ENGLISH – 03 Chapter 04

Here is Antonius and Ulli writes.
Happy to be all folks wherever you are, I’m going to bend you that he will be with us forever and ever but not outside his body because he will live forever on earth or in space. That’s why I’m happy to see you that Ulli will always be with you because he does what’s right, but nothing’s wrong, though he loves young girls. But it’s not a crime, because they have reached the age of eighteen years or about. That’s why I’m glad that Ulli will know everything about the management of the nations, because here in heaven, he will warn him what to do about the governance of the nations. He will not do anything bad, like Adolf Hitler, because he has no enemies, but he will punish some, but that does not mean he’s a bad leader. Let this be good for now. Amen.

I Ulli wanna write about a future hospital.
I am in heaven and talk to some angels about the future. We discussed that the following would happen in the coming future. In the coming future, all hospitals will be computer and engineers be warned. You only have to go to the hospital and go to the front desk and straighten your hand so that it is possible to beam your hand, but talk about this practice. Then the result is a small digital card, and the person has to read the panel and follow the instructions contained therein. Then he follows the instructions that are possible on the way to the following room because he has a cardiovascular disease. But before he goes to the room, a screen is currently showing the price of a crash operation that costs them some amount. It is suggested that the person can confirm payment by pushing the thumbnail on the payment confirmation column and then doing so. Then this person goes outside the room the card points to him waiting for his number to appear, but more people wait there for this person. When the row comes to him, he goes in and does as written on the panel. sit down to the end of the end and wait. Then the volume is restored and the person is left in bed. Then a mask enters him and he falls asleep. Then, the hands of the handsome man will make him feel a new heartfelt heart, and work like a normal heart. At the end of the operation, the handsome men cling his hands back to the suit, but then the person wakes up and walks out because he is fully overgrown and only with an arrow and does not have to rest anything. Such will be the hospital of the future. One room takes care of the heart and other things about the liver and the other of the lungs and so on and even can be removed and gained on a person’s penis if necessary. Like this now, Amen.

I WILL writes about future school.
I am in heaven and discuss the future with a few angels. If someone in the future needs education, he has to go to school and go to the door and put his hand to be radiated. Does he get a card that is what he needs to do to get educated? He leaves the card and goes outside the living room where others are waiting too. When the row comes to him, he walks to what is on the card and walks in a chair where the hands of the hands receive him and put on his head equipment to read his mind. Then a screen appears in front of him, stating that he needs to update general education and the site asks what education he wants. Then the person seeks to want a certain engineering education, but then the screen shows the prices of these education that the person needs to confirm by pushing the thumb to a certain mark on the screen. When this is done, the card stands out that he needs to close his eyes for a few minutes or until his head is removed. Then this person closes his eyes and begins the head to read the education he paid. It takes only a few minutes to read these educations, and then the person is fully smart and with a new education that helps him get a job. Then, turn the head off the person and open the affected eyes. If the screen returns, it says that the person can apply for the following jobs if he or she is happy. Only the thumb must be placed on the screen in the appropriate field, and the job application will start. Once he has applied for a job, a little wait and then comes if the application has been approved. Then the person is likely to get a job because many job offers are usually the case. I’m done now, Amen.

I Ulli write about direct elections to the public.
When I wrote this, I came from heaven as I spoke to the holy angel of angels, but the following is what was discussed. When someone wants to vote, he or she has to go to the polling point, where he has to meet in front of the front desk and straighten his hand and let the beam read his hand, but only the hand will be sufficient to read the mind of the person in the future. After reading the hand, a screen will appear because the election will be received for the next year, but the computer has read the mind of the person and see what his will for the election will be for next year, and he will not have to attend again until but after a year or so. Thereafter, payments to the person due to his vote will be filed monthly next year. Is it clear that the talk can take care of daily elections for the whole nation and therefore does not have to vote on a monthly basis as we need to do soon and in the future. Is this done now for now, Amen.

Ulli will pose a paradise on earth.
When I have sales of soul bodies and will receive a lot of money, I will produce foam plastic houses around the world. Then I will plant fruit trees throughout all the worlds, including bees and other goodies. Then I will drill around the world for fresh water and use solar power to pump the water, so people around the world have fresh water to drink. Then I will set up very deep ponds and breed fish that people can then provide for food. Then you can see that the first step to paradise has been taken. Can those people walk all over the world and eat fruit and fish and drink fresh water or make fruit or beat the juice as a dj. The foamed houses will be sunbathing so that warmth will be in the houses, and people from wherever it can live will be free for as long as it wants. I will then have new clothes in the houses that will be manufactured under high quality control so that people get dressed. I’m so sorry, Amen.

When the future comes and money no longer exists and Ulli writes.
As far as the future is concerned, there will be self-manufacturing factories that produce all food, clothes, vehicles and all that humanity needs. It will be free of charge for people and can then get people what they want and as much as it wants and what they want for free and without any terms. The money will no longer be available and that is just if we choose world without monay and the robot will take care of all services and businesses and people will live them as they like and feel good. I’m cheating, Amen.

Former God has come here.
Happy to be all folks, my former God is going to wake you sad news. Now all the red and yellow gubby fish are dead because I did not have a cleaner like him, Ulli, in his cages. I’m going to do the way he Ulli to breed the yellow gooseberry fish that are probably Romanov yellow fish. He Ulli is going to do that in the garage as well, but I will do it in the prison in Heaven. I do not have this anymore now, but I hope that Ulli will make me return to be God in heaven, because I deserve it, but Ulli does not think so. Be merry at once, goodbye, ex-God in heaven, Amen.

Ulli writes.
I called the Angels earlier and asked where the former God was and they said he was in prison and was burying his grubby fish. I did not ask more but I smiled, Amen.

Ulli writes.
I have been confirmed that all doors to heaven will now be closed and no one will come to heaven except those who have a USB key from Ulli and a copy of this book on the USB key. Does that mean that nobody gets through the golden gate except someone who has a key from me as Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson from Iceland and I am in the Icelandic phone book or call 1818. Then it means that everyone else has to rule on earth forever because I do not give any key for free. The keys will be for sale on my website www.himnariki.is and cost about $ 100. First comes first get. Then later the price will be higher. Amen.

Now is my grandfather Gregory Y. Rasputin with me as dead person when I look at his photos and am mind to mind contact with him from the grave.
Gregory Rasputin seeks to want to talk to God. God has come and Gregory asks God why God killed him. God says it was because Gregory has wanted the Russian crown. Gregory sees that he did not want the crown but he would only help. God seeks to go with Gregory because he wanted the crown. Gregory sees that he did not want the crown. God seeks that if this is true then he is very sorry. Gregory seeks to want to live again and to be born as a little child again. God seeks that it’s okay he does what he likes. Gregory seeks that he wants to get in birth line with mother of his child of Anastasia Romanova in Iceland, but Anastasia Romanova says no. Then Gregory sees that he will come in line with a prostitute whom I Ulli will have but why should I Ulli have a prostitute and also a child with her. God pleases it’s okay to come back because Ulli will help Gregory. Gregory says Spasiba and dobri. Does this mean that Gregory will return in 2030 and live again as Gregory Rasputin or he shows that in public at that time as he is Gregory Rasputin. I Ulli just say what a trouble. Amen.