TV. Blessed is the memory of ex-Jesus, but he is buried somewhere in Jerusalem. Therefore, I want Jesus Christ to resurrect from the dead and bring them to heaven and underground and I will let them live knowing that they have to pay the resurrection if they want to come to heaven. Here I am, Jesus, Amen.

God got into a wheelchair.
Know that God is now in a wheelchair and has an oxygen mask, but he is only recovering from difficult circumstances as he was judging people into and out of heaven because I had a mad open side of heaven so everyone who wanted to go to the heavenly kingdom, of course, negroes who can not get to heaven or to paradise underground. Amen.