What is legal from this Book?

The law regarding the Publishing and Market making regarding this Book is as follows.

This book is for free and may be downloaded from my site www.himnariki.is and distributed to anyone and where ever that person or group is.

This book may be translated to any language there is and distributed on other websites as follows.

This book is free and may never be sold or be used in trade on anything and money may never be given for any work on this book. That means that service regarding trading this book may never be paid only good person doing everyone a favor.

No one may use this book to take away readers on www.himnariki.is in order to gain money from advertising on another website. Never pay or take money regarding this book.

Please notice. You may print out some pages of my book or even my whole book as one copy for elderly or other help. BUT MY BOOK MAY NEVER BE PRINTED. NEVER PRINT PUBLISHED.

I own all the rights for making a movie or television series from this book and all creation from this book. The only problem is that I do not want my Book to be published as a printed issue towards anyone.

Many thank my dearest friend where ever you are and remember that I love you who ever you might be and where ever you are.

My very so best regards.

Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson.