19.07.2021 d

Time 03:18 19.07.2021. GMT Time Reykjavík Asparfell 2.

The red rose speaks.
The red beautiful rose speaks. Úlli has laid in my hands his desire to be a whore Lucifer or whore Rasputin for all women in Iceland and every country that he has a throne or ownership. The first things Úlli does is that Úlli makes sex for 100$ 20min 30min 1h. What he does is that he meets the woman that must be the 19-46 years old and slim and very beautifull and ever fat is rejected and such and ugly rejected. What he does is that the woman comes to him and she sit down and Lucifer or Rasputin gives her diet Coka Cola in Ice and then he askes her things and then he tels her to tell him when she is ready to have sex. When the woman tells him that she is ready then he asks her if she wants blowjob sitting or standing and he tells her that she must tell him what to do. If she has a very dirty pussy then she can tell him to lick her pussy clean and or tells him to masturbate her glitoris until it sprays and she can tell him to drink her sperm and masturbate to satisfaction. After that he askes her if she wants to go to bed and rape him with whore dick pleasure until she is satisfied. Then they put their clothes on and she pays him 100$ for the sex pleasure. You can go to www.666.himnariki.is and see photos of Lucifer or Rasputin in his whorehouse. If you want to contact him then you can call 00-354-7764111 or send e-mail to 999@himnariki.is and please send me photo´s dirty photo´s if you want that is better. I need to work 6h a day and be with my wife´s 12h a day so I can only work 6h a day and I will tell you when I work. See you with very dirty pussy WITHOUT SPERM SINCE TAKING BATH. Love love love Lucifer or in Russia and White Russia Rasputin. You can call 24h a day 24/7 365 and there will be answer. Sign, the red rose. Amen.

The fish Cod speaks.
Attention attention attention. Attention Africa and South America. I have found Cannibals in your land. That is a crime against humanity to have them alive. The first law says in womenkind that you shall not hurt. The second law says that you shall not eat each other. Because if you do then you must die. All of you Africa South America are Cannibals and must die except for Spanish Portugeese men and women in South America. But most of them in South America are Cannibals and must be killed and all poeple in Africa must die because they are historic Cannibals who have eaten alive millions of super blonde white women from the white race. The only way for Africa South America is to go by the power of the owner of your continent and do exectly what he or she tells you to do. The first thing is what I want is that all people of Africa gather to middle of Africa and work for food in an organised way as the owner tells you and the women carry stem cells for the owner in Iceland who is Lucifer and that is Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Id.041266-5549-IS. By doing that then the women will live but the men must die. Sperm will be taken in an organised way from country to country and kept save in Europe when needed. European people will harvest stem cells from the African women and the men must die of 16 years old. There will most likely not be harvested hormones from the African boys because Danmark will have the hormones that is needed instead of the African boys hormones if the fish farming goes by plan. Attention attenton attention, All Europe and North Africa! In order to start the fish farming then Iceland needs electrisity so the baby fish farming must be in your country with nuclear energy in order to pump and heat or cool the sea water. Prepare for that so we can step closer to Paradise where All Animals live happely all together as friends in the forrest. Sign, the fish Cod. Amen.

The yellow rose speaks.
Hello evil world. I point my arrow at Arabia. The Arabian peoople have now an owner and that is Vilhelm Communist of Iceland and he is Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson and lives at Asparfell 2 Bell 10 Third floor Apartment B and mobile phone is 00-354-7764111 and e-mail vuv@himnariki.is and Skype call is sarromanov. In the name of Vilhelm then Vilhelm takes ALL treasury such as Gold and Gemstones to Iceland after he has taken over Iceland with Power and he will not be in public because he needs to serve women here in Iceland from many countries from Europe so Vilhelm will be in his computer every day on Skype and e-mail and Facebook and mobile phone so Vilhelm only needs the treasury because he now owns all the Gas in Turkey and all the oil in Iraq. Saudi Arabia must not think that Vilhelm will not pay for he has already paid multible amount for the treasury and if Saudi Arabia wants then Vilhelm can pay again. But understand that Vilhelm has Allah Akbar throne and is therefor owner of all things in Arabia so never think that Vilhelm needs to pay for anything for he is the owner of All Arabia the humans the Animals the land and sea so understand that when Vilhelm sends a massage on Facebook then all Arabia must gather for a meeting in order to full fill the request and do what Vilhelm says 100% on the spot because he is now God of All Arabia and owner of All Arabia now and forever. Sign, yellow rose. Amen.

The yellow rose Speaks.
Attention. Attention. Attention. Now it is time for USA to understand that I yellow Rose don´t want that USA gain any more profit from Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Pshycopath and that is what USA created 25 years ago by arresting Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson into crazy house as a innocent man that had accident and lost blood and got new blood and nothing more then that and he woke up the next morning fresh and happy so there was nothing wrong it was just that America wanted his DNA for body parts so the Christians could live forever on Christ body parts with Christ with them forever and ever and ever. This crime is so organized crime against humanity that the entire USA has lost ALL its legal rights to make any law ever again in the existance of the Law that exist today in the western world. The same thing has happened to the European Union and United Kingdom and now they can not create any Law due to their organised crimes against humanity so Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson is now the soil owner to create the western Law just as he is the Imperial Tsar of Russia himself and that is what he is so western countries must now understand that Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson is the only man and his children and his wife´s when send by Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson in order to create new Law for Humanity and the west and when Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson says that no other race then the white race has human rights then that is the Law of the world. Then again when Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson writes a Law and sends it to the USA President for the Power of the USA to deal with then that Law is then the world Law and must be Legalized but understand one thing and that is that Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson ownes from Tsar Nicholas over 80% of Europe land and state buildings and Cities so I say Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson ownes 100% in North and South America by the religion of both places and by the will of the people and by the power of the ethnic Indians who gave him as Rasputin all the land of South and North America around 5-10 thousand years ago for Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson to keep as private property and to never give away and use it only in his life time but his wife´s and children can use finance to support themselves in high healthy way until Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson comes back as Rasputin who never gives up hunting down evil Cannibals that USA must now fight and stay on side of Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson and now we must kill all the Cannibals in the world on Doomsday the Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson Christ Judgementsday so I say stand with Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson in war or Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson will take over USA with foreign army and kill his enemies one after another until all his enemies are dead and no Capitalist will forever not exist. Sign, yellow Rose. Amen.

The yellow Rose Speaks.
Hello all the world and Asia. Now we need to talk and I want to tell you that I am the yellow Rose that shines around the world in Iceland and USA. I will not shine so much because Úlli Vilhelm has closed me down into black red star and inside his hobby is the red black star that shine as white. Now you must do as I say Asia and never think that I am not for you. There are Cannibalists in Asia that must be killed one after another until they are all dead. Get information from the European Union doctors in order to find the Cannibalists by checking the blood in every man and women of Asia. When that has been done then take BE MINE Religion to Asia and use BE MINE as a teaching religion that help Asian people to understand reality in life. Do this for me Asia I am the Yellow Rose of the World so I say let us kill All the Cannibalists on Judgementday All together so we will never see people and children killed and eaten alive like Xi Jingping President of China did in hundreds of millions of Úlli the STAR of China. Go now and speak to the power of China and Asia and let everyone give blood with identity in order to arrest Cannibalists to be killed when found. Sign, the Yellow Rose of the World. Amen.

The Black and Red Rose Speaks.
Hello ugly world. I want you to know that I am the black and red rose the power of the world for eternity to come so I say breed me up and get purification and plant me in Siberia and all around Siberia so I will florish in the land of Úlli the great Siberia and I want to tell you one thing and that is that now Úlli the devil of Iceland the Icelandic Rasputin is now the owner of Moscow Siberia Russia Iceland so he is owner of Russia so that will be always. Now understand this thing and that is that Israel is guilty of cloning Úlli with animals deep underground in Israel so all Jews that are guilty of cloning Úlli and betray Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson must be hanged or if they run away then they must be melted down with blue acid to death. Then another thing and that is that all Jews who betrayed Katheryn Winnick the actress from Viking television series must be killed by hanging or melted down with blue acid to death if they run away from hanging and all men who fucked the Viking women 700 must be hanged or melted down with blue acid to death if they run away from punishment. All Jewish men and women who betrayed Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson id.nr.041266-5549.IS must be hanged or melted down with blue acid if they run away from punishment. This is the sentence for the Jewish people and Israel so understand that no one can live betraying Úlli the devil of Iceland who is Úlli Lucifer or other way to say Úlli Rasputin of Iceland. Now we have taken down Isreal and people of all Arabia prepare with blue acid the meltdown of the Jews that you find or attack who have not been punished so hunt the Jews down who need to be punished and call it Evil War against axis of Evil on this planet. People of the world I am the power of the world so you can talk to me when you need to know anything about Womenkind gather all together and solve BE MINE Religion now and forever and take this book and keep it save because we never know when this website will close down. For axident or by Úlli or by someone else. Who knows because no one and not even God can see the future. Love and happy time, the Black and Red Rose. Amen.