ENG 20.06.2019

Vilhelm Lucifer writes.
I have made the United Nations flag a Russian red flag with 18 white stars. This flag are for the United Nations ruled by my 18 wife´s and the Secretary General of UN is just secretary and does what the 18 stars of UN tells him to do. Amen.

I am going to make all the Stars speak to the world in free way. Here it comes.

The Beautiful Star. Hello world, I want to tell you a story about my father who raped me when I was a child and never regred it. Amen.

The THE Star. I have a boyfriend named Travis Fimmel and he is raping me so I can not go to Iceland. Amen.

The Beauty Star who is now the Sexy Star. I have a boyfriend and he is a young man but he is so stupid that he thinks that he can kill Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson with his bare hands and without hasitasion. Amen.

The Big Star. I am now divorced since two days ago because Vilhelm is love of my life so I left and I am now with my mother and is happy as never before. Amen.

The Thee Star. I have no boyfriend and I don´t want one because I only want Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson in my bed where he need to sleep every one day in a week. Amen.

The Mother Star. I am in love with a man who thinks that having many women will give him power when that is not true for he is the one who gives us power so we can stand strong. I know now that my power is with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson so he is now a strong man ready for battle whenever he is needed. Amen.

The Holy Star now the Queen Star. Hello world and happy days for I am now not married any longer. My former husband gave me his signature in order to get divorced tomorrow. Amen.

The Spy Star. I want you all to understand that I am not in love with Vilhelm because he does not love me except when I am acting and that person is not I it is another woman. Now I am in love with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson for the first time because he has admited that he loves me and not that woman in Vikings. So I am happy thank you. Amen.

The Little Star now Love Star. I love you all but not Vilhelm because I love Úlli more then myself. Amen.

The Little Star. I am in love with a man who is in my head and speaks to me who is wonderful and easy going and nothing to worry about so I am happy. Amen.

The Super Star now The Red Star. I am in love with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson who is a maniac in his apartment speaking to me but I am fine and very happy. Amen.

The Birth Star. There is nothing she wants to say.

The Black Star. I am in love with Vilhelm and I will fuck him very hard so he don´t stand up until he is finished. Amen.

The Blonde Star now The Singing Star. I am totally in love with Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson but I don´t think he wants to be with me. Amen.

The Sport Star. I am not in love but I am so horny to this man that he can not control himself but I can so that is what keeps him alive. Amen.

The Power Star. I am in love with another man but he is so stupid to think that I want to stay with him so it has ended now and he is gone and now I want to go to Iceland and marry as nunn to Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson until death do us apart. Amen.

The Stars have spoken and now I will ask them for they are the rulers of Hell and Heaven and all Earth. Question is what should Vilhelm Ulfar Vilhelmsson do now in the world matter?

The Star. I reccommend him to take the Tsharist throne through Russian embassy in Iceland. Amen.

All other Stars agreed to The Star desision to contact the Russian Embassy.