19.09.2021 g

People of All China and All Asia. I am the Budda himself not the fat man that you show but little fat but not so much. I am the owner of All China and All Asia but because you have written state property then it will stay as state property but I am the only legal owner remember that. And what concerns India and Pakistan Kashmir Sri Lanka then they proved to me now the ownership by my proof that F is the meaning 6 and not 8 and that is what the Jews and Indians used to destroy me because I am the owner of their land and everything if I could be the star and a Man and God instead of what they tried to do a God and a Beast. No such evil is rejected and must now be changed in the alphabet of the Hindu´s and the Jewish numerology. Then because I own most of the Planet then I lay my legal right on the property of Greenland and the South Pole what I have paid for before and I now take it over by Power. That means that I own almost all the planet so I also own what lies under the nations so respect my property.