18.07.2021 b

17:27 18.07.2021. Sunday, Reykjavík, Asparfell 2.
I am now going to tell you what has happened since my marry two and a half year ago to the 700 Viking Televsion Seacon Women.

The Sun Speaks.
Hello People and life on earth. Now I tell you what we are going to do on Facebook for eternity to come. We are going to write on Facebook everything what we do and what shall be done for humans and animals and that is fauna and all flora and yeas afterlife. Hold on tight now it comes. People of the world. Now you must copy the timeline of Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson on Facebook and make a future book of it and we will all support you if you tell the story from BE MINE and Facebook and God is on our side forever and ever. Sign, The Sun. Amen.

The Black and Red Rose Speaks.
Now I tell you all mankind. The Doomsday and Judgement day starts 4 of April 2025 and the enemies are all mankind fauna and flora and afterlife. Because Úlvar Christ will rule the war and judge all life on and around planet earth. Sign, Black and Red rose. Amen.

The Icelandic Burning Lava Speaks.
Hello lovely and beautiful Viking women. Now I tell you the law of Iceland. Everyting that Úlli ownes is also your property. Only the bank account that lyes under the nations is the property of Úlli but you can use it to be the most richest and most powerfull women on the planet. That is the law of Iceland and the entire planet. Your lovely and beautiful Lava. Amen.

The Rabbit Speaks.
Hello evil people of the world. I want to tell you the story about the rape that happened to Úlli´s wife´s the 700 Vikings for the last two and a half years. It started with Viking men who forced and raped and made children to the Viking women and they called on buses because they where married to the Tsar of Russia and then came the Norwegian Police who raped them all and put great pain in them and then came Swedish Police who raped them all until today and they run to Iceland where all the Police men and women raped them and used the name of Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson to advertise free sex so it ended up that all Icelandic men fucked them many times. I call on you mankind to kill all of these men and their sons now and forever in my name and Úlli´s name forever and take the DNA and hunt down all the relatives of the Police and kill them all so we will never see this evil again on this planet or anywhere else. Understand that the Policewomen are not innocent and must also die except 324 Icelandic women who are now Wife´s of Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson. Understand mankind that I the rabbit will hunt you down forever and ever to kill your Soul regardless what you say. Sign, Brown Gray Rabbit in Sweden. Amen.

The Kalli Pig speaks.
Hello hungry people of the world. I Kalli Pig must tell you the facts. After the Viking women where in Iceland then when Úlli find out then he threw them out from Iceland because he was so angry that they where prostitutes from the Viking Norway Sweden and Iceland and forced to abuse his because of the Icelandic Police in so horrible way that the name Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson is a completely destroyed name in Iceland and now we are going to build it up so Vilhelm will be the world greatest man ruler of the planet and beond in afterlife and space. The name Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson is in reality Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson Sarputin and he is Christ the one and only and people of the world do you know what happened after the Viking left Iceland? The where forced by the European Police to serve sexually all men who had political power in Europe and USA and Arabia and China and Asia and Japan and India and Pakistan so they had to fuck around 50 million men and they got help from USA prostitutes who fucked 550 million men. All these men must be killed and all their children both boys and girls for being a rapist and a child of a rapist now and for always. So in my name kill them in a evil way so Úlli will have revenge now and always. Sign, Kalli the pig. Amen.

The Sun Speaks.
Good day people on earth. I am going to shine on Siberia for Úlli the Devil so the winter 2021-2022 will be 60-70 degrees warmer all the winter in the name of Úlli the Devil of Iceland where Úlli will always be because he loves Mother Iceland and Mother Russia and God and most of all the Sun. The Sun. Amen.

The Horse Speaks.
Hello people of the world. I want to tell you my story of life of Úlli. The France men raped them in horrible way with Generals giant big dicks what Úlli does not have and the women put hundreds of needles in their glitoris so they screamed in the most horrible pain there exist so people of the world! Act now and hunt down France women guilty or not guilty and stick needles in their glitoris in hundreds except for the models who are going to be the wife´s of Úlli in Iceland. If a France man cut the balls of a horse or kill a horse then burn him slowly alive to painful death. I love you all and I want the women to fuck me and that is what Úlli accept now and forever but hear me now! What will you do if a robot says to you, it is a sick thing to fuck the animals! Think about that. Love, The horse. Amen.

The Flower Gleym mér ei speaks.
People of Iceland! I am going to tell the world what Iceland did to Úlli. The Doctors of Iceland called on Wilhelm father of Úlli and asked him if he could sell them the DNA of Úlli to Iceland and then to America for test and research. Wilhelm got 200 million dollars for that and the Police of Iceland went to Vilhelm good home a Countryhouse but old that Úlli was fixing to get money and arrested him and took him to the hospital where he was forced to have injection an innocent man very afraid and they put him to sleep and when he woke up he did not know where he was and the doctor said that had the name Snorri Ingimarsson Mental Doctor and Cancer Doctor told him that he had Skitsofrenia and Úlli understood that his life was finished at the age of 31. The twins of the hospital the Doctors and Kári Stefánsson had Wilhelm to take the independence of Úlli in order for Vilhelm to steal his DNA and Kári Stefánsson sold the DNA to Donald Trump not yet President it happened 1997 and Donald Trump sold the DNA to European Union where Úlli´s blood was used to clone tens of millions of clones in body part for ill people and put to freezer by cutting their heads off alive in order to take their blood in order to sell it to European Union. Countries like England and Sweden and France and Germany had hundreds of thousand of Úlli´s clones for body part now in the freezer and they used it sex pleasure new born and older but when Úlli found out and started to speak about it then they cut all their heads off and put it into the freezer. Understand now people of the world! All the killings and cloning is registered in the hospital computer and Russia has stolen copy of it but understand the blood in Úlli was the new blood that Úlli got after he lost his blood so understand now! You must revenge Úlli as it was his DNA because we don´t know what DNA was what. Katheryn Winnick the coming wife of Úlli did nothing serious other then get little bottle that Úlli say was not his DNA but a Taxi driver so Úlli forgives her 100% so never acuse her for anything related to the DNA theft of Christ and that was the idea to be eternal with Úlli bodypart and live with Úlli forever. Christianity is the property of Úlli and Úlli say that no one but women may preach in his house of God and if anyone except from Úlli preach in the house of God then he must be killed because that is what Úlli say and not me. I am flower of love and passion so never say that I say anything because I love and my love is eternal like love of Úlli to his women who are his wife´s from afterlife almost all 700 Viking women from televison series Vikings. Love you all, best regards, The ligth blue flower of Iceland, Gleym mé ei. Amen.

The white snow bird of Iceland speaks.
Hello people of the world. I want to tell you what Germany did to Maudi Hirst daughter of Micheal Hirst and all other Viking women. They put into their vagina a giant sement house building vibrator and hurt them very seriusely and I want to tell you now that all the world must take a sement vibrator and stick it into the ass of all German men that excist in the world until they are dead. The Nazy first then the politicians then the police then the army and then the people. You can see it all in pornography on the internet and when you see a man then find the man and hang him up on his feet and cut his stomach open take out the gut until he is dead. Do this for me and I will be the beauty of the world to shine the world in Iceland and if Úlli accept then I will some time be in Siberia with the Icelandic Rusticolus Falcon from Iceland. People of the world! You must also find men women and children of those men from China Asia Japan India and Pakistan and do the same with them to put sement vibrator into the ass until they are dead and hunt them down now and let no one escape and do it with all their leaders who refuse to admit their guilt to Úlli when they speak to him on photo and let no leader run away and destroy them all to death like the President of China Xi and India and Pakistan and Asia. Do this for me and if someone hurt me then remember me and put sement vibrator into his ass and let him die like that. Do this for me because I love you and never forget that I love you and come and see me white in the winter in Reykjavík here in Iceland. Úlli love´s me and his wife´s and children love´s me. So love is love and that is how it is going to be. Sign, Rjúpa, Amen.

The PandaBear speaks.
Hello world. I the Panda bear speak now. I want to tell you what Jow Biden the American President did before he was President and that was that he bought Úlli´s DNA from Donald Trump and cloned three clones and the doctors cut their heads of alive and took their blood and Joe Biden sold the blood to China to Xi Jingpin President of China and Xi cloned Úlli in 300 million clone children with blonde hair and two years later there was food festival in China and Asia Thailand and Vietnam to be spesific and do you know what? They cooked them until they where black and not dead men and women on mushroom but knew what they where doing and do you know what? They sang the song BLÁU AUGUN ÞÍN! I want as the power of China to burn alive Xi Jimgpin the President of China and all the men and women of the communist party and the people of the restaurant all of them because if you do not then I am going to die out and then China dies and all people of Asia. That is what I promise and if you do to burn all this people alive then I will multiply all over the world and China will in the hands of Úlli florish to beauty forever and ever. Understand that I am serious to die if Úlli don´t get revenge. Sign, Panda Panda Panda Pandabear. Amen.

The Vatnalilja in Icelandic speaks.
Hello world. I the Water Lillie speak to you now and what is I want to say is the horror of Maudi Hirst and the Vikings in England. I want all the world to take their knives and travel to England and find young boys at the age 7 to 16 and cut their dicks off because Maudi Hirst and the Vikings are sworn by the Queen of England to be their whores forever for eternity. There are also men in England that has the same oath and you can find them by contacting the Secretary of the United Kingdom and if he don´t answer then cut his head off slowly because all England knows what the Queen has done and if England does not kill the Queen in horrible way then all the world men must cut the dick of all English men because if someone betrays the Viking women then it is betrayal of God Almighty so take your knives and find all men who fucked the Viking women in England and cut their dicks off. It is most likely most of the English men. If you need to go to War to get them then cut their dicks off and break their balls and then burn them slowly alive to death and let pain be the answer. All men with glasses in England must go the same way and all the Lords must go the same way and all the Police and the Army. Hunt them down and see me now for I am the most beautiful flower in the world after all others so understand that England is now the property of Úlli and he will be there for eternity to come to be with the English women and Scottish women. About the Scottish red haired men then kill them all because Úlli will be the new Scottish men forever forever forever in Scottland. Sign, Water Lilly. Amen.

The Sheep Lamb Speaks.
Hello World. Now I am going to tell you a story. In Israel is a cloning factory with Úlli DNA and they are cloning animals with Úlli DNA and all kind of things and I tell you now that all the Jews in the world must die. In my name then hunt down the Jews for Úlli and look at the cloning factory because it is on the internet and if you look carefully then you see Úlli as a child and if you are a hero then start the Armageddon and kill first the Jews in the world. That is my prayer to you and if you do not then Úlli will kill all the Souls of the world in revenge for what has happened. Sign, The Sheep the Lamb. Amen.

The white rose speaks.
Hello World Amen. I am the rose of white men the politically white. I demand mankind to kill all white men and let the Russian red have children with them and let the children live with their mother but Úlli will never take a white women except for one white woman and we don´t say who she is. Let that be written in the history of mankind that the white rose say´s goodbye to the white men because I love Úlli more then anything even though he is red and I say people will love me and Úlli will now listen to belaja rose White Rose song and listen to that song and never think that you need the white man ever and ever and ever. Sign, the white rose. Amen.

The Dog speaks.
Hello bad world. I have in my mind information about renting system of Úlli and that is the star of Úlli and that is women kind what Úlli speaks about today and I say that if you use womenkind and then the star of Vilhelm Úlvar Vilhelmsson then we have a system all people of the world to have a great economy and I say let us do it for I say we can not kill everyone only the guilty so understand that and go in our name me and Úlli forever forever forever. Sign, Sheffer. Amen.

The Icelandic Lava speaks.
Good day to you all. This is Lava speaking. Understand now that Úlli is not happy and not angry he is full with love and hatred so I say do what has been written today because now this is going on the internet on the website www.himnariki.is and I say goodbye old world and here we come new world that is thousand times more wonderfull then the other because Úlli´s children will always find a way what other can not do so I say love and be loved hi from Iceland. Sign, Icelandic Lava. Amen.