ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 08

God in heaven speaks and Ulli draws.
Happy to be all good people, children and old men. I, God in heaven, the Holy and Almighty, now say to you that Ulli must acquire these thousand women, and these women are freezing their eggs for hundreds of years, and you must reside to have children from all these eggs because I God heaven the holy and almighty means that all these children will be the world’s best people who will help and help all people what nation they are and these people will be the most beautiful thing i have ever created ever before I God in heaven now tell you that you must pray forever that Ulli has the money to help nations and states under the struggle of the league democracy that Ulli will create worldwide. Leadership is the design of Ulli the Holy and governance is what is going to happen and I God the whole Holy Seal now that Ulli is not my son but he is now my foster son because I God have no children nor want to have children but I love men and love men too love and then I’ll collapse hundreds of people and enjoy them with them for many days or until I’m so tired that I God in heaven have quit these love strokes and I’m so pleased with all homosexuals that they are welcome to paradise in heaven where i am but i am god holy in paradise in heaven and i say that Ulli is not homosexual in any way and wants to only acquire all the women he loves but there are russian women and russian women in Ukraine and others Eastern countries. Do I help you to stand in the way of those who want to get to Ulli because I’m gonna punish them cruelly who do something about their thing, but all the girls in law or under age may when they want to travel to Ulli and spend time with him and have an affair with him. No one else on earth can in any way have sexual intercourse with girls under the law except Ulli because he knows their minds and he will not harm them in any way, but on the contrary he will give them the way to their lives and the memory will be with him in order for these girls to achieve severe mental health with their age. These thousand women must be from the eastern Arabian countries and be Russian-based in at least one other generation. Will Ulli fly on a plane to Crimea, which is of course the property of the Ukrainian nation, but not Russian, and he will meet with women there and will marry one of them and she will be the first to be married to Ulli and is Yulia D. Translator of Krasnodar. Is this the holy bride of Jesus Christ and shall call all the church bells on their wedding day and my dear love of Pope in the Vatican will honor the speech of this holy marriage, and the holy word shall always be spoken by Pope on each wedding day until Ulli has these one thousand women’s gifts . Ulli shall use the part of his wealth he receives from Israel, the Vatican and other Christian congregations, and shall build the largest palace of the world in Russia, Iceland and southern Germany near France, because the French and Germans must secure Ulli’s security for all eternity. Amen.

And holy God continues.
Ulli is the most holy man in the world and no woman nor man comes with his toes where Ulli has walked many days before and will then come into his old footsteps and understand that Ulli is and will forever be the most holy man and angel who lived has too live now and ever. Amen.

And God the Holy One continues.
It will become clear to everyone that when Ulli has acquired all the children needed to save the world, his children will follow in the footsteps of Ulli the Holy, and they will establish happy marriages that last for all their lives. Amen.

And God continues.
Ulli is holy than me God himself, because he has such support, that everyone in heaven and hell worships him, and he will be, always Ulli holy or Ulli of the christians. Over time, Ulli will build like a palace and will be in Germany all over the world. In such a country, one such palace will be, but not in a small country that does not count one million people. But Ulli will be with you forever and magnify the earth for a thousand years, and he will become the ruler of the earth, which leads him to control what goes beyond the ground in space. Amen.

God speaks.
There are aliens on the way to the ground, but they are not in any way, but want to take control of the earth if human beings can not build a spacecraft that can fight these aliens. When they come then, they will trade with humanity in a great deal, because they do not fight the men if they are in space in space ready to fight against the enemy in space. Only become goods between humans and aliens, so do not worry more. Ulli will never lose war because he has such a brains that he does not take risks and can never betray Ulli in warfare because he has all the holy to spy on the enemy, so he will know the enemy’s mind and conquer him in full force. At war, Ulli will lose a few soldiers because he sends no one to death for a reason. Therefore men and women should not fear signing in military service in Ulli’s army, because Ulli knows what nobody else knows, though he never acknowledges it. I say so, Amen.

I Ulli writes.
Nice people wherever you are. If war comes, I will conquer and I will compensate for the loss that people will be for that, I promise you all. Hopefully there will be no war, but if I will, I will stand up as a winner and those or those who stood with me. Otherwise, I agree with God as much as he has said, but I would like to point out, however, that I do not want to rebel and cast God to God, and become God in heaven in the paradise there. I’m enough to work for God and the Almighty, and my rule forever here on earth is quite enough for me and my people. I’m sorry, Amen.

God speaks.
I God in heaven and on earth nowadays, when Ulli is heading for Israel, Israel must let Ulli have all the wealth of Messiah with interest and inflation. Ulli is the only true Messiah who is God on earth, because God will control the earth as if I were there himself in person. Therefore, I gladly say to the Jews that if you in any way prevent Ulli from getting all his wealth indexed with maximum interest and interest rates then I will put such a curse upon my Jews that I will wipe out the Israeli kingdom and give it to others but not The palestines choose other people, and I will shortly divide all the Jews wherever they are and their children. Therefore, the Jews and the people of Israel shall make their duty and return unto Ulli, as Ulli bears, and not a gram of gold less. Will I God in Heaven push and let and ask Ulli to establish a policy on the Israeli nation, which will make Ulli all of its wealth in a few years or so short. I’m glad that you will burn in a fire if you touch your head on Ulli’s head injury. That’s why I’m happy with the most holy, Amen.

Important words from Ulli.
God is calling and soaring that he is so tired that he is dying. I asked God to go to sleep for a moment and did it. God is set up a great work that he can not resist without my help, and so I always go to heaven in that paradise to help God with the many difficult things he has to do. I’m sorry, Amen. Ps. God has come to sleep well after a little sleep, but one minute on earth is like one day in heaven. Amen

God the Holy One in the heavens attacks all people on earth.
I God in heaven the holy mercy with you humans, I want Ulli to be the emperor of Russia, and the leader of Iceland, and the leader of the European Union. But not all over the world except for the purpose of helping national leaders to rent his democracy to a great leader of the Holy Ulli. Knowing the people of Ulli will be the man that all women long for and only one thousand women get to enjoy him. Ulli is the wisest man of the earth, and he can predict the coming future so precisely that no mistake is ever seen. Ulli is the Father of Earth’s Day, as I am our Father in Heaven the Holy One. It will be good for you to live with Ulli forever and you will never be bored by Ulli. Amen.

God speaks the holy and all-knowing soul forever.
Knowing that I gave the German nation the only true car that is a holy car because I gave the German car a gift to these couples named Benz of Mercedes and I want the heirs of these couples to receive 3% of the income from the collection of production on a car around the world. Is this my judgment of God the holy in heaven so on earth forever? Close payment to these heirs will be when the car starts to fly, but they do not have the authority to demand any payments from the German nation. If they aim my words then I want them to be punished and take a lot of money from them that they do not have the money to survive for only ten years. Amen.

God speaks and the Holy Ulli draws on his computer now.
The robot who becomes the soulmother is my gift to St. Ulli, and the man can produce a robot that is used to handle souls on a hard disk. My curse will fall upon the nation that breaks these words. Amen.