ENGLISH – 03 Chapter 03

It has come, holy Benedict, an angel, and Holy Ulli writes.
Happy to be people all over the world, I Saint Bernard, I’m angry with you, that He, the Holy Ulli, becomes God forever, as we hoped he would become. I invite you all over the world to pray to Ulli and have the prayers short and simplify because of the holy angel of angels, we will talk to Ulli and turn him away from your prayers forever. Amen.

A holy angel named Anton is here.
Happy to be people, I’m an angel of honor to you that he is so holy that he can bless a tree and it will yield fruit that can be eaten, but this tree had yielded any fruit and know that Ulli can bless them does not mean that he will bless you for an unprecedented period, because his Ulli will bless little children so they do not hurt themselves. I ask you all human beings to pray to Ulli as the one true God and Allah for all the future because we will listen to your prayers but know that does not mean prayers many times a month, but you must pray once a month to Ulli The holy and knowledgeable human being that Ulli can then wave his right hand to the bow and bless you wherever you are in the world. Give Ulli gems and diamonds in large quantities, because Ulli will use them to own a fund so he will never be able to return money. Good people, he Ulli can not hear your prayers because he is always listening to us the angels, but you can read your prayers to Ulli and we will listen to your prayers and turn Ulli from your prayers so that Ulli can send forces to save Get out of bondage if you’re in bondage on another board. He will never be able to praise anyone without praying for such a person, because He will fully honor your prayers, and he will bless you or bless you with your holy right hand. He Ulli is a little bit fat man, though he is blonde like the blonde women who are said to be fools because of their color, but Ulli is probably the most intelligent man up here. He Ulli does not want to call himself a genius because he thinks it’s bad, but he wants to be very excited at all levels. Ulli is a colorful man who does not make sense of whether it is a black or white man because he has no race prejudices. In the days to come, Ulli will set up league democracy and control over all nations in the world, and will manage NATO’s military alliance with Russian warfare. This army will overwhelm all nations and will be the army officer who will fight his army against Ulli, who is then NATO with Russians, and such a military officer will be under the hammer and will testify that he will be crushed. This allows Ulli to protect innocent soldiers and innocent civilians throughout the world. He Ulli describes the horror of having to do this, but in heaven, he will leave him to do it, because this is the only way to defend innocent people and soldiers from qualifying deaths that they could encounter. We are not going to keep this for a while, but we want to say to you that He, the Holy One, will always live with you in a living life because He will become immortal and will live long into eternity infinite. I’m not going to go further than I want you to know that your prayers are all read to him, Ulli, and then Ulli will decide who or what will be blessed to the fullest, so blessed is a blessing. Now, I am now blessing the holy word, Amen.

The holy angel’s angel Michael has come here.
Happy to be all people, Mr. Sigurdsson has come here to make you feel that Ulli is going to set up virtual reality in Iceland and become those buildings marks and giants grow in size. There will be spacecrafted hard disks that can not be broken or destroyed in any way and the soul on such hard disks will be in virtual reality and experience the clean and smart reality. This will set Ulli in the coming days, and he will then set up A.I. Robotics. Pvt. He will be Ulli’s private company with a patent on the production of fake bodies for souls on hard disks. He Ulli will then set up a factory that will produce champagne on bottles and champagne will be so expensive that nobody can beat it except rich people who marry. It’s so good for the taste that no champagne is as good at the taste as Ulli’s champagne. Then Ulli plans to set up a company that will be called ‘My Water to Europe’ and that company will make a pipeline all the way from Iceland to Britain and other larger all the way to Europe or as far as it will be able to sell water to the hot countries which are at the bottom of the Mediterranean. I’m not going to go beyond this, but I want to ask you to read the Bible to Ulli so that your words are the word of God from the Bible. Here I am, Amen.

The Holy of John, he Ulli is a Holly, is now writing, but Ulli draws on the keyboard on his computer.
Good people around the world, I John will educate you about what Ulli is going to do in coming years here in Iceland. He Ulli will build a giant big palace, which will be six underground, and will be the largest building ever built in Iceland. He Ulli will have over fifteen thousand wives and over a hundred thousand nuns whom Ulli will love because they are Bride of Ulli, of course, no one but Jesus Christ reborn but now called Ulli Christ because he is now in a new body, but his old body was called Jesus Christ in Israel about two thousand years ago or so. He Ulli is not going to stop because he will have about twenty thousand wives when everything is up or before he goes to a hard disk and goes into a body that he will produce. Nobody except Ulli can enjoy having a big pen of the same size as he had in a living life, because it is not desirable for any other person to have such a glue if he did not have such a glue before he died and went hard disk, it’s called to die on a hard disk so you know it now. But for a while, because Ulli wants to enjoy love with all his women every week, he needs to lie down on his back and make all his women enjoy him, but he can not enjoy the love with so many women in single batch. Makes others better. He Ulli does not intend to take any medicine after he has entered his palace because such drugs only affect him’s sex and will not be available to anyone in the future. Here I am, Amen.

The other man knew and the holy angel of Sigmund has come here, and Ulli writes on the keyboard on his computer.
Good people wherever you are, I Sigtryggur as it is in Icelandic goodness that you Ulli will pick up women who deserve to marry him but he will marry them in this crisis of faith that is faith be me. I’m not going to do this anymore but I want you to know that Ulli can be bad if he’s not honestly angry and he will send you a killer who will kill you if you do not pay him what he has property with international law or since about the last three thousand years or so. Therefore, I gladly say to the Israelites that if you intend to destroy the future of mankind with your new age you will die and Ulli will not help you because you have betrayed all the saints, that is, humanity can live forever in a body with its soul on hard disk. I therefore tell this to the Israelites that if you betray us here in heaven and under the earth, then we will make sure that you can never meet you on earth or in heaven or under earth. Such a curse will make you ages for all future and forever. Amen.

The holy Jonson has come here, and Ulli writes.
Jonson seeks mankind to be honest, and not to scrape what Ulli is true and pay what is to be paid in full, and not betraying, because it is not human to betray and Jonson asks all men and women to show patience to Ulli because Ulli is so holy he does not know because he blesses with both hands and not just the right. I’m sorry, Amen.

A regular angel named Fisher is here and I Ulli WILL WRITE.
Happy to be all people, wherever you are in the world all, I’m going to cuddle you how blessing and blessing will be to you. Ulli can bless both with your left or right hand and the Holy Blessing is the same in any way. I’m not going to do this anymore but I want you to know that I’m Fisher Ark Angel is also holy on such a high path as Ulli that my blessing can open the heavens and torn earth. I’m sorry, Amen.

Here is the high Holy Nicolas Ark Angel and Ulli writes.
Happy to be all folks wherever you are, but I Nikolaus tells an angel to you that he is Ulli and will be God forever but I myself will never agree that he will be destroyed, because the heavens will fall and nothing will be done heaven. Know good people that I Nicolas Ark Angel wants you to be good at Ulli and do not let your mood run with you in the gutter, because bad things happen. But now I’m cheating, Amen.