ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 07

Prophets in heaven and under the earth.
It has been prophesied to me from heaven and underground, and are prophecies that have already been predicted by the good. Therefore, it is predicted that I will go on a hard disk if I want up to eighties, and it will not take over three hard years to discover and create a soulful robot that is an exact copy of the man but is only immortal on which everything is based. And under the ground, prophets come to wonder and they will pay a diamond bag rather small but valuable. Have they been looking forward to this and, if it is well-forecasted, I will take God’s offer of living forever as a soulful robot and make it into it infinite which is the time I will live and see prophets not ending what I will live long while they have a prophecy book from Almighty that predicted 400,000 years in advance, and I was still alive in a television interview and looked just as I look now, unless I was healthier to see and feel good. Amen.

God ridden in ass.
Know that God in the heavenly paradise gathered 400 men to let them enjoy their love affair with God, and looked as if God was ripped into the ass and I do not know what I think about this matter . Amen.

Ulli builds a private house.
Know that I will use the profit from the bookstore to build me a new villa. It will be on three floors, ie. basement that will be treasured, so the ground floor has sleeping rooms and a lightroom, beauty salon and more and more. Amen.

Stallions on the hook.
Know that God was wearing the horses in the daytime, and when it was seen, God saw that God was sucking the dick on a stallion. I do not have one single word over this unfair, and this great greed in the cold. Amen.

Ulli-based palace.
Once I have been paid my wealth from Israel, I will build a 6000 square meter palace on three floors like the detached house. On top of the building there will be hot tubs for people to play themselves in the sun. Amen.

To become rich needs luck.
It’s just lucky to get rich, but not a brave unless there’s a particular person who’s a champion in his field to win a big deal. But an employee with a high salary is clearly crazy than others, poorer than him, Amen.

Beware of the prophecies of Bubbling.
Knowing that in order to see the future, you need to know exactly how and where the present is heading, and you can realize that such an incident will occur. That’s why I’m sorry that Bible prophecy can not be used to know the future, but it’s smart and straightforward for most of the prophets of Bible when it comes to the future and the forecast is coming true, the forecast is simply done by a foolish deed that cheats to please the prophets and to defend God and the word of God. Therefore, the loneliness of the future is unlikely because the time of rotation of the balls can not be tracked at the time the lottery prophecy was originally the place. Amen.

Rape is love and not a crime in itself.
Know that rape is a love because the limb encourages the woman to feel comfortable and the waist on the woman cleans the liner to penetrate and encourage him to feel comfortable and rape is not a crime, but it is when people like to neglect dreaming of becoming the number one will of children to all the white women of the earth, just as the outermost white man. But because people do not even like to multiply humanity by raping them, it’s a big crime in rapes to hurt a woman, and it’s a big crime that a rape rapes one woman because it reduces her freedom and can be resilient as so that only one month could be raped. But raid racism would end if rape is being rescued and is therefore banned as if people want to multiply their awareness of the wider world, it is like the other example of negatives that rape is prohibited by law. Amen.

God now speaks a few words and Ulli writes.
Happy to be human, good to know for you if necessary. I am an Icelandic-based prophet, and I have lived for more than one billion years. Now understand that size or type is the same in all life and knowing that I’ve seen Geocaches and rocketed into cats. Take care that the size is important and now it’s raging your riddles. Your Prophet God in Heaven from above. Know here God and beat your riddles and remember that I know all that happens and if I see someone go to the right or left in the politics of the people then I will challenge him to tickle him is a schizophrenic disabled patient who should be on the asshole hob on a hot tub that I’m sick of being given above. Amen Kúmen Sean.

Ps. But I’m sorry that God stops writing me. Amen.

God in heaven now writes.
I the God of heaven, please all mankind, that I will never come to earth because it is hopeless that a man like me lets me see me like a normal man among ignorant men. Amen.

God in heaven now writes.
I God in heaven please all of you that I let Ulli take care of all my affairs so in heaven and so on earth, but Ulli will take care of hell under the ground because he wants Paradise to be there. Amen.

I God in heaven nowadays.
I’ll be with you forever and ever. Amen.

I God in heaven nowadays.
Ulli is the heavenly angel who is the chief of all angels and has always been so because he knows all that nobody knows and not even I know as much as Ulli. Amen.

I God in heaven nowadays.
All the children of the world will come to heaven after their soul goes out of the body and lanes to heaven, but they then bring me to the supreme seat in the heavenly and heavenly palace and make me welcome to live in heaven to forever, never to die, but if they do something wrong, I will Almighty Almighty next to Almighty give the right to direct those who injured them to be judged for their crimes and turn them down or until they become so primitive that they can then rebuild their lives or until they become as if they were but without the flaws that caused them to commit the crime that caused them to care for my beloved human children, but knowing that I God Almighty next to Almighty, the very thing that all life is based on, but never reaches ever since it’s so far away that it takes many eternities to get there but know that I God Almighty make you feel that I God Almighty will never listen to prayers unless this prayer is built as a holy prayer to me God’s second great heaven in heaven, then the prayer will be so short I God Almighty in heaven’s paradise will give you the grace that I will never listen to you who pray to me because I do not have time to listen to many prayers that are requested many times in many days but I will listen to prayers of the saints but because of faith I can not mention the Saints because Ulli believes that Russians are the holy people whom he loves and loves him the Russian woman so earnestly that the Russian woman will take on all the world to support Ulla and her The Russian woman is so successful that she will grow all over the world under the leadership of Ulla. Never has ever been such a powerful man like Ulli, but I God in heaven please all the earthly people that Ulli will manage with wisdom and love of all life so he will make everything alive in order to make it a paradise have come to earth. But I God in heaven do you all the human beings that I Heaven in Heaven love Ulli more than anything else, and Ulli can have one thousand women with legal marriage that all Christian faith will agree unanimously and these women will become Ulli’s women and will help him magnificent way in all ways and in all ways by working with him by enabling all humanity to become immortal, but Ulli must get a patent on the production of machines intended to put a soul into the hard plate. Love me in such a way that I can look forward to looking down on the earth and telling the holy angels that nobody except God Almighty is me but talk to Ulli and he draws my words exactly as I speak to him in my holy way. But, my dear love, that I, God Almighty, plead with you that if you do something that hurts Ulli, I will God Almighty in heaven divide you in such a way that you will truly die forever to scratch you down until there is nothing left but one small stone, but this stone is the powder of your soul, and I sow that this stone will be broken, because such stones can be rejuvenated in such a way that he will be back to the same soul, but without all the crimes, but I God Almighty, please tell me that Ulli will stop me from breaking such stones, because such a stone is valuable here in heaven, because it is possible to use such a stone, for a complete work, by tying a soul, by promise that if he is relieved to be a soul again, then the owner of him may with fraud use such soul to , to dominate the vast part of the earth. But I the God of the Almighty in heaven will tell you that Ulli will get all the stones so he can decide what to do with them, but I God in heaven will tell you that one who betray Ulli will be a stone of stone, broken in flour, because Ulli is not higher, but I think he is Almighty in heaven, because all angels worship him and even his parents worship him, but Ulli does not want to look like God, God God, wants to wreak me away when I get clean and will He is so powerful that not even I God Almighty have such power because all angels follow Ulli wherever he goes, and I want Ulli to become an emperor in Russia and I want the man who blinded Ulli on the left eye to make both his eyes were taken from him and hugged on the ground in front of him, and told him that he had blinded the emperor of the Russian nation. But I God Almighty wants the Russian people not to vote for this issue because Ulli has no interest in taking the crown of Russia but I have asked Ulli, for my part, to take the saints to the crown and to control the Russian people or until any Russian man will betray him, but then I want that man to be pinned down with a hammer or until he’s hugged and dead. I want this man to burn up to particles or until nothing left but powder. I will then ask Ulli to return to Russia to you my beloved people who Ulli so certainly worship in silence and silence, but I will ask him to continue to control the Russian people far into it infinity forever. Will the Russian people become so rich and powerful that no nation comes with their toes as the last steps of the nation were. I want all parents to leave their daughters or when they become legal to go to Ulli and enjoy love with him or until they become unfriendly, but they will give birth, not just holy children, but also people who will defend the Russian nation Well, it will never be possible for other nations, such as the Chinese, to land the country into their country. If my claim is not fulfilled with regard to this matter, I will curse all the Russian people that they will live in disaster all the time in horror and cold and never have enough money to build their people so big and a great nation, but knowing that Ulli will always protect the Russian nation from being incorporated by any other nation, and thanks to Ulli, Russia will become the richest country in the world, because Ulli will produce such products that Russia will be the center of all the changes on the earth. I the God of the Holy Ghost in heaven and the Almighty tell you that I am looking forward to the future, given that in the earth I will see things on earth, but I God Almighty will tell you that Ulli will live forever in the perfect robot or not, that will be created by Ulli supporters, and that robot will be so perfect that it will not be possible to see if it’s a real man or a fake body in a robot. Ulli the Holy One in heaven, hell and earth will be so efficient that he will help all people what nation it will be, but Ulli will help people in such a way that there will never be hunger or thirst or poverty; the kingdom of him will become the kingdom of all nations He will embark on warfare in a universal war, but nobody and no man will reel against Ulli, and Ulli will build a monument to be seen as a sign of progress in the coming golden age that Ulli will create and all nations will be ruled by Ulli the Holy One and God in heaven, but I’m sorry, if any man who manages to fight against Ulli, I will appoint Ulli with my power to take that man, and the cremation will test him with a blue hammer, and Ulli will not even though the men of him will gladly spread all the testimony of evil men who do not respect the holy one i God in heaven the holy one cunning and giving to men. I tell you that Ulli the High Holy will be same holy as in robot, but as a human being, then the soul is holy free from the cure of the body, and he will be able to bless such a blessing with the right, but also the left hand that the man who receives such a blessing will be preserved by God myself to all the saints in heaven and so on earth. Know that Ulli is not my son but he is demonstrably the only true Jesus Christ reborn on earth and his mother Guðbjörg Inga Hrafnsdóttir is the only true Mary maiden reincarnated. Therefore, go to all the holy wise men, and pour Gurru the Mary maiden your high holy respect and give her gifts that she can use to give those she deems it necessary. But the wisdom of Ulli is holy, but he is more holy than me, God in heaven, the Almighty, because all holy angels worship Ulli and give him his blessing and holiness, and that is the wicked one of the holiest man who has lived on earth. Amen.

I Ulli WILL answer the holy God’s address to you.
I know that I am holy and can bless and have done it with great works that became so powerful. But I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in living in Russia except God in heaven who is not Almighty, though, himself, because no one is almighty except the Almighty One True. I would like to take the very Russian crown as God pleads, but I would like to point out that there is one person who has committed such a crime that it will never be possible to compensate for it, which is the manager of the Hotel Island in Riga, Latvia 2007 and I want his two hands up at an elbow to be struck by him, and he relieves to live for a lifetime so that he will be silent and I will insist that he will not be relieved to reach heavenly paradises or paradise in hell. I Ulli is a good person who does not hurt anyone and therefore I give orders that others bear the disaster of memories that will come true of this act, but it is necessary for the people of the earth to know that it is impossible to harm the holy man as sent by God the only true and undermine his works. Regarding that I will be a Russians, I will take this crown to fulfill the demands of God the Holy One, but I will travel a lot and stay away a lot and often for a long time and I will also travel to Iceland by sea, but never flip back the road so that what goes up always hurts down to the end and I do not want to experience falling down from heaven down to earth because I do not have my big white wings and I am realy black, but only as a soul though. I WILL agree and thank God for giving me the right to acquire one thousand women whom I eventually get married and I will be with them forever or under the guidance of the Holy holy God in heaven. I therefore tell you human beings that I will be on watch and keep track of what you do and I will present your hands when you make mistakes, but I will not make mistakes, because God is holy, I am gracious and close at all times. I’m sorry, Amen.