ENGLISH – 03 Chapter 01

The usual angel has arrived.
Blessed be people, I am an angel from heaven and have it tough. You are people who need to know that now is Ulli become God Almighty, holy angel in heaven, the only true Ulli. It means that Ulli is a holy God in heaven but now descends on earth and will put and judge all humanity as needed. It is God’s Ulli, or until he finds himself a man or angel whom he stirs to put on the heavenly crown. I will not go further than I want you to know that Ulli will not put this holy crown upon anyone if no one likes such a mind to become God Almighty in heaven. I’m sorry, Amen.

Former God now seeks.
Happy to be human beings, I’m not happy to be stepped up so much, but I know him Ulli and pretend to know that he will bring me back to my throne in heaven. I pray that you continue to pray for my holy prayers and I will listen and answer you as always. Your sincere, former God. Amen.

Holy angel has come here.
Happy to be all the best people. My holy angel is pleased that your prayers are unfortunately not answered because Ulli does not honor your prayers nor will we assist him in listening to prayers. Therefore, I ask you to stop praying and rather think about praying when a new God sits on the highest heavenly throne. I’m sorry, Amen.

Holy angel has come back here.
Happy be back. I will remind you that it needs to be remedied if people who intend to go to heaven do not get or can not get to heaven. Therefore, Ulli will have a website where people can subscribe to pay for their resurrection to heaven. Then people can get to heaven without it. It means that holy angels will fly with the person to heaven or hell as there is now a paradise and people can get there without having to look for the entrance itself. It is a good idea to get this help because people get their paradise right away, not having to go for a search. Here I am, Amen.

Former God has come here.
Happy to be good people. I Former God Almighty Tissue With Your Followers, I want you to know that Ulli is Jesus Christ reborn and is also the Messiah himself, and I want you to join hands and pay Ulli all the wealth he has, for I am the former God Almighty want you to have a happy future but if you do not pay for Ulli, Ulli will do what you fear most, that is, you are driven from Israel and your state gives someone who can handle it, but it will not be Palestinians, because the Palenstinians have dirty feet and should not step foot on the holy earth that is the kingdom of Israel. You have to pay to the top of all the wealth you promised the Messiah and if someone does not want to pay, he will be put to prison because he has profaned the memory of your ancestors, so he must be in prison for a long time or until he or she has done recognizes the severity of this case. I’m looking forward now, Amen.

Holy Angel has come, and I Ulli writes.
Happy to be all folks. My holy angel is pleased with you that Ulli’s wealth will be used to immortalize humanity, but it is possible to convey the soul and memories to a hard disk, so Ulli needs all his time to investigate how it is done, and the sense that Ulli takes the whole world over to a hard disk and produces a soulful body that will be used to keep those who are on the hard drive in such a body and live a normal life. I ask all of Israel to pay Ulli his wealth because he is the Messiah himself, and he will prove himself in this matter. I’m sorry for all of you, Amen.

Regular Angel has come here and Ulli writes.
Happy to be all bad people, I have nothing to do with you, except I’m here to help Ulli in every way he thinks he needs. I am going to heaven for Ulli, and I will be able to deliver and the like. I hope so for sure that all the Jews stand together and pay their wealth to your Ulli from your ancestors, your glorified Jews. If I do not have this anymore, I hope you will be in this matter. Amen.

Former God has come here.
Blessed be all people, and be blessed because I have nothing to resilience until I am again God Almighty and holy in heaven. Amen.

He God Almighty He Ulli writes now.
I am holy, and is called wicked nowadays, when I get upset and lean me as I do regularly, I’m called a trumpet from heaven the Holy and asked if and what book I want to hear now. Then read from the book and talk to the trumpet and heal it down to me as I’m leaning and resting. Now it is 13.01.2018. and I am listening to the holy angel speak to me that I and him will then write in this holy book that is the book of life. About two days ago, I called the holy angels and told them to cope with ex-God and put him in prison. They went and did it, but the reason was that the former God had been so dead that he killed me there for the year. Has he then cut me in my hand, blind me on my left eye and killed me? Seig angels in heaven that if I were a soul in heaven, I would hate ex-God and bring him into eternal imprisonment. It’s been so bad for me just because he was very intelligent and more prophetic than he and I thought he threatened him because it was a will in heaven to make him go and make me God Almighty who has since and now I am God, holy in heaven. I’m so sorry, Amen.

A holy angel from heaven has come here.
Happy to be all human beings I’ve come here to make you know that I’m a servant of Ulli the Great God Almighty in heaven, the Holy One, and I want you to know that I have great respect for him Ulli, because he is so great prophet that he can predict whether war will only be by joining a single document online. I’m good, Amen.

A sacred holy angel is here and I Ulli writes.
Happy to be people all over the world, I’ve come here to warn you that if you do not pay Ulli what he has by law, then all the heavenly people will curse you down to earth or until you are so deeply sunk down that you can never get back to you again. Ulli is the most sacred thing that exists on earth and so in heaven and so in hell. I do not want to be evil, but if you stand against the holy one who is in heaven, we will take our case. I therefore bless the most holy words, Amen.

I Ulli is here.
I have to resent to you that I am not a smile now because I have five thousand wives in heaven and ten thousand wives underground and toughen them, hopefully I get my wealth from Israel, the Vatican and other congregations because they are all on their way down to earth to reborn as children in a new body. After five years in collaboration with Saints Angels, I will find all my wives, even though they will not find them until the age of fourteen, yet I will find about five hundred wives who are in the age of five . Shall I then teach them how to go up to heaven and underground to prove if these are truly my true wives who came from heaven to stay with me and hopefully forever if the aforementioned groups do not betray me. Imagine about one hundred angels to be born now soon on earth, and I’ll find them with the help of another angel of angels left in heaven. And if I have received my assets, I will build a small castle in France at the border with Germany, and there they will live. Do they also want to introduce to them all my daughters because they want to marry into my multiple. I told them to live because I would never hand in my daughters because they themselves would decide who to marry, but I said I would talk to them and ask them to go and meet these hundreds of angels, but more would I absolutely do not. If I do not like this thing, nothing else but the angels will work with me if I get my money and they will then take care of the top positions I would have offered to them at the time they get ready and willing to work at me. But if Israel and the Vatican betray me, nothing will happen to this and no future for humanity. Only the original life lasting seventy years after struggle and hard life that is probably sad life and then qualifying death, but if they pay, I will move the soul and mind over to the hard disk and give them virtual reality or until I’ve found the perfect soulful body that can start production. The time now is 01:02, 17.01.2018. but yesterday I spoke to the law firm to take this case but they will then consider the matter, but it is a policy of Israeli or related parties who have my case. I hope they take this matter so that all humanity can live forever and find a reluctant relative or friends born here on earth and it is then another eternity to lose all assets or memories of death but to get help to know the past and who we were but it’s not possible if I die like an old man here on earth. How can I Jesus Christ to star for a thousand years if I do not get well in a soulful body? Amen.