19.07.2021 e

Time 12:43 19.07.2021. GMT Time Reykjavík.

The Icelandic flower Gleym mér ei Speaks.
I the flower of Iceland call on All Arabia to help me in a need to find and cut off the giant dicks of the European Army Generals and put the dicks into glass full with formaline to be kept and wait until it will be transfered to Úlli in Iceland for him to see why he needs to grow his big up until it will be like the biggest nigger dicks and he will be very angry and he will take the dicks and he will bless his majic when he lets potato seeds suck the life from the dicks into the seeds so the Soul system of the Generals dicks will be in the next breeding of the potato and Úlli will grow the potatoes for pig food in Iceland in green potatoes and every year the generals and their family will need to be a potato eaten by the pigs alive and fresh. Úlli needs not to have it in formaline but frozen and the Generals alive in Europe then the majic will take place and the revenge of Úlli will come true in action in real and Holy revenge that the Generals can never get themselves get back to humans again. I pray to you All Arabia to bring the Swedish Generals dicks and France England Germany Danmark Belgium Holland Italy Spain Portugal Estonia Latvia Lithuania Ukraine Kashakstan. I pray to you Arabia to start with the European Union army Generals and cut their dicks off because now Úlli needs to get hormones and grow his dick like the biggest nigger dick in the world and men of Europe will never accept what the Generals have done so they are going to hunt down the Generals and cut the dicks off by themselves and sell the frozen dicks to Úlli in Iceland who pays high price for the dick of a European General and the General must be left alive without a dick and I say let Úlli get Revenge at least 1ml blood so Úlli can breed the Generals to green potatos to harvest in Iceland for pig farming. I am the most beautiful flower in the World and that is what I say and people say so we must now pray to Almighty God to give us revenge because Úlli wanted to have his own dick size and not a super natural nigger dick so I say to you All Arabia give Úlli revenge as soon as possible and don´t let anyone get away. Love to you All with love and happiness to All wonderful people of the world. Yours truly, Gleym mér ei. Amen.

The Koalas Bear Speaks.
Hello people of the world. I want to tell you about Úlli and that is that he ownes most of the world and I am going to show you now his land property around the world. Because Japan is in Siberia then and Rasputin ownes Siberia and Úlli is Rasputin so he is now Emperor of Japan and owner of Japan. Úlli is the owner of Moscow because he is Rasputin and Rasputin is the owner of Moscow and Siberia so he is the Emperor of Moscow as Rasputin. Úllli is the Great grandchild of Tsar Nicolas Romanov of Imperial Russia and Úlli is the heir dirrect line and first born male son three times so he ownes over 80% of Europe land cities so he is Imperial Tsarist Russia of Iceland. Úlli is the pure line of Kingdom of Danmark and he became King of Danmark when his father died few years ago and Úlli ownes most of Danmark. Úlli is Lucifer and Lucifer owns Africa and All Africa has accepted Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson as the owner of Africa now and always. Úlli is the dirrect line to the Siberian Þjóðhöfðingi Þýskalands so he is King of Germany. Úlli is the owner of North and South Korea because they are on Siberian land so now they must pay rent for being in Siberia and that is 1 million dollars each country if they don´t rent anything themselves otherwise half of the renting profit. Úlli has given the Total property right of Iceland over all the people their property land and sea and All life of Iceland to the Emperor of Russia who then gave it to Emperor of Iceland Sarputin so Úlli is now powerless without property right on Iceland the King of Iceland. Tsar Nicolas Romanov the Imperial Tsar of Russia was also the King of Poland and Úlli is the heir so Úlli is King of Poland. Tsar Nicolas Romanov Tsar of Impwerial Russia was a little Romanov he was Raspetrov and that makes Úlli the King of Sweden. Úlli and ABBA are going to prosecute Norway for starting the rapist system of his beloved 700 Viking women and claim ownership in Norway in compensation so the battle is Owner and ABBA of Norway and ready to pay ABBA out three fold price if ever needed for ABBA to feel free all the way. Finland is part of Russia and Úlli is heir to Russia so now Russia is again Animal Farm with Rasputin Úlli as a heir so Úlli is the Owner of Finland. All people of France have accepted to give France to Úlli because of the Pain and Rape France made to his 700 Viking Women the Wife´s of Úlli so he is now Owner of France. Scotland has betrayed Úlli so Úlli betrayes Scottland and England has betrayed Úlli in so evil way and Tsar Nicolas Romanov owned 90% in England so Úlli is owner of England and makes England Greater England and unites England and Scottland and Ireland and makes 12 owners rule greater England with 6 English Wife´s as ruling owners and 4 Scottish Ruling owner and 2 Iris Ruling owner so Úlli is Owner of Greater England. Six thousand years ago then Rasputin came to North America and in the battle the Indians gave Rasputin the Continent of North America as owner that will never be sold or given away but can give finance to wife´s and children until Rasputin comes back. Then Rasputin traveled to South America and they Raped Rasputin and in compensation Kings of South America gave Rasputin All the land of South America so Úlli is the Owner of North and South America. Úlli is Total Emperor of Iceland´s Russia´s. In the year 2018 then I Vilhelm Communist called on heaven for the anger that heaven and God in heaven had betrayed me in my life but it was Almighty God that saved me by taking all my blood and give me new blood for me to save the world and save me so heaven gave me the throne of God in heaven and they need 90% Democracy in order to rule me out of ruling heaven so now Lucifer go his throne back but it was Vilhelm the Communist who got the title so now I am the owner of All Arab countries with all it´s treasury land animal and people because I have Allah Akbar throne on my head. Ok people of the world this is Koalas Bear again how are you all. Now I will go to sleep so see you all and love you all. Sign, Koalas Bear in a foreign land. Amen.

The Rabbit Speaks.
I am a female lovely Rabbit and I am now going to tell you the true story what happened to the eggs that the 700 Viking Women gave for save keeping in Sweden and USA. When the Viking Women where acting then the Viking men told them to give all their eggs to the doctors who will keep them for them in a freezer in the doctors name and they collected eggs in 200-400 eggs each around 400 Viking Women and in USA Katheryn Winnick collected around 400-500 eggs that doctors kept for her until some time befire Úlli marriage the Generals in USA cloned all Katheryn Winnick´s eggs and out from that came 400-500 daughters clones of Katheryn Winnick and they where grown up to four years old and then put to whore houses in USA until Úlli found out then the doctors took all the clones back and killed them by cutting their heads off with a knive and that was the end of the US American Army Generals attempt to have Katheryn Winnick as a whore in hundreds for the Army Generals because it was they who fucked them when they where three or four years old. This is a sad story Úlli and Kathy and one way to find the Army Generals is to make the doctors tell the world what the Army Generals made the doctors do in order to have sex pleasure on Katheryn Winnick as a child. The children where then burned in a oven so no one knows anything except the doctors and they have database with all the evidence in order to protect themselves prosecution and the electric chair. The other Viking Women 400 had the same thing they where cloned in Sweden England Germany France but when Úlli found out then all the clones where killed from the whore houses in these countries. Like I said the doctors can proof everything that the European Generals did in these countries but they where like the US Army Generals they had sex with them when they where two or three years old and that is what Úlli says is a death sentence for that crime so I say speak to the doctors about proofing the Army Generals guilty otherwise Úlli will not save the doctors and All the doctors in the world will be killed by the truth and justice so I say let us now speak to the doctors because Úlli will protect the doctors in a Legal way with his words so they will be save but the Army Generals who have sperm in all the sperm banks of Europe for young innocent women so I say let Úlli and the doctors deal with this matter and have the Army Generals be brought to justice and in Europe they will be without a dick so I say let us now pray for these little children who where betrayed by evil men that seeks nothing but own self gain big mans pleasure so now I end this letter and say thank you all for listening to me telling you the truth so I say thank you. Sign, the Rabbit of Love. Amen.

Now the Icelandic flower Gleym mér ei Speaks.
Hello world. I want to tell you a little story about few women that Úlli loves very much but Úlli can love all women in the world in a equal way. The woman that I am speaking about is Maria Sharapova. Maria was the first woman that Úlli loved and then he loved more in a equal way and that is the reason there can never be Rasputina for Rasputin. I want to love her so much but I am a flower light blue and yellow beauty for Maria to have when she comes to Iceland. So I say Maria I love you and I am waiting for you. Love. Sign. Gleym mér ei. Amen.

The Icelandic-Scottish Goose Speaks.
Hello all the world people. Now is a sad story that I want to tell you. Vilhelm Úlfar Vilhelmsson has been in great pain for the last 25 years and he is still in pain. But for the last 12 years he has been in the greatest pain in his life. Now listen people of the world. Vilhelm does not need medicine. He need the medicine out from his body now. On the spot. They have halved the amount but that is not enough. He needs to get it out now on the spot because he is healthy as like everyone else. So let us start speaking about what has happened. It started in Iceland when the police arrested him then he was given many kind of medicine to make him confused in order to make him think that he was really crazy. That worked for some time because he was thinking about Jesus and that was crazy he thought. So I say now that all people that have put Vilhelm into crazy house must have both their hands cut the Saudi Arabian way and that must happen now in order for Vilhelm to get revenge. Iceland is the first country first and last and most of all the 12 doctors of Iceland now must have their hands cut off because Vilhelm has never in his life had so great pain like he had for the last 12 years. Second is Italy. If a doctor has betryed Vilhelm then both his hands must be cut off. Third is Latvia but the women Klepnikova and Dr. Terauds can not be said guilty because they where good to Vilhelm and Vilhelm could throw away his medicine if he wanted after one month in crazy house. Then it is Russia. The doctors there must all have their hands to be cut off due to how sick they where. This is an order to Russia. Please start prosecution and make it happen and send this shit out of the country. This is what has happened to Vilhelm and it is still happenening. Vilhelm is a healthy man and by throwing away the medicine then there will be no side affects because it is long lasting medicine that takes 2.5 year to go out of the body. I am the Goose of Iceland and Scottland and I demand that no one shoot us not in Iceland and not in Scottland so when I say peace to all then I mean peace to all. Sign, Úlli the Goose of Iceland. Amen.