ENGLISH – 02 Chapter 12

God asks Preasts all over the world to apologize him.
I God Almighty apologize to all the Preasts in all countries for repeatedly saying that Ulli has the right to be with young girls. I apologize because I’m not so sleepy that I realized what I said this often. Therefore, I will never again mention Ulli’s girls again in such a way, though I only remind my gift of Ulli. Therefore, I will obey Preast’s prayers all over the world whether I have not been fully forgiven and I urge all priests around the world to pray to me for an answer in this matter. I’m sorry, Amen.

God is now speaking.
Happy to you all the people of mankind, I will tell you that Ulli will build two palaces one in Iceland and one in Germany, but after a short time he will have married all three of the three thousand wives given to him by God himself. Amen.

And Úlli writes.
The hills become so big that there will be almost two thousand rooms on the lower floor but only one room that will be a huge master bedroom on the upper floor. Then there will be a complete number of sofas and tables all over the top floor, bringing about two thousand people in a seat on the upper floor of the hall. Why do this all. Amen.

God speaks.
Know, humans that I God Almighty, nowadays, the Holy Book you call the Holy Bible is not holy because all of its sacredness has been set in its opposition such as the gospel that seals that all men should be good but now It is said that all men should be anything but good and then called on the kingdom of heaven, which is a political tool, but it is now said that there is such a heavenly condition in heaven with God. I am God Almighty and I am pleased to turn away from your insanity and stop making everything seem to be something heavenly and not something that is real like the story of heaven, which is why I send Ulli the only one true Jesus Christ reborn, but it must be clear that you are in the wrong direction and you have to rotate the straight path that is the star of David, which is of course the star of Ulli Messiah the holy Jesus Christ here on earth. Amen.

God in heaven speaks to humanity.
Well, good people, I think that judgment has come together to judge whether Ulli gets his wealth, which is truly the Messiah’s riches. This is about one hundred and eight hundred billion dollars, but it is the Messiah’s richest amount to be paid in a short period of time. Now judges can see that Ulli is the Messiah, and this wealth is the wealth of him. I ask you to pay attention to the defense of the judgment that he can not be the Messiah if he is not a Jewish numeral system, because the Jewish numeral system is an obsolete system, but Indian is modern, although it is the oldest number system in the world. Thank you for listening to me God Almighty in Heaven. Amen.

The excellent good God has come.
Holy men all over the world, you know that God’s numeral system has the number nine, but not just seven as the Jews use and have, but you know that’s right, so you must listen to me and reject the Jewish numerals of my Jews and take up the system of Indians, and then the Israelites will see that it is right that I am satisfied that the Jewish speaking system is incorrect and is an old-fashioned numerical system. Now let me call you, and I’m cheating on the Jews, Amen.

The Holy God has come.
Well nice people wherever you are, I’m going to wrap you from what I landed before, but I lay in Ulli’s bedroom, but he slept in the middle of the day, scarcely after writing a lot of writing this morning. It was out of my head that I felt Ulli had a stool in his bed, but he was not so excited that I thought he was doing his piece in the bed. But what about it? Ulli is the best of all men, and is doing well to save the world out of the hands of worn mates who do not want to fight for life and death in order to kill as much as possible. Such men should be killed without delay, and I demand that such sleeves be put in a chair and put into the ears where they need to kill the thirst, because killing a thirst is bad death because the body dries up and peels. Beware of killing people because someone kills unless he has reason to do so. Amen.

Ulli writes.
I agree with God in many or most ways, but killing is of course necessary in war, not peace. Otherwise, I’m here to write the word of God the Great, and I always wait for the orders to write new and new words. Nothing else. Amen.

God the good is here.
Happy to be nice people. I’m going to say to you now that Ulli is a good man who does nothing except when he is attacked by crazy people who can not cope with their bad body. I therefore ask you to think of me when you make a decision to give Ulli all the wealth that is his, but not part of as many wishes, but Ulli is not a part, but here he is in full reprimand that Jesus Christ is endured here on earth and I expect you to get together and give Ulli the strength to get all the money is his. But knowing that Ulli is also Christ does not mean that you need to diminish his object because what is promised must be met. Amen.

God has come.
Happy to be nice people, I’m going to bother you now, that Ulli will be able to write my words directly from heaven and I will only talk to him, but he will write my words exactly to the computer. Amen.

God the true has come.
Happy to be the good people, I want to say goodbye to you and mention that animals do not have to be eaten because they are not necessary because fruits can replace animals, but I’m not going to do this anymore. Amen.

God Almighty from heaven has arrived.
Know all the people of the earth that I God Almighty tears now that Noah’s ark Noah’s never existed but Noah’s wish that the Jews would have on the High Day save all the animals of the earth and people and fly into spacecraft on another star and build the star as would become a star like the earth. But I God Almighty tough now and never again except with my voice to the Jews, can not do this without cooperation with the people of the earth, because the people of the earth are clever and holy that it must get involved in establishing a new ground in our solar system. Amen.

God has come.
I God Almighty pray Ulli the holy angel of an angel to build in his chosen big church where his body will be frozen in an unbreakable glare to the public for all future, and the holy holy angel will sit in my left on my throne forever with you and I will match him forever and his body will be used by Ulli to investigate him in order to produce a robot that will be a precise copy of Ulli of the Saints anywhere in the world, whether it be in heaven, earth or underground. For I will be with him unto the end of the world, and into everlasting eternity. Amen.

God is here now.
Know that I want Ulli to have two thousand and seven hundred wives but not a thousand. Do I do this so that Ulli will be happy all the way to the end of this world and into eternity infinite. Here I am, Amen.

I ask humanity for attention now.
God has surrendered and the highest holy angels are gathered here as Asparfelli 2 Apartment 3.b. and now Ark Angel is planning to have become. Amen.

I’m sorry Angel now.
Blessed are you humans in the Vatican, because now all the Holy angels in heaven have decided to put God alone on the one hand and make Ulli to be God Almighty in heaven. Now, God Almighty is in heaven, but God’s former name is now Holy Daniel, and he will always be with Ulli to assist him. If I have nothing to bend at once, now God’s Ulli in heaven is dominant and supreme in hell and soon dominant on earth. Here I am, Amen.

God or rather, Daniel has come here to address you.
I am God in heaven, but now, holy Daniel, because I have been cast by the holy angels, but now I am all powerless, but they think that Ulli is much more capable than me to rule all matters in heaven. I know that I was God Almighty, but now God Ulli is Almighty, but not me, but I want you to pray to him and not mine again. I hope so for sure that Ulli will one day put me back to my former throne and make me back to God. I’m so sorry, Amen.

I WILL answer these words.
I am grateful for the confidence that the Saints Angels show to me and I want to say to you humankind that I will take this role seriously if I do not want nor can I be here on earth but unfortunately I do not hear your prayers because it is possible only if I was a soul and free from the human body. I invite you to show me patience, and I and Saint Daniel will continue to write in the Holy New Holy Bible as nothing more than ex-God Almighty will address you from here as holy Daniel. Thank you for reading these holy words, Amen.

I Holy Angel An angel in heaven now address the Vatican.
A Holy Angel asks you to pray to Ulli, but not to sanctify Daniel, and ask you to make your prayers short because Ark Angels will read your prayers for Ulli to judge and answer. Therefore, there is now a need for resources so that Ulli can send his Nuns with funds to the needy and others to fulfill your prayers. With this I am sacred, Amen.