ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 09

God’s word in heaven.
Dear people on earth, all Nuns who have the answer to become a bride of Christ must send a picture to Ulli, and Ulli will decide if and whether he wants to reside such a nun to become his wife. Only one thousand women can become Ulli’s wives and it is best for Ulli to choose because these wives will be with Ulli who will rule on earth forever. A wife who walks past Ulli has to apply for a ransom for Ulli, because Ulli can not be contaminated by a dirty and messy man, and this woman will be denounced by Ulli. Ulli will then find a new wife to make them a thousand. If Ulli rather wishes, he can have those nine hundred and nineteen and nine that is his 999 name, which means that 666 is a holy man, but 999 is my name, and thinks that a holy man walks with God. Get it done at the same time, but remember that Ulli can love all the women of the earth, as well as their own women, so they should not fear to love Ulli. But first of all, when we talk about Ulli women, I want to point out that Russian parents leave their daughters to have a relationship with Ulli when they wish, and Ulli will pay all the costs that will be paid to it and Ulli will also give such parents the opportunity to live in a decent housing. If these words are against me, I will demand from Ulli that he abandon the crown of Russia and go to Europe and control Europe from there, not Russia, as I am giving Russia the chance. No curse of the least part will land on anyone, but Ulli will follow my words and reject the crown if he will not be able to enjoy love with the girls whom it longs for because such desire is given by God. I’m sorry, Amen.

God speaks and Ulli writes.
Now, I, as God, am the only one to believe that Ulli will find all his wives within a decade, and he will choose them as brownish or reddish or blondes. The first female will be from Ukraine and will be browned with brown eyes and dark hair but brilliantly well grown and great lover for Ulli and is Yulia from Krasnodar. You women who are Russian-born and young in years should look into whether it’s not possible to become Ulli’s wife, because it’s sacred to be Ulli’s wife and Ulli’s future will be magnificent at the highest quality, though little is said. The origins of Russian women should have immediate contact with Ulla because the origins of Russian women have more potential than other women to become Ulla’s wives. Although Ulli will also take European women, for example, from Denmark and Germany, the amount of Russian origin will be in a large part. Although Ulli is Icelandic in skin and hair, he is also a Russian native and German native. Will he use the computer to choose women, so all young women should register on a website that is popular in their country. Although the woman who Ulli first married from Ukraine does not mean she is the main woman because all women are equal to Ulli’s eyes. All doors to women’s rooms Ulli will have letters but not numbers because numbers are not a human brain. But Ulli will have fifteen hundred rooms in her palaces and each room has all the necessities one woman needs to be happy and healthy in every way, such as two toilets, because it requires one for guests so that you can not get along Ulli’s wife’s wife. But all the rooms will be on the lower floor of the hall, while the kitchen and living rooms will be on the upper floor. I’ll make it right now. Amen.

27/12/2017. And God is back and wants to have a word with you.
I God the Great in Heaven and the eternal life like Ulli will do for you now, in order to remedy all sorts of problems, men and women should drink fruit juice as it may in itself, the fruits are the food that men ate when they were in four feet into the jungle of Africa, but people have always been men but monkeys are the men who lost their minds and became deceived, but they continued to develop until they became perfect as they are today people should always be as they are today, but they do not develop anymore, because they are going to evolve but not up to now, and Ulli is probably the most advanced man of humanity because he is the most intelligent and with the best body, though he is a bit fat now than He will get on and get slim back, so I promise you that one man loves one thousand women is the way to get a temperate body. That’s why I love you women that Ulli delivers the most beautiful offspring that you are children and they will grow sportily and will be very successful in sports all over the world, but I demand that Ulli does not have children or children with negro because it’s alike and that a regular man has a offspring with a monkey. Amen.

And God speaks, and I Ulli writes.
Do you know Nun that Ulli is your husband, because he is Jesus Christ reborn, but he will not take an old woman but grace young women so he will enjoy loving but not feeling sorry for the woman, so old women will be blameless so not to be said that they are women. It will be about one hundred young Nun, the wife of Ulli Christ, who is of course the same as Jesus Christ, but only a new flesh but the same man, so women should enjoy being Ulli’s wives because Ulli will take them into eternity, the one true one, the eternity of all men, women, children, and old men. Amen.

And God seeks and Ulli writes.
I just regret it and once more I only trusted him to my Ulli, and I knew that it was possible to trick him before I sent him down to earth to be my deputy on earth. Amen.

And I wrap the word of God.
Know that Ulli wants women who smell like a woman in her vagina, because he wants to be admired by the smell of a woman as she is, but not with soap odor that includes her smell. Therefore, Ulli does not want her wives to clean her pussy ever, so he will find his wife’s pussy pussy and love them as they come because it is love to love her wife like her smell so that he can love her as it comes as a holy human being. I God in Heaven, the Almighty Seig, I do not really understand Ulli in this matter but when I think of myself when I think of what I feel the smell of limbs good I fully understand Ulli and hope that all the women he will meet will do not clean it but give it to Ulli to enjoy. Because in the old days people did not take a bath except a few times a year if so often people were sexually intensive, so Ulli is not a pervert, but he is a true man who can love a woman in all the way she comes that a Russian woman is a woman for Ulli, hoping that these words will come across all countries and will make Ulli reach these thousands of women and children will be saved to save the world. Amen.

God in heaven now speaks, and Ulli draws.
I am God in heaven now, Ulli must understand that he must never be whith a girl who is not mature enough to imply sex, is the intercourse of a man and a woman, and plays into elements like a puppet’s limb that can make it that the girl has children or children. She does not have to be puberty but she must be spiritually mature to get along with Ulli I say, I God Almighty in Heaven, but has now come down to earth to let Ulli the Holy One write down my words in the holy book that is called Book Of Life which is Ulli’s private property. That’s why I once again regret that girls who want to get married with Ulli have to travel to Ulli to choose Ulli to hang up with him and hopefully the conceit will make it a child or children. Therefore I am God Almighty in heaven, Amen.

God in heaven speaks and Ulli writes.
It is God’s will that Ulli will be given the opportunity to meet girls and women in Russia but when he comes there, the army will be in reaction to him and they must shoot all those who intend to attack Ulli the Holy. And that’s why I’m Amen.

God the Holy Speaks, and Ulli draws.
Know that Ulli’s hallways are so big that walls can not be welded, but the electric gates will be used so that they can move between places inside the house, but the size of the hall does not have to be that big, but it is made to make it possible have over one thousand and five hundred rooms on the lower floor, but on the upper floor will be Ulli’s main cabinet and ten other rooms where the ten top Ulli women have sleeping and cosmetics and beauty tables and more and more. It is right on the upper floor where these rooms are and Ulli needs never to walk down stairs except to meet their wives in their rooms or to leave the palace but on the roof of the hall is the most wonderful summer paradise there which include jacuzzis and sun loungers and more such as bars and showers and a lot more. Here I am, Amen.

God speaks and Ulli draws.
Knowing that I God gave Ulli the Foam Plastic Houses but Ulli had it himself first but the house is for Ulli to build it all over the world until he is so excited that he can give it as a whole house with all the equipment needed for a house to be called. Therefore I curse those that will anytime copy and steal Ulli foam-plastic house because it is my holy word that God made Ulli when he was thinking about himself. Cursed be you if you’re cleaning the house of Ulli’s plastic house. Amen.