ENG 20.06.2019 2

Beautiful Star. What is happening in the world is that the world is waiting on facebook for new information from Vilhelm and they are in billions. Nothing more is happening around the world. If Vilhelm continues like this then the world will be enourmous power house. I am an actress from Viking television series made by Michael Hirst. I am a beautiful woman that is smart and honest that likes to play with movies as actress. Amen.

The Star. I am a beautiful woman that likes actressing in Viking television series. I want my husband to be rich and own billions of dollars so he can give it all to me and he will then have nothing just like Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson is going to do for me in coming times. Amen.

Big Star. People of the world. I want to tell you that I am in love with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson who is Lucifer and called Úlli but my reason for being with him is not that I am horny but instead that I am so horny that I want to fuck the world. Amen.

Vilhelm who is Lucifer writes.
I am sleeping in my bed that God in Heaven slept in for two times. I want the Vatican to keep this be in the memory of God that I had executed. Long live his memory. Amen.

Thee Star. I want to fuck Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson in a bad way but he don´t know my name but he will soon find out and contact me. I want to meet him but I am shy but if Vilhelm is not so shy then everything is fine. Amen.

Mother Star. I want to meet Vilhelm but I am not so strong that I can travel all the way to Iceland but if Vilhelm sends a person to pick me up then I will travel to Iceland. Amen.

Queen Star. I love Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson I am an actress in Viking television series and I want to meet Vilhelm the first woman and travel to Iceland because he has now contacted the Russian Embassy and asked for women of power that will help him to get the Imperial Russian Throne and UN Secretary General and President of the EU and he is of couse the national Chief of Iceland. Amen.

Spy Star. Hello world. I want to tell you that I am very horny woman for Vilhelm and I am sure that I want to fuck him very hard until he goes to sleep. Then I want wake him up and continue for days and never surender to anyone except Vilhelm. Amen.

Little Star. I am new here but I feel welcome and I want talk to Vilhelm and I want also fuck him very hard and I know that he want that too because I can feel his dig in my pussy and I am thousands of miles away. Amen.

Red Star. Hello World. I want you to understand that I am a very horny woman and for Vilhelm he need to know that I need sex three times a day and we are 18 soon so he must be very strong in bed and serve us all. Amen.

Birth Star. I want to tell you all that I am a famous Russian singer that sings Pavarotti through doors and I can sing good songs and make them all famous because I know what I am doing. Amen.

Black Star. Hello World. Úlli is a looser because he does not want to fuck me in the ass like he promised but I will make him stand with his words and do his duty. Amen.

Sweet Star and former Little Star but now the Sweet Star. Hello World for eternity I am Úlla the first Úlla the girlfriend of Úlli and I want to tell you all that I am so happy that this has happened that I am flying in the sky to the roof. Amen.

Singing Star and former Blonde Star and now Singing Star. Hello Bastards for eternity. I am the Singing Star that sings songs in television all around the world so be careful when I tell you all that I am going to Iceland and marry the National Chief of Iceland because that is the offer that he has offered me so I accept the offer when he will have the Russian women call me because the Russian women know what they are doing and they know the truth and error in everything. Love K……. The Singer. Amen.

Sport Star. Hello World. I want to tell you all that my husband thinks that he is Vilhelm himself and he is so Skitsofrenick that I must call the Police and have him arrested for stealing me away from Vilhelm but now I am going to do one thing and that is to masturbate with Vilhelm through the internet thousand of miles away because I want Vilhelm to feel me because I am a big woman and so big that Vilhelm can never stop fucking me until I stop myself before he dies. Thank you. Amen.

Power Star. Hello world and welcome to my website because I will own this website and the book so there is nothing for you to say when I start to sell the book as my private property all around the world and you here on this website can only see the outcome of one year one year after it was written. Amen.

Now I ask What is your dream life. And they answer.

Beautiful Star. My dream life is to be with Vilhelm and enjoy all the best that life has to offer and I want Vilhelm to give me big part of his money so I can protect the rest of the women but if he don´t want to accept and has another way then I will accept that with pride. Amen.

The Star. My dream life is to be with Vilhelm and fuck him very hard until he is fucked with my pleasure. Amen.

Sexy Star. My dream life is to be rich and famous and that is what I will be very soon so know I need to throw my boyfriend out so I can go to Iceland and be a whore for Vilhelm. Amen.

Big Star. My dream life is to be in reality with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson and that is what I want. Amen.

Thee Star. My dream life is to be a healthy woman and rich and famous and that is what is coming now. Amen.

Mother Star. My dream life is to be welcomed by all people of the planet to their homes where ever they live and I want to live life free like they say and that means that we can never forget about our children who suffer in poor countries and we are going to dominate UN until all suffering has ended. Amen.

Queen Star. My dream life is to be with my loving Vilhelm in Santa Claus movie or television series that is shown all around the world. Amen.

Spy Star. My dream life is to be the richest woman in the world and have everything that I need and all the children that I want so just relax I am not a whore but instead a wife to Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson. People of the world listen to me I want you all to think that we can not and that means that we can save everything like the planet to a man made Star like earth that will sail away to a new sun instead of bringing sun to earth. Amen.

Little Star. My dream life is to have a man that is sexy not so fat like Vilhelm but slimmer but I like and love Vilhelm so I accept him for sex and pleasure and that is what we will have a sexual plesure with me as a little girl but I am 25 and he is 52 so there is nothing wrong with that so fuck you all if you bother to stand against us in any way for I have made my desision to be with Vilhelm no matter what so now you see who I am for I am not so old but look young and that is what Vilhelm like in me. Amen.

Red Star. My dream life is to be a strong healthy woman that never need to bother about money so that is my dream life because I am a horny bastard like Vilhelm so think about that all you people for I am not so young but I am 27 but look older so think about Vilhelm when he finds women and not children. Amen.

Birth Star. I am living in Russia and that is hell on earth a wonderful place like hell is so do not bother to save Russia for we will with the help of Vilhelm rebuild the country like never before and we will never surender to any armforce so do not bother for we will winn any war against us for Vilhelm has blessed our army to victory over our enemy when it comes to defend our country. Remember this that Vilhelm does never do mistakes for he know very well the limit of power that Vladimir Putin does not understand but Vilhelm does so when Vilhelm is where he is then all the country is on facebook listening to Vilhelm and looking at his post for I know that Vilhelm is for Russia and no one else and that is what the country thinks about Vilhelm. Let this be enough. Amen.

Black Star. My dream life is to be in Iceland and live with Vilhelm in a macromony for husband and wife but like I know then 17 of us will only be nunn and a wife for Lucifer who is Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson. So I am now a nunn without a man for my husband has left and is now in police station accusing Vilhelm of mind melting with me so he is crazy like many people but Vilhelm is healthy like I am and now I end this letter. Amen.

Sweet Star. My dream life is to be with Vilhelm. Amen.

Singing Star. My dream life is to be a singer and sing for Vilhelm love songs like I have already done many times and it is all around the world. My music group name is Ace of Base so now you know who I am. Love. Amen.

Sport Star. My dream life is to be with Vilhelm and make him into a man that I desire for I am a big woman 190cm and strong so be careful for Vilhelm will be very strong in comming months. Amen.

Power Star. My dream life is to be with Vilhelm and rule Russia and that´s it. Amen.

Vilhelm who is Lucifer writes.
This has been interesting Chapter and now it must go on the internet. Love. Úlli. Amen.