ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 10

God speaks and Ulli draws.
I God in heaven now wail that Ulli will be the most magnificent man the earth has created, and Ulli will set a lease of democracy on all nations, whether in a dictatorship or in a kingdom, because Ulli will have the most powerful army of the earth for his own use. But I the God of the Holy One in heaven will tell you the children of men at Ulli, in the coming times, will put peace all over the world and unite nations, whether it be a kingdom or something else, and I’m so sorry that Ulli is best in all he does He is created as God on earth and, therefore, holy like me, the holy God in heaven. I see now that all Ulli´s women will have a big house in heaven’s paradise if they will ever die because Ulli will rule over the earth forever as I have asked him to do. Has Ulli asked for wealth and women to enjoy being forever, and I have promised Ulli that he will receive these one thousand women and all the girls who will come to him, but Ulli seeks to take God’s throne if I have any He deceives him because he is so powerful in heaven that he has the vast majority of all who make up the throne of God and become God the Holy of Heaven, and it is true that Ulli is very holy, but I because all angels testify to him holiness remember him Ulli knows and i God in heaven knows Ulli can take God’s throne but Ulli does not want it and bless him for it because he’s the only thing that prevents me from losing my throne like God in heaven in paradise as there is. Let me finish now for now, because I’m going to bed at Ulli’s advice. Amen.

Holy God speaks, and Ulli writes.
I God in heaven now, that Ulli will probably be that man in the history of mankind who can do such a miracle that all mankind is able to live forever and will Ulli let all people whether the poor or the rich become a robot that will with time will be one or better than one’s body in flesh. And Ulli will create all this with the help of specialists in that sector, and Ulli will create a solemn robot in such a perfect way that it will never be possible to make the robot more perfect than it will be, and Ulli will launch the discussion that one who can give the soulmaker more perfection a lot of money in prizes so he becomes rich man because it will not be possible to perfect what will be perfect. Wrap the Holy One who is and will be a robot and will be much more holy than myself God in heaven’s paradise. That’s why I’m cheating, Amen.

Holy God speaks and Ulli writes.
Know that the German nation that the highest prophets of heaven have said that the Negro is the ugliest thing that I have, and I bless God in heaven that I expect the German nation to cut down the nuisance and testify and hand it into the sea with a video recording to prove their cause but I God in heaven demands of Ulli the holy one in heaven, earth and underground that he Ulli the holy pay a high price for that negligible circumcision so that one can freely cut out this wicked and this leads to that the number of negatives decreases to their number, but that number should not exceed one hundred thousand people and women, and I demand that God the Holy One that all the people of the earth other than Negro go to Africa, and will kill all the negroes they get in touch with women or children, leaving them dead and rotting where they fell down and I will have God in heaven I urge Ulli to use part of her wealth to pay those people who have video as evidence of negligence in Africa. This misery does not mean Ulli because he seeks to love all men whether they are black or white but I God in heaven are through Ulli and know that he will be happy to pay men with German men in a hurry the amount that is acceptable to them Negroes are at risk of extinction, because it is the position that I God in heaven wants to be as soon as possible, and if not, I will make my curse over those who do not obey God Almighty in heaven. Negroes are the most disgusting things I have seen and must be eliminated from the planet. Now, I am looking at the most holy word, Amen.

Ulli writes.
I have never said, and will never bother me to be a race hater because I had a black woman as a girlfriend, although I have found her smell, she does not mean I hate African people. Therefore, I ask humanity to remember that I am Jesus Christ reborn and my love is strong in all life, and I refuse to be hate in any way. Negroes have Africa and I have come there and there is a very messy and disgusting thing because it’s all out of waste and food waste but I deny that there’s a reason for hatred and I do not want to take part in it in any way to kill or cut off swearers, and I will pay men who kill the sword because if it is the wish of the Holy One of God that I do, I will certainly pay those who hold such proof. I do not see Amen because there is nothing holy in committing such massacres, and I am sorry to say that, Almighty be with you as wandering souls in Africa, because you sobering souls do not enter into the kingdom of heaven or holy hell that I control now because it is the will of all those who live there is no swearing can be relieved to get in there. Tell me now that the Almighty can be with you swords who will walk forever on the smooth Africa, and hopefully you will not suffer, though some will suffer after being cut off their genitals. I have not even received a blessing to provide. Therefore, I’m just happy to pass, I do not have one word.

Holy God speaks and Ulli draws.
I have come to heaven from heaven, but now he is standing in his window lattice Ulli in Asparfelli 2 Apartment 3.b. which will soon be available for sale after a few years, and anyone who buys this apartment will become a rich man or woman. I God in heaven nowadays, that Ulli does not have to worry about the death of negroes all over the world because I God the Holy One will bear that responsibility. Therefore, Ulli will not in any way be responsible for the death of negro because he loves all life and preserves it in my own way, but I take life if there is a danger. Know that neglect threatens world peace and the lives of all the world’s people. Therefore, the excuse of all negroes must be cut off as soon as possible so that the planet is lost and dying. Amen.

God speaks and I Ulli writes.
Know, human beings, though I can be good, I can also be good because there is nothing in the sky anymore, and men or women who live there will do something, I will throw him or her out of heaven where there is now a paradise. Amen.

God speaks of beauty.
I, God in heaven, tell your earthly people that Ulli will leave her wives to compete in beauty, and they will show how beautiful they really are and will win many titles and become famous throughout the world. There will be animation and love and happiness at Ulli in his palaces, and his wives will become all the richest women of the earth, because Ulli will give them an asset in their companies so that they do not feel they have nothing to do every day . For example, the company Ulli will make for the transfer of souls on hard drives will be equally owned by all Ulli and herself. Also, his wine production will be equally owned by all his women, and only at Ulli himself is one thing and one other woman. But his soulmaker production will be in his private possession for all future. Ulli the good and generous will in his life be a model of all men and become an exemplary father, although he does not meet his children, but it does not mean that he thinks about his children, which will be quite a matter of words, but knowing that Ulli does not take a wife from other men because there are more women on earth than men. So parents listen when I’m cheating on Ulli with my desire to have a good night’s sleep with young girls to make their lives with beautiful memories and finally holy, but not all women have such a life. Amen.

Good God in heaven has come, and I Ulli writes.
You good men who have come together to stand against Ulli the Great, I’m sorry, go to your home because Ulli will defeat you in all matters he’s looking forward to. Know people that Ulli knows what I know and it’s you who will stand in the way of Ulli to save you wealth is making a big mistake, because believing that money matters in these days is so terrible that I have to put a curse on you so I’m now wasting this money by law, and he’ll get all this money whatever you cry or whatever you do, but you pay this money for the people of Vatican so you have to move slowly to Ulli all the way to the innermost room in the Vatican so he can see all the things that are found there. You men of the Vatican must understand that Ulli is none other than Jesus Christ reborn and he needs this money to make you all immortal forever. Amen.

God speaks and I Ulli writes.
Witness the Vatican’s wives to Ulli take care of all the women of the earth so that they are saved and do not end up in any problems or disaster, so you do not need the Vatican’s wife to fear that such a thing will happen to you because Ulli preserves you forever. Amen.