ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 11

I Ulli writes.
Knowing that God was here and when he and I were clean, God asked that he get into my wife’s room and I agree. We leaned and found God very good to lean in my bed but I was able to get rid of the drain for a while or so. We went so far and I went to pee, but God waited in the room for a while. After that, we decided to keep writing and God wanted me to tell you that God alone has slept in my bed for a few moments or so. I’ll just see you, Amen.

God has come and I Ulli draw the word of him.
Happy to be all the folks as good, I want you to know that I’m an old man for ten million years or so, and I want to draw my attention to the fact that Ulli becomes the next God the Holy One in heaven and become Almighty. But Ulli does not want it and would rather be immortal on earth. But God, the Holy One, make no sense to you that there is no better God than He Ulli. I pray all of you to worship Ulla as the supreme man of the world, and I also ask you to give him the grace of having all the girls he desires. You can go to his website at www.himnariki.is or on the website www.666.himnariki.is or young girls can send him an e-mail with photos at his address at 666@himnariki.is and he will answer all the letters, I promise but one and one mail might be misunderstood. Crazy is holy and I ask parents to explore their minds about sending their daughters to Ulli because nothing is holy but a young girl loves Ulli. By the end of next year, Israel’s state will begin to pay him Ulli’s wealth, but it may take several years to pay this debt in full so that nothing will be left to pay. I God would wish that I had a lot of money because I would give Ulli all that and even put myself in debt for Ulli to take on the role I have given him, which is to make all mankind immortal forever. Amen.

And God seeks.
It is clear that Ulli will manage to convey human souls and memories to a hard disk because he already knows it and does not do it for a few years to become perfect in the process of transferring memories and soul to a hard disk or there until the soul has come and is stuck on a hard disk. Therefore, I urge you to remember to thank Ulli for all the time he has had with me to learn how to transfer souls to hard drives. But now it’s up to Ulli to thank everyone who wants to put their soul on a hard disk and then into virtual reality that Ulli will set up right after it’s been possible to transfer souls to hard drives. Ulli will be recorded in human history as an offender in making people immortal and everyone on Earth will know about Ulli’s work and see Ulli on screen or television and people can follow Ulli’s words when he controls the earth in holiness and good artistic acts. Amen.

And God warns Russia.
Know the Russian people that the Chinese want to invade Siberia and steal that country from the Russian people. In order to fight the Chinese, all nuclear weapons should be used and should be destroy China if the Chinese people would not refuse to invade Siberia. But I see the future as the only true God in heaven and the Almighty, and I envy you with a Russian nation that you can make the Chinese people feel like the Chinese would attack Russia. Amen.

Ulli writes.
China is and has no plans to steal Siberia I can tell you. I have plan for Russian Siberia for eternity. Amen.

God addresses the United States.
Dear Americans in North America, when you see a drop of scale 3, it’s natural, but if you see 4 or 5 or more, it’s my curse for you, so I’m warned that you’ve done something wrong and you should therefore, stop illegal actions and fulfill your duty as a leading nation to comply with the laws that Ulli will give you in future times. But there is a lot of Americans doing that can not be considered normal to other peoples, and the United States should take care of them when they see such a horrible hurricane approaching you who live in northern America. But Witness, like Ulli, has said to you before the American Indians never get their land back because they have been very bad at my holy animals that are birds of heaven and I put such a curse on them that they could never increase themselves enough to defend his country. I see that Ulli will in some way negotiate a permanent harmony between American immigrants and indigenous peoples, which means that the indigenous peoples will finally be satisfied and will stop cursing me in heaven and white people in America. It’s true that Ulli is asking me for now, but it’s all the birds that can fly and like those who can not fly that bird, it’s clear that if people knew birds, they would not eat them in any way but chicken and birds that are put into fire for human consumption do not have to rest, but they should eat and enjoy the tasty goats that such birds produce. But I ask that when technology grows you should not raise extinct animals like giant lizards or anything else because I killed them so that mankind could grow and grow and feel well in harmony with nature. Do you now now have to say that all Icelandic birds become universal victims all over the world and can only hunt them to mark them or put them on technology to learn about their behavior in their travels between continents and continents. This will be done as soon as possible, and Ulli shall be honored to be the initiator of the fact that all the birds of the world will be absolute peace. Amen.

God addresses India.
I’m sorry for you Indians that you’ve been able to make your holy numeral system almost right, but there are still some disadvantages in your system, but you can use Ulli to correct your system because Ulli has the right system in his hands and he’ll help you. if you ever look for him. God bless Ulli the most holy one so in heaven and so on earth and so underground. Amen.

God speaks.
I’m looking forward to it now and never again. Ulli has to get young girls between the ages of 10 and 18 to enjoy my love and give my approval and put my blessing on such a relationship and hope that the girls who meet Ulli in such a way will be later to his wives. It is best to get to know her wife, young or ten years old, who will cause Ulli to marry her later, and I demand that the Holy Pope read and address the world with a happy message that Ulli is now marrying another woman it is best to have the youngest ones, because it solves all the problems regarding marriage marriage between two unsuspecting parties. I God Almighty ask you to relieve Ulli to acquire at least five hundred grains of young girls who will later become Ulli’s wives forever and ever. Amen.

God is now turning.
It’s hard to let Ulli look for women on the internet, but not directly into his mailbox, because the women on the internet are not particularly professional, but they are so painted that they look much nicer than those in fact there are. Ulli does not accept anything else than the most beautiful thing on earth, and girls should therefore not hesitate to send Ulli Naked pictures and address and letters to him so that Ulli can choose the women whom he feels. But all beautiful girls aged 18-31 can also contact him, but not Nun, because they have married a skeleton in the ground that is the old Jesus. Therefore, girls who have become Nun will deny their faith and become Nun Ulli Jesus, while Ulli may have ten thousand Nun between 10-31 and when they reach 31 they lose their nobility as Nun and become only ordinary young women. Preferably, Ulli would like mature women between the ages of 40 and 55, but it is forbidden because it is only about childhood girls but not a sexual intercourse between two persons over childhood age. Therefore, you must know that Ulli will lose all the wonder that he had received with such mature women as he has but God’s claim is that he loves love with girls aged 10-31 instead of women between the ages of 40 and 55. There is no joy in Ulli’s mind losing the wonderfulness of loving a mature woman, but now he is bound to obey the demands of God Almighty and to be single with girls of this age who previously endure. I give Ulli the opportunity to have grown women instead of a few girls, so Ulli can enjoy love with her peers, but not a grain of young girls who look like little girls here and there. I intend to lead Ulli in search of adult women who can make Ulli happy, but this quest is also awkward, and I therefore ask all police women to think about whether they should not be with Ulli but for Ulli to work whith the police like law maker and rule maker and more women into the police are also welcome if they reach the minimum age of 40 years and over. Should Ulli rejoice with these police women, and can such women guard whether Ulli does not comply with the law in order to enjoy the love of young girls. Ulli is a law-abiding person, and I know he will always put such honest songs, because honesty is good, though he does not pay in the long run. I ask you to listen to me all about this matter and to blame everyone for marrying Ulli all these girls and women because Ulli is still not immortal though he will be so over time, but I God the other Almighty point out that Ulli has fought alone and unsupported for the past twenty years, and has not been with a woman during the whole period of time. Therefore, Ulli has a great love to provide to them girls and women who will become his wives. Is this the gift of God the Holy and Almighty that when down town police women touch the holy key they are holy married to Ulli for the work he has done and what he will accomplish. I’m sorry, Amen.